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I've been employed in the same company for 20 years now and literally hundreds of coworkers have come and gone in that time. However, there are a select few that have remained for 10, 15 years or more and have become good friends of mine. Beyond just seeing them at work daily we have been known to do things off hours. Through it all only occasionally would the topic of my wife and I being nudists ever come about – never hid it – rather it seldom came up.

During the summers my wife gets to visit daily for lunch – being a teacher she has summers off. One day one of our close coworker friends came into the break room to sit down for the usual lunchtime fare. It was obvious something troubled her and it was soon revealed that her air conditioner went out and it would be a few days before the repairs could be made. Without hesitation we offered for her and her (female) partner to stay at our place until then. Summers here are bad enough but without AC they would be intolerable. After some reassuring that it was no bother she agreed.

An hour or so after I got home they arrived. Wife and I greeted both of them, showed them to their room, and we all decided to enjoy the end of the evening out back. Here in summer once the worst of the afternoon is over it cools to a point where it's far more comfortable – especially if there's a breeze as there often is. Plus – with our house secluded in the woods there's ample shade. So, in the evenings of their stay we grabbed some refreshments headed outside sat down and the chats began.

By the final night of their stay the conversation finally turned to our guests remembering we were nudists, why we still had our clothes on, and wondering what to expect next. We assured them that we weren't going to do anything awkward or make them uncomfortable. My coworker admitted that she and her partner had both occasionally wondered what it was like to be free of clothes and how to call the courage to do so. My advice has always been give yourself half an hour and just go for it – in half an hour you will either be totally at ease and enjoying yourself or it's just not for you. Either way you will have your answer.

Seizing the moment my wife stood up and said 'ladies, it's just this simple' and proceeded to drop her sundress. It's easy to see middle age is starting to catch her – yet she remains fit and active – her smile radiating – her breasts petite yet full – her firm rear – her curves all in proper proportion – and the total absence of any tan line whatsoever. 'If you ever wondered what it is like then now's the time' she proclaimed.

They looked at each other sort of nodded as if to silently say 'you first – no, you first' and said something to the liking of 'well why not'. With a little bit of timid hesitation they both soon had courage to be without clothes and found comfort in the situation. My coworker is small of stature yet full of figure. Her breasts seemed to defy gravity floating upward rather than being pulled down.

Her tall thin partner stood next to her. The athletic type – her small breasts actually seemed to plump out a bit once released from their captivity. Her perky nipples stood erect and looked up and outward. The smooth complexion of their dark African American skin glowed in the late evening light. Their broad curvy hips and full rears all accented the visions of beauty before me. During it all no one had noticed I too had shed my clothes. We stayed out late that warm summer night with many cool drinks, laughs, and conversations all the time the moonlight created an aura that enhanced the beauty before me.

A month later they invited us to their house for dinner to thank us for the hospitality. They had done some decorating and rearranging since the last time we were over. Soon as we were out on the back patio the visions of beauty from a few months back returned as they once more shed their clothes filling the space with their newfound confidence.

Rich G

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