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'Man Busted for Being Naked at Home", article and video. Two people are crossing a man's property, happens to see him naked through his window, and they have the police arrest him!? That's at least what it appears like from what he says. It's a weird, weird world.

I'm reminded of a remarkable incident in my own life. About 12 years ago, when Domai was a very young site, I started writing a fictional story for the newsletter. The story described how I walked past a window where a nude lady came out, and neither of us were embarrassed. 
I wrote half the story (unusual for me, I usually write a story in a day), and the next morning on the way to work (I still had my day job, that's how long ago this was), that exact thing happened to me! It was early and dark, and I walked past a house on the edge of the industrial district, and this gorgeous young woman came out of the shower and into her kitchen, which had a whole glass door, giving me full view of her wet, slim, beautiful figure. 
No, I was not offended and did not call the police! I loved it! 
And what an amazing "coincidence"! 

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


Lilo has absolutely the cutest smile. And face. And the whole body's great. But that SMILE. Oh, Goodness in Heaven! I've seen an angel, I swear, I have.

It's funny, too, how by scrolling down the first image, I first saw that adorable smile, then that she looked like she was hitch-hiking, and then that "she had better know where her towel is". (All naturists will instantly get that one.) [And it helps to have read The Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy too. - Eolake.]
Because naturists tend to carry a towel to sit on. Basic hygienic reasons.
But the fact that she's panty-less is subtle, if that first photo was resized at screen size I wouldn't have noticed right away. Probably in third place, after the smile and the hitch-hiker posture. :-)

BTW, I like very much the tastefulness of that new "intimate style" which I've only seen since very recently. Women who don't want to carry a "thick tropical jungle bush" (not that I mind the least bit a pretty body in its natural unshaved state), but who realize that this vastly popular "shaved" trend is a bit of a silly fad. I mean, it's a lot of regular work to maintain, it's painful (especially EPILATION), and when it starts growing back it's VERY uncomfortable.
So, Lilo here just opted for "short hair", in a very natural-looking style, and I think I like this very much.
It feels more honest. And very feminine. Gives her a most pretty pubis, to be honest.
Ladies, please, stay true to yourself, because this is how sensible men appreciate, like and love you.
Healthy is beautiful, period. Basic body care and hygiene, yes, obviously. But overly fancy is completely superfluous.

Less than one hour ago, I just saw for the very first time a film I had heard about and absolutely couldn't miss: Shallow Hal.
I'm probably not as gifted as that guy in seeing ONLY the inner beauty, like an outer metaphor. "Healthy is beautiful" means that I would sincerely worry about loveable (the main character) Rosemary's physical well-being. I must honestly confess that such a difference with the reasonable criteria of health taxes my open-mindedness enough to not find her sexy at first glance. (Well, definitely not as sexy as Gwyneth Paltrow, that's for sure.) But I adored this most excellent movie for, well, being so damn good! (Pardon my French.)

Very good, indeed, because beyond the very amusing humour created by the contrast, between what Hal sees and what others see, especially all those heaviness-caused incidents, there is a great depth that the more discerning cannot miss.
Hal, as the hypnotist so aptly explains at one point, wasn't so much hypnotized as he was de-hypnotized, from a state of mind chiseled into his subconscious mind by the rather peculiar last recommendations of his dying father when he was a child. This little detail, the fact that he didn't even remember his father at that period of his childhood, is very revealing for one with some clinical psychology notions: Hal had repressed all of this. Which means that somewhere, it was going against his nature. You don't smother memories of harmony, you cherish them every day.

It is a very positively established fact of hypnosis: forget what you've seen in movies since they were still silent, you cannot be hypnotized into a person which you fundamentally are not. The hypnotist is essentially a medium, and by this I don't mean a psychic or one with supernatural powers. A medium, between the hypnotized person, and his/her own possibilities, awakened by proper suggestion. The one being hypnotized is actually accomplishing all that you see through the de-inhibited power of their own mind. Like Tony Robbins said, what he actually did was simply de-hypnotize Hal from an ancient, very powerful hypnotic suggestion, the advice of his dying father imprinted in his young, impressionable mind.

Hal started seeing the true inner beauty of women because he always had it in him. You cannot hypnotize someone into becoming a cold-blooded murderer. This is why all such attempted manipulation of a normal person will usually resort to convincing them of a sophisticated false scenario first, to TRY (success is by no means guaranteed) to induce a state of mind in which many of us are, potentially, capable of killing. Life self-defense, or "believing" you're brutally mad with grief or anger and wanting revenge, something like that. Just "go kill your dear parents, I command you" won't cut it, not even with a marked OEdipean complex.

Over the years, I've met much difficulty in convincing some people that I spontaneously have this attitude, to look at what the face expresses as a mirror of the soul, before I like or dislike a woman, no matter how "va-va-voom" her body may look. I'm a "smiles" guy, like there are "boobies" guys, "legs" guys, or "ass" guys. So of course, I couldn't but absolutely love this slightly allegoric movie. It was about a guy who suddenly becomes like the ideal person I'd like to be. Well, except when he becomes unable to recognize people from their real faces, that's a little more than I'd wish. :-)

I immediately found that Jack Black reminded me physically of Domai founder Eolake Stobblehouse, especially in slightly earlier pictures. The eyes, mostly. And this impression was greatly enhanced when Hal starts seeing beauty in women other than the stereotype media-hammered bimbo canon. I was intensely reminded of how Eolake sees beauty in women vastly different from each other, some of which I don't always like visually. (Another guy who seems better at this than me! Grrr! I'm jealous.) The great many testimonials of women who've accepted their non-cookie-cutter-shape beauty after visiting Domai are self-explanatory.

Incidentally, I very much admire and congratulate superb actress Gwyneth Paltrow for playing both appearances of Rosemary, including the very unaesthetic obese version with special -and very unflattering- full body make-up. In fact, I would admire her even if there had been two actresses, simply for being brave enough to play this part of an obese insecure girl without fearing for her professional image as a pretty actress, and also for playing it so well, so talentedly. She was perfectly in the part of that unattractive, insecure, clumsy, shy woman, making it totally believable. You rock, Gwyneth. That's what being an actress is all about: not just another pretty face, but the real stuff, becoming someone and making the character come alive, make her REAL to us. Her fame's well and truly deserved. Gwyneth Paltrow also has that great asset in my eyes, a truly beautiful "real" smile.

Granted, Domai doesn't show a lot of severely obese women, only healthy girls. (But who would pay for a membership to a site that shows photos of women like Rosemary? Very few people... apart maybe from Hal.) Nevertheless, the oldest featured model, Ceverina, is 47 years old in these photos, and still looking stunning I may add. There's also been a steady effort to compensate the high rate of (usually Eastern) European models in the domain of nude photography with women originating from Africa or the Far East, who are equally beautiful... and who, like all the others on Domai, have great beauty in spite of being very different in body, each in her unique way, from the insufferable rigid standards of total falsitude that contemporary media try to impose on us. For the sole reason that people happy with themselves, their bodies, their life, don't pay abundant cash to purchase capitalism-marketed illusions.

Fortunately, this manipulative trend is slowly changing, and not just through Domai ("only real women"). Germany's first fashion magazine will stop using professional models entirely starting January 2010, preferring "normal" woman, who have a healthy Body Mass Index, between 18.5 and 25. Unlike the systematic anorexic abnormality demanded by nearly all fashion model agencies.
Even better, Spain has become the first country to enforce strict normality laws on fashion shows. Just prior to a show, all models are measured and weighed. Those who are too skinny and underweight under actual medical criteria are immediately forbidden from participating. Score one for Spain, they're doing something about this with more than words. Olé!

Domai is not a charity site, or a Public Relations one for a cosmetics company wanting to change its image, nor an NGO or  free government-sponsored public service one, that will show you absolutely all types of women, photographed nude, saying that "you are beautiful no matter what". Some bodies, honestly, are not. You need to at least be healthy, in my opinion. But some "perfect" bodies you mustn't expect to see on Domai, ever, because they lack the vital component of inner beauty, that happy, joy-filled spark that shines through any barrier of appearance, and which no amount of plastic surgery can ever impersonate. You'll only see real women here, with a mind and a soul. Barbie the Doll can take her pretty little hollow head, move her stilt-like legs, and go apply elsewhere. This is why they call it "plastic" surgery: because it's fake. People who resort to it without having a genuine medical defect of the body, such as a missing breast from cancer surgery, or a face mutilated after a car accident, are already fake inside from their pathetic futility. And that new tyrannical stereotype body appearance manufactured by the spirit-adulterated [spiritually "watered down", basically] medicine industry only helps revealing this.

"Formerly Shallow Hal" and Domai have this in common: they only like authentic women. It seems, at first, that it's just an attraction towards physical beauty. The one Hal's eyes perceived when he met a woman with a greatly generous heart and charitable soul. (Watch the movie again: all the women he found sexy were like this.) The one Eolake's veteran-of-beauty eyes have been observing for more than ten years now, hand-picking each photo for that spark of pure shining joy which is Life itself. What the two have in common, is that what may seem like shallowness, is in fact a very deep spirit of respect for women, be it conscious or instinctive. In a plot element from a novel I'm writing but which I've yet to publish, I came up years ago with a similar naturally occurring aptitude, and had named it "Symbolic Vision": a super-power that spontaneously sees the truth of things and the meaning of every person and object. Great for spotting criminals and their plots. :-)

"You only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." -- (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) Symbolic Vision is something we can all have, if we try. So please, after you've read this, go look around you, and instead of visually measuring butts and busts, reach out with the eyes of your soul, seek for that invincible radiance from within that'll have you notice women worthy of your deepest respect, and find them beautiful precisely because of that. "Angels don't have silicone implants", I dare affirm.

You don't have to also feel sexually attracted to them. I feel that my rather short and plump mother is a very beautiful woman, today at 63. She's not as physically fit as champion swimmer Ceverina, but if she were, and if she wanted to appear on Domai, or if tomorrow she chose to pose for a calendar to raise awareness about breast cancer, I'd wholeheartedly encourage and support her. And I'd be proud. Then again, I find all dedicated loving mothers irresistibly beautiful. Dedicating one's life to Love will have that effect on people. You can't conceal the Beauty From Within.

Over the years, regularly viewing this sort of intrinsic beauty on Domai has helped train my eyes into seeing it everywhere.
Some other time, I'll tell you why sexual feelings themselves can be completely respectful anyway. And beautiful.
I know my parents conceived me by doing "you-know-what". Doesn't change one iota to the deep respect I feel for them. Quite the opposite. I would never use the expression "doing the nasty", because I simply do not believe in "the nasty".
But this is another topic for another time. :-)

Dr Pascal, M.D., raised in conservative Lebanon.
Where nudist magazines, founded in the Sixties, are still sold under opaque wrappers...

My first new web site in years: Beautiful girls like on Domai, only showing... more.

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"The young women portrayed are absolutely beautiful, tasteful and honor the beauty of the female form. [...] The membership, affordable -- the images... outstanding. It is truly rewarding to find a site that treats women with dignity and respect. Each time I view your offerings, I sit back in awe of the beauty of a woman, and the artists that captures it on camera." - Respectfully, R. J. Pin