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Jed McKenna has pointed out that "sanity is a numbers game". In other words, if enough people have an idea or behavior, it's not considered insane.

I think a very good example of it are human views on nudity. I've never yet heard a single argument for how it is rational to consider nudity something which damages anybody, but nevertheless all over the globe the conviction is so common that pretty much everywhere it's the law that you may not be nude in public, on pain of arrest.

If less than a percentage of humans had this conviction instead of a majority, you can bet that this "fear of nude people" would be considered an interesting neurotic condition and have its own latin term.

... Looking it up, it actually does, it's called "gymnophobia". But almost everybody will deny they have it, just like we all deny addictions if the addictions are common enough to be considered normal (alcohol, work, sports, TV).

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I thought I would write you and finally disclose my DOMAI moment to all. I was visiting Montreal about 25 years ago, and staying at a hotel that was built to house the Olympic guests. There was a large gym with workout equipment and lockers. As I was there on work assignment, the thought of working out was not high priority. However, the second morning that I was there, I woke up early and went down to check it out. To my surprise there were a number of women working out and music was playing.

While starting to work out, I noticed a tall well-proportioned red haired woman, in shorts and a t-shirt, about 30 years old, jogging on a treadmill. The other ladies left soon after I got there, and I was alone with this tall lovely woman. We nodded to each other, said hello and chatted . While exercising, I watched this woman mostly and  the television occasionally, and trying to justify the work out, rather than stopping for breakfast.

As I continued to work out, another woman came in and asked me how to turn on a tread mill. While helping her, my red-headed friend disappeared. I then continued my work out, working up a good sweat. I decided to go to the locker room for a quick shower, and then go to meet up with some colleagues for breakfast. I walked into the mens locker room and there was no one visible, but a shower was running. I picked up a towel, and walked over to a locker. I was then greeted by my smiling red-headed friend with a distinct french canadian accent, completely nude, and wet. "Hello!- oh dont worry, there is plenty of hot water left, there is none in the ladies locker though".

She walked out of the shower, drying her hair with a towel. She was only wearing flip flops. Her hair was curly and water was flying as she towel-dried herself near her locker. She was beautiful in a common, girl next door kind of way, her breasts were smallish, but very pert as she stood at her locker. I could not help notice that she was not a real redhead, as her triangular, darker bush was quite full and pronounced.

She looked at me again, smiled, and put on her panties, bra, black slacks, and nice black blouse. She then said that she was running late, ran over to the sinks, pushed the button on the hand dryer, and proceeded to dry her hair. About 30 seconds later, she quickly moved back to her locker, threw her workout clothes into a small back pack, slipped on some sandals, smiled again to me, and said, "Oh, these lockers are for the employees, but you can stay," and left.

I was amazed that this woman was so calm, and collected. She truly was beautiful. After showering, I dressed and went out to the hotel restaurant, where I was greeted by my "new" red-headed friend, now the restaurant greeter, who seated me with some waiting colleagues, smiling and looking at me the whole time. This was a real treat,  that I have kept quiet to my colleagues and everyone else until now.

Jeff, from Washington DC

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