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Hiking Nude

Sunning, swimming, and being outdoors nude is a passion for all of us. But hiking nude is an altogether different experience. Walking naked outdoors is a unique blend of satisfaction over a longer period of time and much more terrain. Unlike shedding textiles at the beach or by the pool, comfortable footwear is required to hike well in the buff. Water, snacks, sun or insect cream, and a compass are helpful, along with a hat and a camera if you like. Also unlike the comfortable beach chair perch, clothes are left far behind when hiking naked. Depending on how far you decide to go, trekking naked is a lengthy and thrilling commitment. Here is our account from a long afternoon of hiking, as we discovered a new level of exhilarating naturism outdoors.

Here in Charleston, South Carolina, nudism is not legal. However, there are many islands, beaches, and preserved landscapes where sunning, swimming, and lounging nude can be privately enjoyed from March to December. Via boat, Anne and I went to a secluded island where the tidal sea has taken the beach over time. A once vast forest of trees beautifully spikes out of the beach sand, allowing many local textile and nudists bathers to get away from the city center. Only this time, we brought our hiking boots. Leaving our clothes in a safe place, taking only a small satchel with supplies, we decided to go for a long hike through the forest, along the marsh, and hopefully explore a beach on the other side of the island we'd not ventured to before.

Hiking nude is different because your body must physically navigate variable terrain. Feeling your body exert itself naked for miles in the context of exploring a fantastic experience. Seeing your partner's body perform the work of climbing, stepping, hopping, walking, and balancing is a completely different experience. The curves of Anne's body, the movements of her full breasts, and the explorer's look in her eyes -- with every inch of her skin visually resting against the various backdrop of nature -- was a real-life Domai experience for me. In fact, as we ascended down a hill and out of the woods toward the sun-drenched marsh, Anne was now hiking behind me. I had commented to her how interesting it was to experience the sights and gestures of her body as she moved. Now she had the same things to say as she watched me navigate the terrain naked.

We had built up a healthy sweat after approximately and hour of hiking, remarking how being naked in the forest felt so different and rugged than on a beach. Just knowing that your clothes are so far away is a powerful feeling of freedom. We came out to the marsh and found a deep pool of tidal waters just beyond the island oyster beds. It reminded us of Brooke's pool (Unshackeling) where she first shed her clothes outdoors. We removed our shoes and socks, and slid into the cold November salt water, which felt incredible on our sweaty skin and warm muscles. We soaked for a while, bathed the dust from our legs and observed the marsh wildlife totally nude.

Off in the distance we could see clothed people hiking, but far enough away and heading in a different direction. It was cold coming out of the water, and our skin was covered in chill bumps. We put on our socks and shoes, and decided to start hiking toward the new beach we'd not seen before. Snack bars and water from Anne's satchel helped sustain us. I applied sunscreen and consulted my compass. We were headed northeast with plenty of daylight remaining.

This part of the island was sandy and vast, with a deep channel ideal for fishing. We trekked for several minutes toward the far end of the forest as the sun warmed our naked skin. Suddenly, a boat came around the channel behind us at a fast pace we could do nothing about. Unlike skinny dipping or sun bathing we were standing tall and in full view, with nothing but our boots on. The two mature couples in the boat were less than 50 meters away, and all we could do was peacefully wave. We heard one women on say loudly over the engine hum "look, they're naked!" and "we see naked people out here all the time." They smiled and waved in return, but I noticed Anne and I did not try to hide or squat down. We marveled at how comfortable we felt being naked, as though zero clothes nearby was the furthest things from our minds.

We relaxed on the beach for a while, and explored more terrain back towards the forest line, deciding to head back in the general direction we came. After all, we did need to find our clothes again at some point. We could not boat back downtown naked! We saw birds, a small alligator, and many colorful insects as we hiked through the forest. Since the sights and sounds of everything around us was under the shade of tree cover once again, the brightest element in the woods was our completely naked fair skin. As we began to emerge on the other side of the woods, we realized we had accomplished a great deal of exercise that day. We figured another swim was needed to cool and bathe our bodies. We could hear a group of voices near the area we had stored our clothes. This time we were more concerned.

It was a group of people around our same age enjoying a day of food and beverage at the island beach. We peered at them through the woods for minute, wondering what to do next since we were completely naked. One of the women was sunning herself topless, so we assumed our being totally naked might pass. To my surprise Anne took my hand and we exited the forest confidently wearing nothing but our boots and our smiles. There were giggles and turned heads of course from the women and men, but they waved and we did the same. Tired from the long hike we kicked off our boots and went for a nude swim in the sea. As we returned to our clothes to warm up and get dressed, something interesting transpired. One fellow asked, "did you two just go on a hike without any clothes on?" We laughingly said "yes, we sure did." Because we had our hiking shoes on, it was clear to them that Anne and I were not having sex in the bushes. They knew we were confidently hiking nude.

The length of the hike, the hours spent far away from our clothes, and the exhilaration of experiencing our bodies and the natural terrain without clothing are what made that fall day so amazing and memorable to us both. I highly recommend to Domai readers to plan a day and outdoor location for hiking nude.

Anne and Christopher
South Carolina, USA

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