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A few years ago I was taking a graphics design course at our local community college and we were assigned to produce a large poster promoting one of several public-interest organisations. We were to use original photography enhanced by our newly acquired digital editing skills to produce a photo-illustration.

I was older than many of the students, as was Aileen, a casual friend of my wife. We decided to use figure photography as our bases: I wanted a back shot of a female in water almost to the waist, looking out to the horizon. Aileen wanted a side shot of a nude male carrying a briefcase and walking along an empty beach. Neither of us wanted to pay a model and as the individuals would be only barely recognisable after the digital enhancement, we agreed to pose for each other.

We chose Blue Sea Beach, a lovely rural spot with over a mile of hard sand beach, warm and shallow water, and few visitors. It is a Nova Scotia Provincial beach but it has been developed by a community group so it is not listed in travel guides and is known mostly to locals. On a warm afternoon in late September it was deserted. My wife came along to make a picnic and an afternoon at the beach and we had a lovely time swimming in the shallows. As the sun came around it was time for photography so my wife sat in the dunes to read while Aileen and I set about photographing.

We had a modern digital SLR camera from the college and a nice collection of lenses, so we set about experimenting with different exposures and speeds. We were quite uninhibited as we knew that we controlled the memory card, so no film development shop or college staff would ever see any of the images but the ones we ultimately used. And we had agreed that each would control the pictures taken by the other, so no extra images of Aileen would stay in my possession and vice versa. We started with some candid and natural shots like the older naturist photos, and after a while we began more stylised poses, like the ones I now see at Domai. Aileen had some experience posing for figure drawing classes and so she was able to both direct me in my poses and provide attractive positions for my shots. As we were trading the camera back and forth we were both nude, and it seemed the most natural condition. Aileen had a slight and boyish figure, but she was long and slim and looked like the athlete that she was. I looked pretty fit also, coming off a summer of construction work.

We were interrupted once by a man tramping along with his dog, and so we donned our swimsuits and waited for him to pass. As we got back into the serious photography we saw another person coming along, and we decided that we would just carry on and hope that no-one made a fuss.

It was a woman this time, striding along from the far end of the beach where a few cottages lined the shore. She was Nordic walking with long ski poles, and moving right along. As she passed behind me I explained that it was for a college project, and she just smiled and strode past. A few minutes later, on her return walk she paused briefly to speak to my wife and then moved on past me, smiling. And then, about twenty metres away she stopped, slipped off her shorts and sports top, and waded into the water towards Aileen.

Our new model was probably in her late forties, almost old enough to have been Aileen's mother. She had the look of a woman who stayed active and ate well, but she was also letting her hair go grey. Her tan lines matched her clothes so I doubt that she spent a lot of time in the sun in bikinis or bare. She looked fit and happy and just a little bit nervous and a little bit excited about spontaneously joining a nude photoshoot, uninvited, on her own beach. She didn't say anything to Aileen, but just copied her poses. The two of them got into a bit of follow-my-leader posing and they began to laugh as each adopted peculiar positions to see if the other could copy. And then our new friend began to splash Aileen. That started a fine frolic of running through the shallows playing tag and chasing and splashing each other, with me shooting whatever photos I could. I was using a zoom lens but I was up on the sand, so the shots that I was getting were images of the figures and the sea and the waves and the sky. I wasn't getting portraits or intimate shots; I was getting landscapes, with beautiful women playing.

And then it was done. Our friend gave Aileen a hug, turned towards her clothes with her hand out, palm up, signaling me to stop shooting, and then gathered up her clothes and walking poles and turned away down the beach, pausing another 20 metres farther to dress. She never looked back.

The mood changed, and we gathered up our things and moved off, trying to hold the magic of the afternoon for as long as we could. Aileen told us that our new model said: "Tell your friend to be discrete with the photos" and those were the only words exchanged. It had been a most remarkable day.

I haven't had much to do with naturists, or nudists as we used to call them. There aren't many in my cold northern climate and the few that are around are very discreet. But I do know that they like to say that their nakedness in public and in social gatherings is not about sexual stimulation or desire. That may be so, but Aileen and her friend playing in the waters of Blue Sea Beach were engaged in as sexually exciting activity as any that I have seen. They were naked in public, but a safe public, in warm waters at a quiet beach with a naked man filming them. They were daring and bold and reveling in the sensual pleasures of water and sunlight and warm winds, of fit bodies in motion, of the sight of strangers' bodies. Those minutes were alive with sexual excitement - it's just that there was no object of sexual desire involved.

Our photo-illustration projects were successful and both Aileen and I passed our course. I didn't keep any of the images of me although my wife has a few that turn up on our screensaver from time to time. Our new friend was only in pictures that also included Aileen so she kept them all as we had originally agreed, and I have heard that she lost them in a hard drive crash. It was no loss really, as the warmth and excitement of that afternoon are still with us, especially when Aileen comes for supper and we laugh about that day and wonder if our new friend told her husband about her afternoon adventure. I have been back to the beach a few times in the following years but I have never seen our friend. Just as well, perhaps. What would I say?


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