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Letters To DOMAI


A friend, John, and I had planned our second trip to a rugged area in the southwest USA. He was in his last full year of college and taking this summer off, he was several years, my junior. This trip was to the high desert, dry, yet a lot of vegetation. The conditions and location of our destination made this a hike that only serious backpackers made. The previous trip we didn't see anyone on our entire hike, in or out. There was no reason to think this time would be different.

We were dropped off at the trail head and started into the canyon. Our camp was to be a spot where three sections of the canyon came together, and this made for a good base camp for our day hikes. The first day was a hard, time consuming hike with some climbing and other typical obstacles. We had allowed ourselves enough time to make the trip with plenty of daylight.

We made it to the camp area and set up our camp. We gathered wood in the event we wanted a fire and were prepared for the night. We noticed another campsite near our camp, with three tents set up.

My friend wandered off one direction and I went to a large boulder I had found the year before. The boulder was a bit of a climb and looked over the lower section, but was out of sight. The large rock was smooth, but still had a rough texture for good grip. The boulder was comfortable and the temperature was pleasant. I took off my new hiking boots, which was a relief to my feet. I also took off my shirt and shorts leaving me in only my small briefs. Laying back felt very good after hauling a heavy pack, and my feet were happy to be free of my boots.

I laid back for a while, not ever dozing off, but just enjoying the rapidly cooling air. I heard some movement but didn't think much about it at first. Then I realized that it was near me. There are animals in the area, so I was unsure at first what was sneaking up on me. Then I caught a glimpse of a head popping up over the edge, then seeing it was a female. She climbed up the last step and made her way over to where I was, sitting up by that time. I seemed surprised as we introduced, and I learned she was Cindy from California.

She sat down near me taking in the same view of the trees and canyon walls. I took the time to look her over. She had on serious hiking boots, which at that point looked more comfortable than mine did. She had muscular, but thin legs, covered with cargo shorts. Her shirt was an athletic shirt that had the built in sports bra top. She seemed quite fit. She was petite with medium length brown hair. Probably not the type to get a lot of second looks out on the street, but she had a nice smile.

Once she settled down on the rock she just reached down and pulled her shirt off over her head, baring her breasts. She put her shirt down to lay on, and asked if I minded. I answered with some lame cliche like "make yourself at home". We chatted for a little bit. This was her first trip to this area, and she was here with two other girl friends. After a little bit we decided to climb back down and join our friends. She invited me, and my friend, over since they had a fire planned. She grabbed her shirt and slipped it back on, working a bit to get her breasts situated into the shirt again. Her breasts seemed quite compressed inside the shirt. I slipped on my shorts and shirt, and my boots against my feet's better judgment.

We parted once we got to the camping area. I was looking forward to joining the girls for the evening. It was sure to make the package of dried food much more enjoyable. I sprang the idea on my friend, who wasn't as excited at first, but decided to join us.

We joined the girls around a fire ring with only a smoky start to the campfire. I thought I should give the fire a few minutes before I worked my campfire magic on it. It finally took off, and I did give it a boost. We all introduced ourselves, I remember Tammy as the most boyish of the three, and a rather attractive, but quiet, (eastern) Indian girl, who's name was never really known but I called her Dolly.

We talked and ate and watched the fire. By this time it was starting to get dark. Cindy, the most outgoing of the three, spoke up and stated that she "had just about had enough" of her shirt, and then peeled it off again. She was sitting almost directly across from me. Again I had a nice view of her bare breasts. I jokingly said that I had had enough of my boots and kicked them off and then pulled off my shirt. Even though it was cooler, the air was still warm and sitting by the fire made it almost hot again. I smiled at Cindy and she grinned back at me.

Then after a moment of silence Tammy pulled her shirt off as well. She was bigger than the other two girls and had larger breasts. These were still contained in a jog-bra. But she pulled that off as well, freeing her breasts to the light of the fire. They were indeed larger than Cindy's. All of a sudden Tammy's face had a mischievous grin, like she had just discovered something new. I wondered what she was thinking. I looked at my friend and he was staring with disbelief at the two topless maidens just across the fire from him. I then looked at Dolly, who was sitting just to my left, she was looking at the fire seemingly to avoid the display of bare breasts.

I had a moment of bravery, I stood up and unbuttoned my hiking shorts and took them off. That left me standing in my small pair of bikini briefs, that Cindy had seen earlier. I walked over and sat between Cindy and Tammy, and gave an invitation to the other two to join us. Surprisingly Tammy spoke up with a bit of excitement, Cindy just seemed to be having fun watching this and started encouraging the other two as well.

John gave in and took off his shirt. But he indicated that he couldn't go any farther, as he was 'going commando' (without underwear). I knew my friend might be self conscious since he was younger. But I stood up and grabbed the waistband of my briefs and gave the two topless ladies a challenge. Cindy stood up just before Tammy as they both seemed excited to take part in my challenge. Tammy immediately pulled her shorts down, so I followed through and quickly, Cindy did as well. I knew what had just happened, but my view was focused on my friend. Then I felt a hand around my waist and pulled me against Tammy's bare hip, then Cindy crowded in from the other side. I put my arms around them and placed them on their bare hips. We did a few silly dance steps back and forth.

I saw John as he nervously looked around, but then unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall. He almost immediately sat back down.

There was some fun filled laughter as we all just had fun being free. I noticed my friend sitting shyly, seemingly hiding himself, from being a bit too excited. I grabbed my briefs and returned to my spot at the fire, walking in front of Dolly as she was still looking at the fire.

Cindy went over to face Dolly. She grabbed her hands and pulled her to her feet. Dolly looked at Cindy's naked body right before her. Cindy took the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up over her head. This revealed a small bra covering Dolly. Cindy's hands reached around Dolly's back and unclasped the bra, she then pulled it off of her arms, with no resistance from Dolly. I looked over to see her newly bared breasts. They were very round and small, her dark nipples were tight and erect from the sudden exposure to the cooler air.

Dolly suddenly seemed with the program, like it was all or nothing, she unbuttoned her shorts and let them fall. She kicked off her sandals and her shorts. All that covered her now was a small pair of panties. She took a breath and then pulled them off as well. To everyone's surprise she posed fully nude in front of us all. She danced around the fire and stopped in front of John. She took his hands and stood him up, even as he resisted her. But she got him on his feet. He was erect and quickly tried to hide himself from everyone's view. By this time I knew that my hiking partner was about as embarrassed as he was ever going to be. I did my best to distract Dolly, and sure enough she danced over in front of me. I was amazed at her almost perfectly round breasts and how they hardly moved at all. Dolly was just trying to be funny but her mildly sexy dance was almost more than I could take, and I thought I would have to sit down like John was doing. But she moved back to her rock and sat down, with a huge smile on her pretty face.

Over the next couple of hours we sat and talked, all the while enjoying our nudity. I was happy to see a variety and got to study the three and appreciate their different beauties. Cindy was the best built for my taste, she was thin with medium breasts and thin legs. Tammy was more full figured, large breasts, and muscular hips and legs, lots of tone to her body. Dolly was very thin with almost a runway model figure, small firm breasts, narrow hips, her legs were very thin.

The difference in pubic hair was there too, Tammy was trimmed, but a full triangle, Cindy was trimmed close and thin like a "landing strip", and Dolly was just as natural as if she had never trimmed it at all.

After a while John settled in and talked as much as the rest of us. He occasionally had to deal with some 'excitement' when our conversation strayed a bit to the sexual side, but he seemed more relaxed with it, as the girls all seemed to understand. As we all got tired and decided to call it a night John and I had a chance to say goodbye to each girl with a firm hug. I most enjoyed Dolly's hug, but Cindy's embrace was the most sincere and strong pulling me tight against her body, and Tammy playfully pulled me very close with her strong arms around my waist.

The next morning I was greeted with a beaming smile from Cindy staring into my tent flap. I got up, only in my familiar small briefs. She had come by for one more hug before they left the canyon and headed back home. We said our goodbyes and she gave me a kiss on the cheek, for "being such a good sport". The girls packed up their camp as John and I prepared for our day hike. They hollered and waved as they left the campsite.

For the remainder of the trip John and I had a lot of memories to talk about. I think he learned a lot about himself that night sitting naked in the dark canyons around a fire.


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