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The story of the famous "Naked Munros" site

I have been blessed with the most wonderful girlfriend. Not only is she smart, caring and beautiful, but she shares my love of nudity, the outdoors, photography and adventure. Right from the start of our relationship we've explored the wilderness and mountains of our homeland at every opportunity. And when the weather is right, we usually do it naked. We climb, hike and explore, skinny dipping as we go. Cameras have always gone with us as the natural landscape and the naked human form combine beautifully to create wonderful images that remind us of our adventures.

We wanted to share the photos and stories of our exploits with like minded people, so we set up a website that we called Naked Munros. Munros are the mountains of Scotland over 3000ft (there are 284 of them) and climbing them was, more often than not, what we did when we went to the mountains, so it seemed the right name.

After the site was up for a few weeks we started to get regular emails and guestbook signings. People loved what we were doing and wanted to share their own stories and experiences with us. We had emails from around the world from people who appreciated our stories and pictures.

Naturally, this just encouraged us more. We invested in lightweight camping kit so we could go for longer trips to wilder areas. Thanks to the digital revolution in photography, professional level film cameras have never been so cheap on eBay, so we bought a Hasselblad medium format film camera, probably the best camera ever built and a selection of lenses for it as well. The new equipment greatly improved the quality of our photos, and with the camping gear we were able to take some beautiful nude photos atop a mountain at sunset.

The whole experience just got better and better. Being nude in a mountain environment on a hot summer day is unbeatable. Your body burns from the exercise and the mountain winds cool your burning muscles. It makes you feel alive like nothing else can, this wonderful combination of burning and freezing, heightening your senses and making you feel more in touch with your environment than ever before. I was certainly never truly cold -- even descending mountains in the dark in high winds only made me feel more alive, although once we got back to civilisation we'd often start shivering!

It did wonders for my relationship with my girlfriend as well. Every time we went climbing together, I fell in love with her all over again. I'd get to admire her beautiful body for hours on end, both while we were climbing and through the lens of the camera. We couldn't help expressing our feelings either, we'd bounce along the hillside screaming "I love you!" and "I love you too!" at the top of our voices, full of happiness and energy.

And if it had been a good trip, we'd relive the experience again back home by going through the photos, writing a report and publishing it online. It seemed a perfect way to express our love of nature, photography, nudity and each other. What was even better was that people really understood us. We never had any "inappropriate" emails or lewd comments in our guestbook, just a constant stream of visitors we seemed to connect with. Everything we were doing seemed perfect.

Sadly the press had to ruin everything for us. One of the sleazier newspapers heard about us and decided we were worth a story. Rather than contact us, they decided to just steal the photos from our website and publish them, along with a ridiculously sensationalistic article, describing us as "racy ramblers" amongst other things. They'd even censored full frontal pictures of us that they published, totally ruining the point of the site, and emphasising society's hang-ups and repressions about nudity, something we would never allowed, had we been given the choice. It was picked up on by news agencies around the world and the story sprang up almost over night on websites around the world. Before we knew it the traffic to our site increased by a factor of 20 and our site went down for a couple of weeks as our monthly bandwidth was consumed.

As the press now had an interest in us we were getting media enquiries from around the world. We generally ignored them and never accepted any of their offers -- they all seemed more interested in either sex or in making us out to be strange or weird. They certainly never offered us anything in return for our time, they just seemed to think we wanted to be celebrities. They seemed surprised when we didn't jump at the chance of the 15 minutes of fame.

With the site down for two weeks we were hoping it would all blow over, but when the site re-opened at the start of the month it began all over again. We had offers of TV appearances and radio & magazine interviews. The bandwidth went through the roof again. But when a major newspaper emailed us and said they wanted to know more about us I decided I had had enough. The site wasn't about us, it was about the experience of being naked in wild places, something the press didn't seem to care about. I didn't like the intrusion into our privacy that was being suggested here, so we had to make a painful decision. With a heavy heart we shut the site down, leaving behind a message saying it was shut down because of the media attention. With winter approaching it was a depressing moment, there would be no more reports being posted or emails exchanged with visitors to keep the memories of the summer's naked adventures alive.

Its been almost two years since the site was shut down. Due to the media, its unlikely to come back in its old form, but as we're more active with our naturism & exploring and more creative with our photography than ever, I think we can expect the site to undergo something of a re-birth in the future.

nakedmunros [at]

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