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It is not in your personality to be naked

I am an architect based in London and occasionally travel alone to a European country or city on a cultural architectural experience/visit. A recent visit to Holland I had the opportunity to visit a health spa that was in an architects portfolio in central Holland. Located on the perimeter of an industrial estate and recently completed, I presume.

I arrived a little early to find a short que with a number of couples and younger girls all carrying bags of some description no doubt full of towels and robes and toiletries. Within 10 minutes I had been given a wristband for the computerized lockers and towels and robe and then to choose a locker room where a couple had just left donning their robe atire for the day. I quickly changed and proceeded to the main indoor area where a few people had headed for the pool and were spreading out into the varied range of facilities that were available.

As the weather was good I elected for the outdoor areas and after surveying the well laid out contemporary gardens with a variety of pools, plunges and sauna buildings of stone and timber and green roofs (= roof where the covering is vegetation). I chose a group of stone buildings with three separate doorways to individual rooms and hung up my robe and carried my towel in to the granite clad space with located in the centre what could be described as a lever arm with metal bucket and water receptacle and automated Russian Banja I later was informed. On looking through the glazed door next I caught a glimpse of the two young ladies who were in the que ahead of me both naked I presumed.

After 10 minutes of watching the automations I was detemined to try all of the facilities and proceeded to the next cabin a sauna with a centrally located stove and suspended contraption with bucket and metal grille and the two girls. In their twenties as it appeared and no embarassement or inhibition of being exposed in front of a man. They continued talking for a while in Dutch of course and I broke the ice and asked in English what the purpose of the central device over the stove.

“It pours water to the stones out” was the reply.

A conversation commenced and exchanging remarks and questions without any thought of how we were. They were both very attractive well proportioned young women who looked after their bodies and for me this was quite an experience of the concept of openess in a conversation seemed very natural.

I said that we did not have very many places like this in England, and the reply was "It is not in your personality to be naked."

I do not undertstand why was my reply to which the reply was also in agreement. No not any of the English speaking countries was this true UK, America, Australia or South Africa it the same. We were able to speak objectively and with intelligence about the subject for a few minutes and my judgement was that they were completely correct.

On leaving they both rose from their seats with no quick covering of their bodies and I could see that they were very natural and were not concerned at being viewed naked. One was shorter that the other, thin but with well developed firm breasts, naturally blonde and no body hair; the other had an all over tan with longer legs and just a indication of a brazillian. They made their “personality” quite clear that they were comfortable with their bodies and they were comfortable to be see but not in a provocative way. I spoke to them again during the afternoon in other locations as this was their first visit to this wellness centre as they probably wanted to visit every area also.

As and architect the whole visit was a new experience to be in a well designed contemporary health spa with women and men in their natural state totally relaxed and uninhibited. There was a range of ages and people no doubt from various backgrounds and regardless of ecomomic or social position, all enjoying the multitude of spa facilities..

"It is not in your personality to be naked"...

For the record I am a 53 year old English architect wondering why I did not find this place 30 years ago..

Yours, BH

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