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First Nude Run

I have been a runner since my early twenties so it seemed natural that when a guy at work suddenly had to be out of town he asked me to take his place in a 5K run. A female coworker had challenged him to do the run and if he would do it she would make a donation to a charity he supported. It was okay with her if I substituted.

I was quite surprised when he finally told me it was nude run. I didn't even know such runs existed. Though I no longer was attending church I was still influenced by my religion. Besides my wife and medical personnel only one other woman had seen me nude.

I was finally convinced to give it a try because with the younger participants no one would be looking at a tall middle aged man. The day of the run I went to the resort sponsoring the run, Fraternity Snoqualmie in Issaquah Washington USA, not even knowing if I would be able to get myself to undress.

I went down to a shower room knowing I had to shower before using a hot tub. Yes, I was able to do it. All of my clothes were in my bag. As I had entered the room I could hear that someone was in the shower but the curtain the closed. Finally a pretty natural blond in her early thirties stepped out. I lost control of my body and had to use a towel to cover myself because I was in an unacceptable configuration for public view.

After she left, I showered and got my body back into an acceptable configuration. Fortunately I was able to main control on the way to the hot tub.

I noticed that many in the hot tub had bracelets on. I was told they are needed for the run and being given out at the club house. I decided to participate in the spirit of the resort and went up there nude not even bringing my towel. A fully dressed girl complete with pony tail who appeared to be sixteen gave me my bracelet. I had a real hard time almost losing control again.

When the run was about to start I went to the starting area which was also the finish line. There were about 200 spectators there. Many were girl friends or wives of the runners and were not nudists. I hardly gave this a thought. I was in a large group of runners with younger guys to look at and expected to finish as part of a smaller group.

A few of the runners were college age women with nothing on other than running shoes and socks. At that point I was no longer having trouble controlling my body but I had a hard time with such a great view.

The run was very rugged with an 800 foot (244 meter) elevation gain in the middle. As I was coming down the hill I was exhausted and mainly concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other. As the finish line came into view I realized that there was no one in front of me. Those ahead of me had already finished. I looked back and the closest runner was not even in sight. Here I had agreed to participate on the assumption that no one would be looking at a middle aged man, and I did a solo crossing of the finish line in front of 200 spectators!

There is something about the atmosphere of a nudist resort that converts people. By the end of my stay this was something that I wanted to do again. Nudestock, a music festival, was the resort's next big event. This was in 2002. I asked my wife to come so she could see first hand I wasn't doing anything unfaithful or immoral. She said that she would come but emphasized that she would never be able to take off her clothes.. That was okay with me. Our daughter, who was six years old at the time, loves to swim. She came so in case she could take off her clothes she could swim.

When we got to the pool and my daughter saw the other kids playing, she could hardly get her clothes off fast enough.

We had been there 15 minutes and I checked on my daughter and headed back to our blanket on the lawn. There I was surprised when I encountered my wife, completely nude, headed for the pool.

Since then my son and daughter, who are now teenagers, my wife and I have run in every Fraternity Snoqualmie nude run, and have traveled to of another resort for a nude run. However, I will always remember my first nude run as if it was yesterday.


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