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Letters To DOMAI


Reading the letters sent in to your site has inspired me to tell you about my own initiation into the beauty of the female body.

I had just turned eighteen and was still in my last year of high school. I had discovered the joys of photography the previous year, and in the past thirteen months or so had become a compulsive "shutterbug." I photographed everything from landscapes to still-lifes to candid shots of my friends. I knew a number of very attractive girls, and in the back of my mind I guess I fantasized about photographing them nude, but I didn't have the nerve to try to go beyond fantasizing.

Our next-door-neighbors were a retired couple who supplemented their pensions by taking in a student from the local university as a boarder every semester. During the last semester of my senior year they took in the boarder that changed my outlook forever.

Libby was 22 years old, four years older than I was, and an art student at the aforementioned university. She was accomplished in the mediums of pastel drawing and acrylic painting, as well as the photography that I loved (and still love).

She was tall, about 5'10", and willowy, with strawberry blond hair, a flawless lightly tanned complexion and eyes the color of the rarest and most precious emeralds. During the warm spring days she often went about in a pair of shorts and the kind of very brief bikini top that my friends and I used to call a "JBL top" (JBL for Just Barely Legal). I thought that she was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on.

My bedroom was in a back corner of the house, and from my upstairs bedroom window I could see into our neighbors' yard. The weekend before spring break I looked out the window to observe Libby as I had a few times before and got the thrill of my life. She was alternatively sunning herself, and walking a round the yard observing the butterflies and the hummingbirds, wearing only her shorts, without any top. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Her breasts were of average size but beautifully formed, with wide, delicate pink aureoles and large, upturned, rose-colored nipples. She seemed completely unselfconscious.

During the spring break our neighborhood gave a block party and Libby and I got a chance to talk. When she found out that I was into photography she mentioned that she did modeling to help with the tuition, and would I like to take some pictures for her portfolio. It would be good experience for me, and being a photographer herself she could give me some valuable tips. I couldn't believe my luck. I told her that I would definitely be interested and she said she would be in touch.

Before Memorial Day weekend she gave me a call and said that the coming three-day weekend would be a good day for a photo shoot. We would do it on some wooded property just outside of town that was owned by some friends of her. She told me to bring three rolls of film.

When we met at the property she was dressed in shorts, sandals and a tube top. She said that we would take the first half roll of her in the tube top and shorts, and then she would change into something else.

I took sixteen exposures and then she said that it was time to change costumes. With those word she produced a crocheted bikini top from her tote bag and began to remove her tube top. I started to turn away to give her privacy, but she said with mock severity, "Morris, if you look away you're fired!" I looked and her in astonishment. Her voice sounded severe, but her eyes were laughing. "You've seen me through your bedroom window. Why do hesitate to look at close range."

We did sixteen more exposures with the crocheted bikini top. One rolls of film was now used up. I asked her what she was going to wear for the other two rolls.

"This is all I brought to wear", she replied. She smiled a mischievous smile. "I thought that you might have some ideas about what to do with the other two rolls of film."

I mustered all of my courage. "Libby", I asked, "could I take some pictures of you without a top?"

"I wanted you to be the one to ask. But yes, I would just love to have you take some pictures of me without a top." With that she pulled her top off and stood before me in just shorts and sandals. "Before we start let's have lunch", she said, stuffing her top into her tote bag and pulling out some sandwiches.

We spread a blanket on the grass under the trees, and sat there facing each other, eating lunch. I found it impossible to keep my eyes off of her beautiful breasts that were now closer than ever before. She did not seem to mind, and indeed seemed to appreciate the admiration.

After lunch we took a full roll of thirty-two exposures of her topless. We went about it at a leisurely pace, often stopping to talk between shots. She told me that her work in the arts had taught her to appreciate the beauty of the body, including her own body, and that respectful appreciation should taken as a compliment, not an insult.

After we used up the second roll of film we went back to my car to get the third.

"I think you know how we are going to use the last roll", she said. She slipped off her shorts and we spent the rest of the afternoon photographing her wandering naked through the woods like some mythological dryad.

We did other photo shoots later, and she also introduced be to a number of other beautiful women whom a photographed, including one to whom I am now married. Libby and I remain friends, and I will always be grateful to her for inhibitions that she got be over, and the marvelous things that she made me aware of.

-Morris "Mole"

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"I have been out of commision for a number of days. I had a not-so-minor surgery and spent 6 days in the hospital, followed by 3 days recuperating at my sister's house. I received very gentle, loving care at both places. Neither of them had any internet access. When I returned home this evening to my own environment and sat down to catch up on e-mail and such, I was surprised, even shocked (thought I should not have been) that the boost of energy I received from catching up on all the daily entries from DOMAI was probably as good as therapy and TLC can get. It is good to be alive and able to enjoy simple pleasures. Than you so very much for my daily dose." - Nick G