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I don't have the statistics to evaluate this matter on an nation-to-nation basis, but I have noticed that people have widely varying capacity for handling a compliment. For many (most?) people, "you are beautiful" is much too strong, and the resulting embarrassment will often look to you like coldness or rejection.

Try something milder like "I like your new haircut" or "that's a beautiful shirt on you". They'll know what you mean.

Generally, a little goes a long way. Just a direct look and a sincere smile may lift somebody's spirit.

It's like with people who have been dangerously exposed to cold. You don't dump them into hot water, that'll give shock. You start with cold water, it'll feel hot to them.

Eolake Stobblehouse

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Letters To DOMAI

How is it that so many women cannot see their own beauty? A few days ago I had a conversation with a beautiful woman who was complaining about her body after the birth of several kids. Isn't if funny that most women complain of difficulty shedding some of the extra pounds that they pick up during pregnancy?

My problem with her complaint is that she is such a beautiful woman. If you asked 10 guys off the street what they thought of this woman’s beauty today, 5 would say that she is simply lovely, 4 would say she is drop-dead gorgeous, and the last would just need a new pair of glasses. I felt it was as if Paul McCartney were complaining that he’s not famous enough. How totally untrue!

One reason I love Domai is that the women shown on the site are confident enough to let themselves be photographed in all their natural beauty for us fortunate viewers. These Domai women don’t come in some single cookie-cutter image of what beautiful ‘should’ look like. They are all uniquely beautiful, coming in all different sizes and shapes: Some are pert and bubbly, others more long and lanky. Some are just plain cute, and still others are attractive in a more elegant way. Many are simply girl-next-door pretty. But most of them seem to be quite comfortable in their skin. So they are willing to share their beauty with us.

But I think women with this sort of confidence are rather the minority in the world. So I have a question: How many of the women among our Domai viewers struggle to see yourselves as beautiful? And if so, why is that? That’s where I have trouble wrapping my brain around it: Does Queen Latifah complain because she doesn’t have the same figure as Madonna? No! Clearly they both have very different kinds of beauty, but each of them is quite beautiful just the same! So why the problem?

I think I have at least part of an answer: For those women who do see yourselves as beautiful, (even if you are not ‘perfect’ in the eyes of some beauty ‘authority’), I ask you: Is there someone in your life, especially an appreciative man, who makes you feel that you are beautiful? I am guessing that the women who feel confident of their own beauty do so especially because their beauty is deeply appreciated by someone in their lives, in particular (though not always) the man she loves.

I have some experience to support this: I have been a photographer for a number of years. And in that time, I have had the privilege of shooting a number of women in the nude. Most were like Domai women ~ real women, girls-next-door, rather than professional models. Each had their own ‘imperfections’ - (at least in the eyes of the glamour magazine editors). But they also had their own special gifts and glory.

Most of these women clearly began their photo session rather shy in front of the camera. However, by the end of the session, each of them expressed that they felt more beautiful. And they themselves noticed a visible different sort of self-confidence in the images taken towards the end of the session, as compared to the beginning. Their bodies hadn’t changed in the course of the few short hours of the photo-shoot. I believe at least in part their inner change was due to my sincere expression of awe and joy at being privileged to see their full beauty - generously revealed in front of me and the camera. Not someone else’s beauty, and not some imaginary ideal of beauty. But their real beauty.

Showing that sort of appreciation is something that anyone can do. So guys out there, I challenge you: Find out if the women in your life - and especially the woman you love - knows that she is beautiful. Make sure she knows that you see and appreciate her beauty! I am talking about generous and sincere praise of her real beauty. Practice. Start with the check-out girl in the grocery store, the attendant at the motor-vehicle department, or any woman who is in your life for even a short time. Notice their beauty and mention at least something to them about it. Then make sure that the love-of-your-life knows how beautiful you see her!

Finally, a word of thanks: to the Domai girls ~ you lovely women who boldly and so generously share your beauty with all of us. Your beauty inspires so many of us to visit Domai, and keep on coming back over and over again. I feel like I almost know some of you. Thank you for sharing. Thanks as well to the Domai photographers who see and capture the beauty of these women so well. And thanks to you, Eolake, for making it possible for all of us to enjoy this beauty.


Follow-up letter from TP:

I just got through reading this week's newsletter from MJ. My first reaction was, "clearly whoever wrote this must not live in the United States. If he did, he'd have been labeled a 'pervert' or maybe even 'creepy' and had the cops called on him." On the other hand, if he's talking about folks from other countries, I'd heartily agree with him.

I used to do what he advocates, including to "the girl in the checkout counter." Americans simply can't handle it. They react in a manner suggesting that the man who does this wants to rape them or otherwise act dishonorably. Yes, I'm referring to when the man genuinely compliments them on the beauty that he might see.

Foreigners are much better about this. They seem to "get it" much better.

Here's a case in point. Just last month, I saw a very dark-skinned West African "checkout girl" at a local home improvement store called "The Home Depot". She was cute as a button and looked to be in her early 20's. After she rang up my purchases, I told her, "wow, Miss, you're just...beautiful." Previously, she'd had a pretty serious "just get 'em through the queue" look on her face, but after I told her that, she looked down a bit, slowly let herself smile, and quietly said, "thank you, sir." As I walked out to my truck, I thought, "now why can't Americans appreciate a compliment?" Since then, I've seen that woman more than once, and I always get a smile that I haven't seen her give the other customers.

The same kind of thing happened with a Ukranian woman at a local bank. She wasn't expecting such a compliment, but she reacted similarly. She's now, I understand, happily married with a newborn.

By contrast, doing the exact same thing with an American might yield a disgusted look.

I am hoping that members of both genders might over time learn 1) not to be ashamed of admiring/complimenting/looking at the opposite sex, and 2) not to take such admiration as an attack, but rather as a compliment.

-- TP

Benjamin said, in part:
"I've found that giving a compliment in the middle of a broader conversation, matter-of-fact, withough breaking stride, helps. Removing the implied expectation that she immediately respond takes away the awkward moment."

I find that very interesting. It is true that a big part of the problem for the receiver is how to respond to a compliment. "Thanks" will usually do it, but most people don't think about that, they feel pressured to join with a comment on the subject, and they can't, because the subject is themselves!

So, maybe: "I'm buying flowers for my sister. She's a beautiful woman like yourself, what do you think would be a fitting flower for a birthday present?"


(Note: if you want to add your two cents, I've made a post about it on my blog, and you can comment under it. Just for one thing I've addressed the nationality issue there.)

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