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Letters To DOMAI


   My 'Domai Moment' finally arrived this past summer.  Trina is a young lady that I have worked with closely for a couple of years.  At one time she was being courted by a couple of WNBA teams but a knee injury she suffered at another job spoiled that dream.  I liken her to a tomboy who grew up to be a lovely young lady that nonetheless can still beat you at most sports.  This past summer another young lady, Kelly, was hired.  Just turned 21, energetic, open and friendly she soon became Trina's fast friend and, by extension, mine as well.  Kelly would only be working with us for a few months as she has a part-time job with the federal government that would require her to go overseas in the fall for a year.  Trina and I were determined to do all we could to make Kelly's summer memorable.   

   I have a part-time job maintaining a public swimming pool during the summer months.  I clean it at night and after I am finished I turn out the lights and, of course, skinny-dip.  The pool is never used at night and is in a very quiet and dark neighborhood.  The water is warm and the moon and the stars blaze away as I swim.  It is the most relaxing thing ever.  Just weeks after Kelly started working with us I mentioned having to go to my second job later and Trina scoffed at me saying, "Tough work being paid to skinny-dip."   
   If I live to be a thousand years old I will remember and cherish Kelly's next utterance, "Skinny-dipping?!  I want to go skinny-dipping too!"  Somehow I managed to not let my jaw fall to the ground while I did my best to nonchalantly admit that if they wanted to tag along it would be OK with me, I supposed.  They said it sounded like a capital idea  

   I thought the sun would never go down that day but it finally did.  Trina and Kelly were to meet me at the pool at ten o'clock.  I was so thrilled when they actually arrived.  The pool facility was built in the late 1930s.  The pool is large.  It is an Olympic-and-a-half-size pool in an 'L' shape and is 12 feet deep at one end.  It of course has separate enclosed men's and ladies dressing areas but both dressing areas are roofless with long benches obviously suitable for sunbathing.  Since there is more than adequate area poolside for sunbathing I presume that these benches were for sunning in the nude. (This has no real bearing on my story but does show that attitudes about nudity back then may have been more liberal than you might expect; today's public swimming venues make no accommodations for nudity beyond what it takes to change in to and out of swimwear.)  

   We spent a few minutes engaged in small talk then Trina said, "Well?..."  In unison we all exclaimed, "Let's go swimming!"  With that we all quickly left our clothing in three heaps on the floor and strolled out to the pool and got in.  It was July and we had endured several days with temperatures near or above 110 degrees.  This made for lusciously warm water for night swimming. The moon was nearly full which gave a luster to objects in the moonlight and accented the shadows making them inky black.  The only other lighting came through from a soda vending machine at one end of the pool.  The effect heightened the dreamlike state that just being there with these lovely young ladies had already put me in.  We conversed in low voices and let the moonlight close in upon us.  Because I didn't want to appear that my only interest was seeing them in the nude I swam off a short distance but well within earshot and close enough to converse.  Gradually the conversation drew us together and soon, being a good host, I emerged from the water to fetch some refreshments I had brought along.  As I returned I overheard one of my guests saying something to the effect that I wasn't too bashful to leave the cover of the water.  "There is just no shame to my game ladies." I replied, hoping to affect a nonchalant tone.

   "Well, we were wondering where the ladies room is?"  Their eyes followed my extended arm and then regarded each other.  They giggled and said, "No fair checking us out as hard as we were checking you out."

   "Impossible!  I only have two eyes and I could distinctly feel four eyes perusing my form so…" my words trailed off as they ascended the ladder from the pool together.  They consciously struck some stereotypical 'glamorous' poses for comic effect when they were atop the pool deck and I am sure they had no idea just how lovely and appealing they truly looked.  

   Trina is tall and fit.  I could see the results of the punishing workouts she had continued since her basketball days.  Her breasts though not large were ample enough to make their complete defiance of gravity while unsupported remarkable.  Her long, dark hair was the biggest surprise though.  She had always worn it up at work and she had it down and loose making her appearance almost that of a familiar stranger.  It took me a moment to realize she was completely hairless elsewhere.

   In contrast, Kelly is a marvel of delicious curvature, with a look of soft luxury that I knew from seeing her at work is backed by grace and strength.  She had a short, blonde hairdo mirrored by her elsewhere, which sported a trim landing strip of medium width.  As always she had an ever-present mischievous spark in her eyes.  I realized I could stop trying to make this evening special.  It was spectacularly special already.    

   Their pantomime lasted mere seconds but my eyes were well adjusted to the moonlit scene and in those moments they epitomized the quality that I most treasure in my favorite Domai images.  That treasure is the element of portraiture.  They were unashamedly and beautifully themselves.  Their personalities, their very being, shone from them.  Yes, they were nude and in being nude and being so genuine, it seemed they revealed even more of themselves.  The memory I have of them that moment and that I hope never fades for me is as fitting a portrait of these young ladies as could be wished for.  
   They presently returned to the pool and for another couple of hours we continued to drift along, either treading water or perched on our toes in shallower water, occasionally sitting on the side and sharing a cigarette, laughing and talking quietly under the magic illumination that moon and stars provided.  

   At 49 years I am old enough to be either of these girls father.  I tried to explain how privileged I felt to be there with them but took no offense when they laughed and gently teased me by facetiously expressing how privileged they felt to be there with me, then made me feel more privileged yet by saying they could not imagine a better host or better company to be with.  We migrated to the deep part of the pool and dove together from the surface over and over, in the manner of porpoises, to the bottom to rise and float on our backs to again look at the skies.  When it came time to leave we were unanimously reluctant to do so.  

   We consoled ourselves by repeating our adventure twice more before Kelly had to leave in the fall.  Those were both wonderful evenings, but this first time is the one that moved me most.  Kelly wrote us from overseas that it had been the best summer of her life.  That gave Trina and I real satisfaction.  Kelly will be back in time to go again next summer; Trina says she and I should go this summer.  Apparently she told this story to some of her girlfriends and one or two are intrigued enough to want to go as well.

   I will try to bear up under the strain.


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