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I wish everybody, visitors and members, a great new year.

Mine and Domai's 2009 were sometimes challenging as they were for many, but ultimately really great. Challenging times are never warmly welcomed, but they are often a time of emotional and spiritual growth. When everything is great, one tends to be mentally lazy.

And it was only enhanced with the creation in October of the first other nude site in 12 years, GoddessNudes, which has been extremely warmly welcomed by those who wanted to see a little "more" of the models, for this I'm grateful.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


When I first moved to Colorado I was introduced to Courtney who promised to show me the sights. Soon we found we had a lot in common. After a few dates Courtney suggested a camping and hiking trip to the mountains. There was a certain amount of sexual tension since we would soon be sharing a small two person tent for the weekend but we hadn't yet been physically intimate.

After a couple of hours driving into the Rocky Mountains we climbed a winding canyon road towards a high pass. We found a secluded site off the road below the tree line, set up camp and soon had a camp fire, tasty food and a cooler of beer. Like the beer, the mountain air was cold and crisp.

Courtney suggested warming up by going back down to the hot springs we had passed on the way up the canyon. The prospect of soaking in a hot pool was appealing but I explained I had no swimwear or towel. "That's no problem," she said, smiling. Assuming she had some men's swimwear with her (for whatever reason) I readily agreed.

We paid at the reception lodge and followed a winding path to the changing area. In the dusk light I could see a few figures in the swirling steam around the hot pools. It looked so inviting I could hardly wait. Neither could Courtney because she stopped at the benches in the communal area between the men's and women's changing rooms, dropped her bag and started stripping! In a moment she was standing naked in front of me and I was reeling with shock. How could I pretend I was not looking at her body, taking in all the soft curves and intimate shapes? Head still buzzing I think I bumbled something about "where's my swimwear then?"

Courtney laughed, "Hurry up, can't you see I'm cold?" pointing down at her body. Given the invitation to look I lowered my gaze and sure enough, there were visible indications of cold. I think I was in a trance as I found myself naked, following Courtney's sublime outline down the dimly lit path to the pools. I don't even remember undressing. It was terrifying to see that some of the other people in the pools were nude; however it was also reassuring - we weren't alone.

My primary concern about public nudity had always been the fear of embarassing arousal in the presence of others. It was even a recurring dream of mine. But now it had all happened so quickly and naturally that any sexual feelings were diminished and there seemed nothing more natual in the world. We soaked for a couple of hours, occasionally swapping to pools of different temperatures. I lost all inhibition and actually walked with Coutney between pools, knowing that others may be watching me in my birthday suit. I talked casually to nude strangers. It all seemed perfectly natural. Eventually it was time to leave and strangely it felt odd to be dressing again. Of course there were jokes like "Don't look now, I'm getting dressed!"

When it came to my more intimate encounter with Courtney back in our tent that night, all I can say is that it was a totally different experience!

The next day, after 6 hours hiking a 14,000 foot mountain we descended to the lovely named Half Moon Creek. Of course the pure sparkling mountain water was freezing but we didn't hesitate to strip off and splash about without inhbition comfortable with our own outdoor nudity. Another hiking couple arrived and looked shocked for a minute before laughing and joining in. It was great to be spreading the habit!

I left Colorado a couple of years later to chase a job opportunity. Courtney and I drifted apart but remained in email contact. Recently she emailed me a link to Domai with a comment "I think you will like this!" I absolutely do!

Kind Regards,

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