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It was twenty years ago when I was living at a small village in a small island in the Aegean Sea in Greece. If you have ever been in any of the small Greek islands you would know that there is amazing landscape clear blue waters and endless sunshine. My life in a small place like that, the religious-spiritual ways of villager’s lifes and a mixture of curiosity as well as vivid imagination made all the devout stories from church and the mythology from school to be part of my everyday thinking.

Apart from TV there was no much influence from the outside world, in the island there where no hotels and the few tourists that where coming during the summer had to ether rend a room in one of the houses in the village or free camp by the sea. I feel the need to give you little bit of my background because nothing in my story is particularly interesting other than the way I’ve experienced it. My father was a farmer and every summer I was helping him with various tasks, one of them was to look after out flock of goats while they where grazing grass in the fields. Much of my day was passing around sunny beeches not accessible by land untouched, pure and clean. Very few times in the past I had seen tourists in these small gulfs coming by a boat and returning back to the village later on with the same boat before the dusk. At some point I was starting to appreciate the female figure but I never had the chance to observe it up close. It was a day like any other summer day and I could never imagine that this was going to be THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

Following my dally routine I found myself in frond of a small beech with seven or nine naked women some of them swimming some sunbathing and others playing with a colorful beech ball, ok that was good but could it get any better than that? I didn’t dare to approach them I didn’t want to disturb them and I was happy enough with the view to ruin it all together. Sometimes goats like to lick the salty rocks by the beech and to my good fortune that’s what they did that day just to give me an excuse to go closer to the girls.

The girls had noticed me stunting on the hill above but they didn’t seemed to be bothered not even while I was approaching them. From this moment I was in a dream land, I couldn’t feel my feet touching the ground. Some of them noted hi to me in a strange language and I noted back, I passed by them following my animals trying to be discrete as much as I could and then something magic happened, one of the girls throw the ball and it landed right in frond of me, I took the ball and I throw it back and before I knew it I was in the game.

Some of the girls where in there early 20s some a bit older, some had larger breasts two of them where skinny, some others more curvy with round bottoms and strong hips but all of them extremely beautiful in their own unique way. I remember clearly the colors the lines the curves all the details just like a dream, but most of all the natural way that these girls perceive nudity.

After a few minutes one of the girls that was swimming came closer asking to join the game, we passed the ball around and slowly slowly the girls start moving toward the sea, I had to take my shoes of to get closer I didn’t want to stop playing I didn’t want to get away I knew that this was I life time experience and I didn’t want to miss a bit of it. The girls like biblical angels all around me playing laughing and giggling, talking to each other in a language that I couldn’t understand, crated an atmosphere that only with an ancient myth depicted on a renaissance painting could find some resemblance.

Not long after the girls wend in to the sea, I was in the water up to my knees. I noticed the girls started smiling in a naughty way, one of the girls that was sunbathing behind me stood up pushed my back and jump with me in the water. I took my shirt of and the girls kept pulling my pants until I was completely naked, from this moment I lost any feeling of shame or embarrassment instead of it I was feeling free and happy. To my big surprise I had no erection nether sexual desire, even if I had any such feelings they where overwhelmed by the absolute beauty. It was so beautiful… so beautiful, we carry on playing the girls where teasing me all along, holding hands and dancing in a circle around me.

I spent some of the most pleasant time of my life with them but I had to go, my animals had long gone of my sight and I had to go after them. When I come to think of it I really don’t know if that was real. I may have slept and dreamed all this or fairies and nymphs do really exist and destined to be there just to make me witness of their existence. In Greek folk stories fairies are evil and get you always in trouble so avoid any kind of contact with them but my fairies where just stunningly beautiful. I never talked to anybody about this incident just out of fear that any kind of comment would have spoil this perfect memories, even now I don’t know how well I was able to communicate this fine feelings of mine with you (bear in mind that I learned English not long ago) but if there would have been any people to understand my experience that would have definitely been the Domai newsletter readers.


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