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Letters To DOMAI


I am a 65 year young man. In my years I have had a few moments which on reflection could easily be termed Domai moments. Unfortunately I was too young and shaded by "Christian Ethics" to see the beauty of the moment as it occurred.

There is a small patch of sand and water on the Pacific coast of California, USA which is completely hidden from the surrounding area of beach and rugged rock cliffs. This secluded area is cut off from the ocean by a ring of rocks. The cliffs above are too ragged for any observer to get close enough to the edge to see down into this hidden beach. Access is gained from a narrow winding path through the rocks from the area about 300 yards south of this lovely secluded spot. There are several wrong trails in the rocks which would have you going in circles if you don't take the right turns. My friend and lover from the past showed me the way and I have never forgotten. I come here from time to time to reflect on her memory. She passed some years ago leaving a hole in my life which is partially filled in this private place.

First I must say I discovered Domai online a couple years ago and have been an avid fan ever since.

A few months ago something wonderful happened. I was going to what I always thought of as our beach because after many, many visits I had never encountered any others there. Imagine my surprise as I came around the final rock barrier and discovered six nude females enjoying this hidden paradise.

I guess my shock was as complete as theirs and I started to apologize and back away to alleviate their shock and embarrassment. Then I remembered Domai. I took a few steps forward stopping some twenty feet from this beautiful sight. I introduced myself and said there was nothing to fear from me that I was just a sunshine addict as they seemed to be. I also reminded them if I got out of line I was severely outnumbered.

That broke the ice and we all laughed. I then removed my clothes and laid them on the rocks in the sun. Taking my beach blanket and spreading it near the girls I laid out on my back and closed my eyes. I had taken the liberty of taking an appreciative look at each of the girls and on the screen of my eyelids I relived the naked beauty I had been presented with.

We made small talk from time to time but mostly were left to our own worlds. Sina changed all of that and I might say for the better. Sina, her real name is Adesina a Nigerian name meaning this child opens the way, came over and sat down on the edge of my blanket. She asked if she could talk to me some. I told her I would be delighted to chat with someone so lovely.

She asked me how I knew of this special place and how long I had been coming here. I did my best to restrict the emotion involving how I found the beach and told her I have been coming since before she was born. Sina's Mother, Naomi, was close enough to hear the discussion and joined in. She asked the name of the one who brought me here. I told her and she got a funny smile on her lovely dark face. It seems this beautiful midnight black lady was brought here by her deceased husband. He was white and had been brought here by a girl from college and her mother. It seems the mother had the same name as my lost love. This of course caused a flurry of "could it be" and for my part I accept that it was.

The other mother and her twin girls also joined the talk. Sharon is blonde and attractive. At 44 she is vibrant and very much alive. Her daughters, Lisa is the oldest by about an hour and Beth, the baby, are two of Gods greatest creations. At 22 they have become lovely young ladies. The sixth lady in the group is Beth's 4 year old daughter. This one stole my heart. At that age Carly never even noticed nude vs. clothed. I guess what we call modesty must be learned because we sure are not born with it.

Sina is 17 and I know wise beyond her years. Born of a black mother and white father Sina has light brown skin and features treasured in the white community. We have talked at length over our three visits to the beach and I have come to believe she will fulfill her names destiny and help open the way for better race relations in our troubled country. At least I hope so. There is pride in the way this so very young lady moves. She will leave her mark on the minds of many.

My beach is not so lonely anymore because we call each other and let one another know we are going and sometimes I am not there alone with a love gone but with young life looking ahead. My life was altered measureably by getting to know these lovely people. I hope to share this friendship we have developed for many more years.

So I say thank God for Domai. I don't know if I could have had this experience without my association with Domai. The courage to speak instead of withdraw was born in me by the leters I have read in my Domai newsletter.

G. A.
Los Angeles, California

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