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After reading your newsletters for quite a while, I've finally had my "Domai moment".

A couple of weeks ago while on duty I got a call from one of my troops asking for help on a job related task. I picked up my gear and headed to his location which was a couple miles away. As I pulled up to the scene I noticed a cell phone laying on the ground. I stopped my truck and picked it up. Knowing that there were severral units in the area, and knowing that finding the owner was going to be a tough task, I pocketed the phone and went to helping out my GI.

Once I got back to my duty section I remembered the phone and pulled it out. Upon opening the phone I realized that it had been run over by at least one vehicle in the area. I thought "now this is going to be impossible to get back to the owner." There was however a memory card in the phone. So I thought why not see if there is any information or recognizable pictures on the card. I put the card in my phone and discovered pictures of a lovely brunette that I recognized by her face but definetly hadn't seen in the "uniform" she wasn't wearing.

I made a quick phone call to the young lady and asked that she meet me after duty to pick up the phone, telling her it had been broken. She said if it was broken that I could just drop it in the trash and she would just get a new one. I told her I'd feel better if it was given to her and she could determine how to dispose of it.

Monika met me after we both got off duty at a local bar that she and I go to. She was wearing a low cut sweater, a pair of jeans and a smile that I'll never forget. It was a smile that showed that she knew how I found out it was her phone. I handed her the phone and then she asked me "So how did you know it was mine"? And I replied that I had to check the pictures on the card to figure it out. She blushed immediately and asked if anyone else had seen them. I assured her that no one had seen them but myself. To which she replied "Thank you for that"

We talked for a bit and the subject of the pictures on the phone came up. I told her there was nothing wrong with the pictures. That they were beautiful. But they could have been done much better. She said that she wanted to take the pictures herself because she was scared to have someone else take them for her. She said she wasn't comfortable with someone else taking pictures of her when she was nude. I thought about the fact that she was using a camera on the phone and that it didn't have a timer so she was having to do alot of mirror shots. I then thought about my own camera with a timer. I offered it to her. I told her to take it and the mini-tripod I had for it and take some better pictures. Only this time keep them to herself.

What she proposed next though is what blew my mind. She said that since I already had intimate knowledge of her body, would I mind taking the pictures for her. Well yeah I would take the pictures for her. If not for the pictures but just to see the body of this young woman in the flesh rather than in a 2 dimensional image.

We left and went to her house and began taking pictures almost as soon as we got in the door. I took quite a few non-nudes of her in different outfits before she worked up the courage to do the nudes. Some of the non-nudes were more erotic than the nudes in the long run. We spent 3 hours taking pictures and downloading them to her computer.

Monika even stole the camera from me a couple of times and got a picture of her nude, sitting in my lap while I was at her computer.

I was complety caught up in the moment. Mine and Monika's Domai Moment.

Jason R.

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