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This is first of all a letter of thanks for your work.
I want to start with a tale: every summer I spend a part of my holidays in a little village in the south of Italy, and the rest travelling through different places and visiting the larger part of the south of Italy I can (you have guessed: I love the south of Italy!). Well, in that village where I always spend a part of my holidays (I go there because my girlfriend's family live there), there is not much tourism, and the beaches are frequented just by people from two or three very little villages around, in which all people look like the same...I mean, all girls are the same, in a way.

This is the point: when I go to other seasides and I find beaches crowded with people from north or south of Italy, from France, Germany, north of Europe and so on, while I lay on the beach, I FEEL THE DIFFERENCE. I feel myself happy, strong and alive in looking at that wonderful variety of girls.

When I understood this point I started to think about many thing, and I thought also about In fact, one side I've always loved of is the extreme physical variety of the models: one is tall, another is little, some are blonde, others mediterranean, some are asians... and again: one is a bit fatty, another is slim... you know I could go on.

I think that female beauty is a sort of immutable law, which rises in thousands forms: in the sweet lines of a woman's hips and in the shoulders of a fresh teenager, in the fruity breast of a pretty young girl, or in one mature and conscious woman's sight.

Unfortunately in magazines, on television, on the web and even in many movies, there is "only one girl", played by hundreds of actresses. I mean, if mass media suggest just an "ideal woman", considering the incredible power that mass media have, the result is that you are constricted to look at her. I have to admit she's pretty: she has ultra-red lips, ultra full-breast, ultra-long legs, ultra-flat tummy. But she's always the same.

For people like us, who can't stop furiously admiring female beauty, this is a dirty play; because our sight is in a sort of slavery to this pressing ordinary stimulus.

So, I wish your site to grow and I hope that a new culture of beauty could come across the world. Admiring female beauty is an activity worth of a higher consideration.



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"I've been a member of DOMAI for a few years now and I never cease to be impressed with the fine quality of this site. It is a truly outstanding site, highlighting the natural beauty of the female form in a way that is fantastically tasteful, respectful, and empowering towards women." - Truly yours, Francois B < beaudetf[-at-]>
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