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Feb 6 is World Nude Day. ... Although actually there does not seem to be a hell of a lot going on this year. A pity. Maybe they should have chosen a day in the summer in the Northern hemisphere...

Anyway, as you may have noticed (you may need to reload the pages a couple of times), I have made a bit of redesign to a new grey/blue/red design.
I liked the old yellow design fine, but I felt like a change and a refresh, and I thought I wanted something less "active" than the outgoing yellow hue. After all it's the text and pictures which are important, not the design.
I do all my own web design, have since 1997, and it's not exactly easy, but it's fun, and I'm pleased with the result. It is not as fancy and graphic as many sites out there, but one advantage to that is that it's different. You can see there's a mind and a personality behind it, not just a slick designer. Many sites out there look better than Domai does, but I find most of them boring, to be honest.

And actually I am a big fan of text-only pages. This is really what this is. A text page. But when you add a little color to the background/text and a logo and buttons, I find that the aesthetics are raised enormously, while still retaining the simplicity, speed, and userfriendliness of text-only sites.

And by the way, I also increased the size of the inline pictures in the newsletter. You're welcome. :-)

By the way, comments are invited. 1) Do you like the design? 2) Do you find dark blue text on light grey background readable?

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I took a trip to Europe with my sister when I was graduating high school in the US. I had just turned 18; my sister was a 20-year-old college student. We travelled the Rhine by boat and visited the town that our ancestors came from. We then travelled east to Munich and Vienna, taking in as many concerts and museums as we could. I also learned a lot about culture and people that I would not have expected.

The town our family comes from has a lake nearby. My sister and I noticed that many – but not all – of the girls and women were topless. We struck up a conversation with a waitress at the “snack shack” beside the lake and learned that most of the girls going topless were visitors, while the younger girls who wore bikini tops were local school girls who would be in class again on Monday with the local boys. When we got back to our spot under a tree near the water, my sister asked if I minded her going topless. I said I wouldn’t be embarrassed if she wasn’t, but I wasn’t sure of my answer. She quickly took off her top and we soon settled into a normal conversation.

In the much larger town of Baden-Baden there are the ruins of Roman baths and very modern spa facilities built among them (Baden, after all, being the German for bath). Two of the local spas have “textile free” bathing in large mineral hot springs. One of them is completely coed, while the other offers “women’s days” twice a week. My sister and I agreed that our schedule wouldn’t allow for two trips, so we went to the coed spa.

Once there we made appoints for massages and went to our respective locker rooms. I noticed a sign that directed children under 14 to a “children’s space” upstairs. Apparently the hot springs would be extremely hot and not for kids. I undressed, showered, and headed for the pool. It was large and circular and the architecture of the room had a hint of the byzantine. I was a little self-conscious but a quick scan of the pool area told me there was no upper age range or any acceptable or unacceptable body type. The water was hotter than any I had ever felt, so I had to ease in slowly. I was exposed in my nakedness as I waded slowly into the water, but nobody seemed to pay any particular attention.

My sister took longer than I did to come out of the locker area. I was already waist deep when I saw her nearing the pool, and I moved toward her to warn her of the temperature. She walked slowly and deliberately, as I had done, and carefully removed her towel. She was obviously sensitive about being completely nude in public for the first time. We got accustomed to the water and spent quite a while in it, speaking to several other bathers from all over Europe. We eventually became very comfortable with ourselves, our nudity, and our new surroundings.

When it came time for a massage, I found that my therapist was a man – I’d never had a guy’s hands on me before. He was very professional, from Vienna, and offered some good tips for our visit there. When I saw my sister again in the spa’s restaurant she told me her therapist had been a woman from Spain. Having a woman touching her was also a first, and we joked that had we known we would have switched appointments – but we both enjoyed our massages nonetheless.

Throughout the trip my sister and I shared hotel rooms to save money. After our visit to the spa, we were also less inhibited by showering and changing in the room, and threw modesty out the window. We later agreed that the time we saved changing added half an hour to an hour a day to our sight-seeing.

In Munich we strolled through the English Garden and did some sunbathing. Noticing a young woman reclining topless, my sister also took her top off, this time she didn’t need to ask if I was OK with that. Another woman came and sat nearby, apparently in her 30s, with two small sons. She also took off her top. She quietly read a book while her sons played nearby. Farther down the path, older boys played soccer. I was impressed with the way everyone respected the women’s privacy, and respected each other’s enjoyment of the park in general. No screaming, no loud radios, no getting hit with soccer balls. Very different than parks and beaches in the US!

My sister and I made a similar trip to some other European countries a few years later, when I was a college student and she was graduating and starting adult life. I’m now convinced our trips together affected the way I look at women and at nudity. My sister is a beautiful woman, both physically and personally. I think our experiences “going native” in Europe helped me to appreciate the human body for the work of art that it is, a work of art with many subtle levels – levels that coexist with and are just as important as the sexual. I’m sure that the girlfriends I’ve had have benefitted from this, although I’ve never thought of it until just now. I know I’ve been better able to appreciate their different kinds of beauty and the different levels of sensuality and pleasure that nudity and sexuality can bring.


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"Domai Web staff, First of all, yes, good job all around. The women are lovely and the
pictures are excellent, but I think that it's the honesty of the site (and the sight) that makes it such an enduring pleasure. It's got good nature instead of raunch culture, humanity instead of commodified sex, and simple, outright beauty where others would insist on the florid or the flagrant." - Kris R <dark_advisor[-at-]>
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