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So I'm back from my "working holiday". It's tricky for somebody with a hyper-active mind to really lean back, but I've given it the old college try, and it went well. To celebrate, here is a bonus gallery for those of you who are between memberships.

In other news, there is now more proof that nudity is healing in group relationships, see "Staff strip naked to improve morale", article. It's just like I've been saying for twelve years, if you improve openness and communication in one area, it will affect other areas too.

This is even reflected in this week's letter, which is one of those which really make it all worthwhile, thanks Matt.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


When my first (and current) girlfriend decided to say yes to the awfully nerve wracking question, "Would you like to go out sometime?", I knew I had to give up my porn habit. It had started when I was very young, but she knew about it and even understood it to a degree (thank God). She knew that I had been a loner for most of my life before I met her, and I had discussed the issues with her -- as we were quickly becoming best friends.

The topic of nudism had come up before in those discussions, and we both agreed that there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. Most porn, though, was not okay with her. I say most because there was one site where she felt comfortable, and she told me that there was something that set this site apart from the millions of others -- and the dozens from my list of bookmarks that I decided to show her. I showed her DOMAI, which had coincidentally been discovered late one night on my quest for porn, and she was stunned.

She wanted to help me kick the habit of porn for sexual stimulation, but she understood that there was more to it than that. In the process of acquiring my porn addiction, I had also gained an appreciation for the female body that I knew wasn't wrong. It was not a sexual appreciation, and I knew I should never try to give it up. It was distinctly separate from my porn addiction as time went by, and had even started to replace it near the end.

Instead of trying to only create stimulation, you have made something of value through which one can actually appreciate the female body. The photographs are of such high quality that the personality of the subject is apparent upon first glance, and instead of the eyes being drawn to the extremities, the eyes are drawn first to the face and then to the curves. These are real, unenhanced women that have not been chosen for the size of their breasts or butt. Rather, they have been chosen because they are simply beautiful. Thank you for creating such a site; one that my girlfriend and I can appreciate together.


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"I wish to file an official complaint. I tried to pick my favorite 100 models and ended up with well over 600. I compliment you on having some of the most beautiful women that I've ever seen. Don't change a thing. Respectfully Yours," - G Kramar <gdkramar [at]>
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