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Apropos another beautiful female writer (below), one of the questions I'm asked with regularity over the 12 years Domai has been on the Net, is "what about a site like Domai but with male nudes?" I say "wonderful idea, mail me when you have made it, I'll eagerly take a look".

But seriously, I really hope somebody will do it. I could probably do a decent job, but to make an excellent job, it really takes the driving force of strong interest, and me, I don't have quite enough of that for that area.

And my spare time is going to making my fine art and photos, see for example the set Evening Light, which I photographed just yesterday (well, today, as I write this on thursday). I have loved photography for about 35 years now, you will find quite a bit about it on my blog. (By the way, I have a little photo contest right now, deadline 15 Dec, BW portrait photos.)

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI

(My favorite bookstore, by Sara)


This past weekend, sitting crosslegged on the floor in a back corner of my favorite used book store, flipping through full-page pictures in a black-and-white nude photography book, when another book browser entered that secluded aisle of old books. Middle-aged, just a touch of early gray in his beard, pleasant casual air to him, not intrusive but not shying away from a clear awareness of where the best photography books were kept. Nodded a friendly hello when I looked up from my book, didn't disguise getting a good look at more than my glance but wasn't offensive about it, then went about his book browsing.

He wasn't finding the book he expected to be there, finger paused over the hole where I'd taken out the book in my lap. “Did I steal your book?” I looked up playfully, holding the book wide open in my lap to show him. He laughed yes. Accepted my invitation to sit on the floor beside me to share flipping through. Quickly made it obvious these pages were familiar territory to him, commenting on several of the images as if the women were old friends of his. We were having a blast comparing impressions of this model's breasts or that model's mood or how the wind was in the hair of another.

At a complimentary comment I made about one model's derrière, he flipped back to an earlier page, observing that he thought the model on that page had a body more like mine. As if I'd been up off my butt yet for him to have more than imagination to go on? “No no no no,” I jumped up and said wait I'd be back, dashed off and reappeared with the store's rolling ladder. Retrieved a favorite book from the over-sized collection at the very top of the stacks. Handed it down to him telling him what page to open up to.

And since finding DOMAI, I've tried to uphold my end of the first of Domai's pledges: To the best of my willful knowledge, I never let a chance go by for someone to encounter the beauty I have to offer without presenting the opportunity to enjoy the sight. [Gotta love that. I'll see if we can get Sara's answers to our pledge for you. - Eolake.]

So while he was finding the right page then studying its photograph, I was folding my clothes above the books on the top shelf. He registered no surprise when he looked back up, just smiled and looked at me sitting on the top step of the ladder, bent down just enough so my breasts hung forward a little like that model had posed, my legs slightly parted the same way, hands resting just inside my thighs halfway up from my knees. He looked at my body from curled toes all the way up to bright blue eyes then back down, no more shy of looking at my body than we'd shared looking through the photographs together.

He nodded agreement at the similarities between my body and the photograph I'd indicated, then commented that what impressed him most was how well I had captured the attitude of the pose itself. I just smiled and swung one of my legs slightly wider and back in back and forth lazily, like yeah so what, I had after all looked at that page enough to know. He let my leg's gentle swaying pull his gaze in, held his looking there long enough for the silence in the bookstore to breathe in and out a few times, then laughed and challenged me to come down to imitate the pose on the opposing page. So I got down off the ladder and sat leaning against one of the stacks of books and did my best at mirroring what I saw in the one he'd pointed to.

Which quickly turned into a pleasant little game as he flipped through pages finding poses he wanted me to do my version of. Lying sprawled out on the floor, standing up near where he sat, bending down, walking away, almost every conceivable angle. I'd come sit beside him to briefly refresh his selected image in my memory of having frequented that book so often, then I'd move like a dance toward what I'd seen in the image, then freeze to give him time to look, to see me in what he'd seen in each snapshot. Didn't take too long to figure out he had a favorite pose he enjoyed studying, but that personal detail I'll leave private to him, as some things always should be, no matter how open and natural. But every now and then, he'd come back to the page with the model who looked most like me, and sometimes I'd climb back up the ladder like he seemed to enjoy watching me do, while other times I'd just sit closer to him on the lowest step, each time showing him new variations how I would have done it.

Only once did another customer catch us, a regular I'm acquainted with, paused at the end of the stacks long enough to catch on to what we were doing, smiled and moved on, although I did hear her browsing for a while one aisle over, so I wouldn't put it past her to come around wanting me to show her too. And our dear proprietor has enough cameras keeping watch over his collection, but he and I go back a long way, he wouldn't bother me as long as I'm not bad for his business. Like, yeah it's a small thing, but he can't have been but pleased that after an hour of exploring my versions of maybe half the poses in that book, my new friend decided to purchase my favorite book when he finally had to depart.

I can only imagine what he might be remembering when he flips through his book back home, and whether or not he might picture what I might have done with the pictures we skipped. Me, I'll have to find another one of the photography books to pick out a model who looks similar to me, just in case the opportunity arises again.


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