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Letters To DOMAI

"there was a female in her mid thirties lying beside the pool. She was not breathing. Her young daughter was kneeling by her side."

Dear Sir,

I only found your site a few weeks ago, and I thought I should write and tell you much I have enjoyed it. You see for some time I have been looking for a place to find pictures of just nude women. I have waded through oceans of porn sites. And dozens of “Playboy type” sites (The ones where the girls are air bushed until there all perfect “10s”. )

Your site shows the natural beauty of nude ladies while treating them, with respect and dignity. The way you present them truly shows they are an art form.

The ability to see women this way is something I had lost (if I ever really had it). I would like to tell you what changed me and why I enjoy your site so much.

I work for a large city Police Department in the USA. I have been on the streets for over fifteen years and in that time I have seem naked woman in every possible way. Most of them in the worst possible way, and after a while you become calloused. You look but you don’t really see, you see but you learn to forget. And believe me their natural beauty is NOT foremost on your mind.

I was in the above mindset when a radio call in about a drowning female. The address was literally around the corner from my location. I have had a little paramedic training so I responded to the call. I was the first on scene; there was a female in her mid thirties lying beside the pool. She was not breathing. Her young daughter was kneeling by her side.

With the help of a Higher Power, I was able to get her conscious and breathing again. As I was administering oxygen I heard the siren of the squad (Rescue Squad) coming. Since both the woman and her daughter were nude I ask the girl for a blanket for her Mom and told her the get dressed.

With arrival of the real paramedics I packed up my gear and left the scene. I had not really talked to the woman and I never expected to see her again. How wrong I was!!!

She was going to change my life and in a big way.

I had had a long weekend and when I returned I had a note saying that the “Lady who’s life I had saved” wanted to see me. Quite frankly I was going to forget the call, but my Lieutenant was quite insistent “Besides It would be good PR”

Later that day I met Beth for the first time. She thanked me both for saving her life and for making sure both she and her daughter with “covered up” She explained that she and her husband (who died last year) were nudists and that she and her daughter always swam and sun bathed nude.

As we were saying our good by’s Beth ask me to come for dinner the following Sunday. I live alone and good “home cooked” meals are rare. Dinner turned into a couple of dates and before long we were dating on a regular basis.

One August weekend I was at her house for a “cook out”. It was extremely hot I think the temperature was about 95 F. After lunch she asked if I would like to go for a swim. I told her that I hadn’t brought bathing trunks. Beth had an infectious laugh, and said, “I don’t even own one”. “And besides you have already seem me nude”. That was true but I didn’t tell her I remembered very little of that afternoon or the way she looked.

“Well” she said. I remember stammering something, which got another laugh and she quickly shed her clothes. Standing in front of me was a naturally beautiful woman. No gimmicks, no porn, no ulterior motives. Oh, and no tan lines! She was just a very beautiful example of God’s art. We spent the rest of that day together. When we got out of the water I started to get dressed, Beth did not. She came over to me and asked me to try her way. “Be A Nudist For A Day”. To say Beth was confident and comfortable with nudity might be this year’s greatest understatement. I saw her beauty from many different angles. I was also was very impressed by all of the beauty I had missed over time, in other women.

About 18 months later we parted, I’ve never been great at long relationships. I may have lost the girl, but I gained a new appreaciation of the beauty of woman and a new repect for whose individuals who have the self-confidence to allow others to see them.

To sum it all up in one sentense, the job is just as ugly as ever, but the world got a whole lot prettier.

And No, I didn’t become a nudist!

Sgt. BM

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"I have looked at pictures of naked women on the internet for some 20 years now. I've seen good and not so good. You are, of course, the best. A few pretenders do a nice job, but they'll never be DOMAI. But here's another wrinkle that amazes me. You provide high quality, excellent photographs of lovely women ... at a bargain price! Some of the aforementioned sites charge two, three, even four times what you do and, were one to subscribe, deliver a definitely inferior product. I've seen sites as high as $50 a month! I don't subscribe to DOMAI just because it's a bargain, but I appreciate that, too." - Frank H < smityisme[a t]>
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