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I grew up in a very nice rural region in the former GDR [German Democratic Republic - East Germany]. The winter often was cold, but the sommer was mostly very warm.

Despite our family hadn't any nudist background, we children were free to play and bath naked in the large garden around the house.

(In accordance with the law children up to ten were free to swim naked everywhere.)

When I was a teenager I didn't want to give up that nice feeling joined with being naked in fresh air and water.

In our area are many abandoned quarries. It's mostly possible to swim your own way. Only sometimes a spot was regular squatted by a private group of nudists.

But there was always one to find, where I could swim undisturbed.

When I was seventeen, one early afternoon, I bicycled the short distance into the woods to one of my favourite spots. This is a quite small quarry, but a very nice place to cool off and relax. One remaining face of the quarry today is used as a climbing wall and the place is sometimes overcrowded. 

I was a little bit exhausted, because in that age I often tested my limits. Some heavy breathes, I threw my bicycle behind brushwood and headed for the water. Because of my heavy pulse rate I could not realise any other quiet noise. So, without any warning, all of a sudden a girl came running from the water and swiftly disappeared in the wood. She tried to cover the body with her hands, but that seemed rather amusingly. She went to a corner in the dense forest, where she had  carefully concealed her clothes. Sometimes, stories were told, that the clothes were stolen and one had to borrow a shirt and a pair of denims to reach home dressed.

I undressed as quick as I could and tried to speak to her calmingly. I said that I'm alone and only would like to swim a little bit. I stuffed my clothing in a bag and was ready and keen to refresh. I thought, she is already gone. But suddenly- she was obviously sure about my motives- she closed slowly in; I felt she was floating on air like a nymph.

She said, that this is the first time, that she meets a stranger at this place. Despite I was very familiar with female bodies, an unique atmosphere arose. At first, I was unable to say anything. I only watched her walking, a tall slender body with a happy smile affecting the whole situation. She had nice blonde hair running over her shoulders. I could not discover any hint of tan lines or other artificial items, that would remind me about civilisation. Piercing and tattoos were not popular that time, even body hair trimming was very rare. Her smooth skin was absolutely flawless.

She looked like newborn, like carved by a master in marble. She could have been the model for the girl of Auguste Rodins "The Kiss". Only the twitter of the birds remembered me, that this is not a classic picture or a dream. Eventually we both went to the cliffs again and plunged together into the fresh water. Sometimes while swimming we had soft body contact but we never touched by hand.

Later we sat at a sun warmed rock formed like a chair and started chatting. She told me, that she always spends the summer with her parents at the Baltic sea at a nudist beach. They had a home sauna and she used to walk and tan naked in the backyard. She found in the home library some old books about the early free body culture in pre war Germany and she knew really a lot about a healthy way of life. But she had never told anybody else about her naturist lifestyle. Even her closest girl-friend knew nothing about, because she was not sure about the reaction and the possible gossip from her classmates. So she was looking regularly for secluded spots in the area, where she could swim alone naked.

After a while we picnicked together and discovered, that we have similar nutritional habits. For over one hour we were totally undisturbed. Only the splash of the water and occasionally cracking of twigs broke the soft whisper of the wind in the trees. We enjoyed the sun, the air and the wonderful nature around us. We were so comfortable with the situation, that we agreed, that this day should never end. But later that day she had an appointment with her music group. Finally we started a diving competition. She was very well in training and I could only just to follow her. 

Lastly she jumped almost like a dolphin out of the water, shaking, the water was flowing down of her hair around her marvelous beauty. For the last time I appreciated her wonderful designed back in that scenic spot. She simply dressed and we gave us a great hug and said thanks for the very great pleasure we could have so naturally. She disappeared quickly with her moped, her hair waved in the wind. I never met her anywhere.

I'd wish that every teenager could have the same approach to body acceptance (own and others) the way I did. This is a value lasting for the whole life.

We (me, my wife, two boys and a girl) are now organised naturists and enjoy many nice places in Europe. It's not a secret, that naturists have "occupied" some of the finest grounds in scenic landscapes.



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