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Letters To DOMAI


I a newly married man have been a fan of your site for the last three and a half years, though never a member. Being in medical school and living on loans means that the budget is a bit tight every day of the week. I have always read these letters with a bit of mild amusement as so many of these “Domai” moments seem a bit contrived but now I believe that was the doubt of someone who has never really had the joy of experiencing nude beauty in the outdoors.

I’m married to a five foot one inch (on a good day), blue eyed, auburn haired, and well muscled body of an ex division one 25 year old athlete. She gave up athletics to go into medicine as well. We actually met while playing football for a local club team, she on the woman's team and I on the men's team. I have to say it wasn’t her looks or the nice curves of her body that caught my eye first but aggressive nature on the sports field. This a cute woman who looks like she could barely hurt of fly on her angriest day would turn into a blue eyed devil when it came to getting her way on the field, she would bull over woman twice her size and not even blink.

After seeing these wonderful traits I knew I needed to get to know that little fire ball. We started talking more and were involved in several projects together on campus her first year (my second). One day at the bottom of a set of stairs at school I saw her coming and didn’t want to miss a chance to chat with her. So I stopped to wait and say a few words. When the opportunity came all I could manage to say was “you have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen”. Before the last word slipped out I couldn’t believe I had said that, actually those words never even crossed my mind as she was approaching, it was almost as if my tongue was trying to make me look like a fool. Instead of promptly writing me off as a complete looser she flashed me a smile and a little twinkle in her eyes and said “thank you” before walking away.

Shortly thereafter we started dating. Now dating as everyone knows is like a roller coaster of fun and difficulty. Our differences often arose around religion, as she was a very devout christian, and I at best an agnostic. She had never had sex with anyone before, and I, well lets say I enjoyed my college years. But through the conflicts we never stopped talking and communicating with each other. For example the night I called her a prude was a night I’ll never forget. It was probably one of the worst things I could have said as she was a bit sensitive about her lack of sexual experience in a relationship, and I a man used to those things had become very frustrated with the fact that we were in a great and wonderful relationship but were unable to communicate our feelings with each other physically. That night I learned to respect her decision and we agreed to continue in our relationship and wait until marriage. During the following two years I came to expect her to be conservative in her views and knowledge of nudity and sex. I barely saw her breasts during the first year and a half of our relationship, but the slow build up of our physical relationship did not derail the amazing feelings we had for each other and the communication that we built during that time.

My Domai moment came during out honeymoon. We went to a pacific island where the waters are crystal blue, the weather is always shirtless and the ocean breeze never ceases to stir the air. We were on our second day of the honeymoon and walked to the local black sand beech. There in a secluded cove we set up our towels and went snorkeling. When we had our fill of colorful fish and amazing coral we waded back to shore. I laid down to read for a while and enjoy the sunshine. As I turned the first page of my book a bikini top fell to the sand in front of me. I turned to see my new wife, who I never thought would do a thing like that, laying on her side giving me a the biggest grin imaginable with her small perfectly formed breasts on display. Not only was it the fact that she was topless but the way her body was positioned in the sand was like a small Greek goddess. Her body silhouette dove from her shoulders into her waist and then climbed back up to her hips, her abdominal muscle line worked it’s way from her waist to finish just as the curves of her perked breasts cold from the water drying on them took over and brought my eyes back to her mischievous grin and curled wet hair, all of this wonderful image framed by a mountain behind her. As I lay there with my mouth agape a little the only sound penetrating my conscious was the soft roar of crashing waves on the shore. I took that memory and instantly engraved it in my mind.

I later asked her why she did that, and she said “because we are married and have nothing to hide from each other, I love you and I loved where we were. It seemed like the right thing to do to enjoy the moment.”

That moment prompted me to introduce her to Domai and it’s concept which she has accepted with an open mind and interest. She enjoys viewing the pictures on occasion and has now taken to painting some nude paintings. With my wife and Domai I have realized that no matter how well you know someone the beauty of nature and the body can create amazing subtle changes in anyone that allows it to. I thank everyone for their letters and photo’s as they have forever affected my life.

-- Andrew

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    I was looking through the sites (Domai and GoddessNudes) and thinking that if there was a deal for both sites that it was time to join again. The next night I was signing up. I have been a big fan of Domai almost since the site started and it has been my home page for many years. I am not a rich man and had been a member about three years ago, so I was apprehensive about spending my money for any web site. I was glad that I did the first time and I am happy that I did it again." - Thank You, TK






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