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Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I am a late discoverer of DOMAI. It is amazing what you don't find when you aren't looking. It is even more amazing what you do find. The pictures are nice, but the articles are even more interesting. When I stumble across some series like that, I usually start reading all the articles from the very start. Unlike most of your writers, I never stumbled across a band of water nymphs which turned out to be "merely" beautiful young women without clothes, but with great hospitality. Nor did I grow up in a naturist family, although I did escape the worst extremes of gymnophobia.

Taken as a whole, I did notice one detail in the articles that should make them compulsory reading for teenage girls - with few exceptions, small breasts are described in loving detail while large ones are only mentioned in passing. Maybe that would stop the custom of giving implants for graduation.

Not mentioned is that the small ones hold up better. The "endowed" ones tend to sag over the years. In her seventies, my wife can't hold a pencil without excessive slouching. (The expression comes from a syndicated newspaper advice columnist when the issue of bra-wearing first became a mass media topic; "If you can tuck a pencil under your breasts and walk briskly across the room without dropping it, you need a bra; otherwise it is optional.") Standing erect, she can't even hold it while standing still. Hooray for 35-B!

My first "exposure" to social nudity was at Wreck Beach near Vancouver. Being just over the cliff from the huge University of British Columbia, there was an abundant supply of PYGs (as well as good male specimens too). The great advantage to me was that if my research at the UBC libraries went particularly well, could go the beach for the rest of the day. Weather permitting, of course. After all, this is Canada, and a very wet part at that.

Even in winter, it was a scenic walk. While kept clean in the summer, a bit of trash would accumulate the rest of the year. I was walking on the beach early one spring, throwing fragments of glass well into the woods above the high tide mark, when I met another beach goer coming the other way, doing the same. As we passed, he said, "It's always a battle between the children of the past and the children of the future."

This period was in the mid 1970s - the golden age of PYGs. Piercing had not yet come in - it wasn't even predominant in PYG earlobes! Tattoos were rare even in males. I only saw one suspected breast implant - too much projection while supine. Women were not trying to look like prepubescent girls in the vulva. The "maidenly modesty" of the natural fur monokini was in the overwhelming majority. And they never had any trouble tucking the hair inside a bikini either. As a result, DOMAI natural girls were in lovely abundance.

There was even a prototype DOMA, maybe even DOMAI as at least two nations were represented. A group of (predominately) UBC faculty would come to a particular log for erudite discussion and enjoyment of nature. I wish I had thought to mention a similar, though more textile, meeting at Barton Springs in Austin, TX. There was a boulder called "philosopher's rock" which featured folklorist J. Frank Dobie, naturalist Roy Bedicheck, historian Walter Prescott Webb, and occasionally humorist John Henry Faulk. If I had related the story, maybe it would have been called Philosopher's Log, getting even farther away from the parodied Stone.

Although the discussion ranged widely in subject matter, it rarely involved what was walking before us. There was that DOMAI respectfulness of beauty. In fact, the only time I remember, was when one DOMAI candidate, stopped about ten feet (3m) from us, pulled her dress off over her head (nothing under, of course), stuffed it in a straw bag, and strode down the beach with an extremely smug expression on her face. One of the professors remarked, "Do you think she knows how good looking she is?" to the suppressed giggles of the rest of us.

I would sometimes kayak from the parking lot. Even though sheltered by Vancouver Island, the change of tide would produce some surfable waves on occasion. Early one day, I was paddling along when a couple that my early forties eyed as somewhere in their eighties, came running into the water holding hands. They both had a major "middle age spread" but with almost childish exuberance. I saw the beauty of the nude human form and function in them just as much as in the university crowd that was more typical later that day.

Today, the nearest social naturist site is too far away in time and money for my budget in both, but I do have the occasional domestic nudity in the Texas summer, much to the discontent of my wife who never had the experience and so retains too much gymnophobia for my preference.  Like the name of a home furnishings chain, she is comfortable nude in bed and bath, but not beyond.  She is still beautiful without clothes - maybe not DOMAI standards now, but at 60, still could have been.

Thank you for keeping awake the sense of beauty and I hope someone will do a site for couples before the BYGs of today are as old as that beautiful couple I saw so long ago.


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