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Letters To DOMAI


When I walked in, I was nervous. The University of 20,000 was diverse and my dormitory was now home to 2000 students, most being new this semester. Divided into sixteen "houses' of around 120 students, each 'house' operates as a social unit. This year marked the first coed 'house' in this formerly all-male dorm.  My luck was I was part of an all-male house located right next to the coed house. In fact, my dorm room was only one door from the coeds.

As the year progressed, the coed house interacted together much like brothers and sisters, so no dating relationships started within their house. But that didn't hold true between the coeds and the men of my house. Due to my dorm room location and my willingness to have an open door, I constantly had women stopping by to ask about a housemate.  This lead to a great experience.

As a rural teen, my exposure was limited to people of Eastern European descent. However, now I was around women of varied backgrounds.  I enjoyed observing them and pondering their feminine form. This interest set up for an opportunity.

The coed house hosted a pajama party during the Academy Awards. I was not so interested, so I stayed in my room. Soon, I had a roomful of young women wanting to chat about some guy in our house. Dressed in loose fitting and silky PJs, I focused on the newly 'freed' assets and not their conversations. I had women of Jamaica, Japan, Italy, Spain, Pakistan, Germany, and the US clothed in lovely lingerie laughing and cavorting in plain view.

I was a little 'red faced" when it was noticed by my guests that I was 'pondering' them. Their discussion immediately changed to what was the big deal about women's breasts.   I offered up that I found the differences fascinating. I pointed out that each woman's form was different, yet each had classic natural beauty.

The woman from Germany offered that breasts were actually quite silly. Taken out of a sexual context, breasts served a natural purpose and people of Germany are quite comfortable in the nude. So she removed her top, held her breasts in each hand and laughed as they swayed, to and fro.

Within minutes, the other young women had opened or removed clothing. Now, each pointed out differences in each other. I was amazed at how different each looked. I offered that the feminine shape was artistically beautiful with its curves and balance of form. That's why it is captured in classic art and sculpture over the ages.

For the next thirty minutes, I received a series of poses which mimicked different feminine moods. They posed depicting allure, pout, frantic, hunger, lust, and anger. It was great case study of the feminine form.

I have never before had an opportunity to gaze on so many female bodies at the same time. So my thanks to DOMAI, as I enjoy your artistic photographs of the world's women.

Thanks again.


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