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Mary’s Return

It has been a little while since I wrote last. I wanted to catch you up on another chapter in the story of Mary. She graduated and went to Spain for a post grad internship program. She wanted to get some experience and have a little fun some place far away. Mary had the fortune to go with a friend, Sarah, whom she had known since high school.

Upon her return, Mary called me wanting to come for a weekend visit. She asked to use my house as home base to make the rounds of all the friends she and Sarah wanted to visit. I was, of course, glad to have Mary come to stay. Sarah was an unknown quantity. Sarah and I had never met, so I figured I needed to be on best behavior and hold no expectations. I waited the next several days in anticipation.

Mary showed up at my door at 11:00 pm, half wet from the rain, and Sarah in tow, both beaming the widest smiles I can remember. Mary rushed through the door and gave me a big hug making me half wet as well. Sarah shook off the rain and shook my hand in greeting.

We all flopped onto the sofa and chair in the living room, and Mary started the tale of adventures in Spain. Sarah said very little as Mary rattled on with enthusiasm about the internship and sightseeing, food and festivals, partying and staying up till dawn. The girls must have been big trouble, two Blondes on a mission in Europe. They had fun. When the conversation turned to the beach, Mary beamed a broad smile while Sarah gained a slight blush.

According to Mary, the girls found the beach, stayed on the beach, and stayed naked on the beach as much as possible. After the experience I had with Mary a few years before, she seemed to have taken to nudism with great pleasure in Spain. Sarah looked on with a guilty smile and still said very little. After talking until much too late, I showed the girls to their room and I found mine for some welcome sleep.

Morning came early and loud. I left the bedroom in my robe, wandered toward the kitchen wondering what I might find, and stopped in my tracks at the sight. Mary and Sarah had taken it upon themselves to find breakfast. They were in the kitchen searching through pots and pans and doing so in aprons and slippers.

The shock of two cute bottoms trying to make pancakes and coffee was a wonderful wake up call. The girls heard me, turned to see my expression and smiled at me. "Just wanted to get an early start," Mary explained. "Tell us where to find a few things, and you can sit and relax," followed Sarah. So I watched as the girls prepared breakfast while bouncing around my kitchen making a mess.

Twenty minutes later Mary presented me with a stack of pancakes, whipped off her apron and sat across from me. She was still petite, firm, athletic, and no tan lines... just a prefect tan and bright smile. Sarah poured up coffee and passed it around, untied her apron and sat with us. Sarah had the same flawless tan as Mary, but her figure was fuller, with larger breasts and curvy hips. While the girls could be sisters, they each had lovely differences. We talked over breakfast, all of us just naked, and me staring a bit too much. Neither of them seemed to notice or mind.

As soon as we finished, the girls whisked away and out the door to see friends until late into the night. The next morning was repeated with the girls treating me to another show of cooking splendor. I still don't remember much about the food, but breakfast was wonderful. And again they disappeared into the day to leave me with a smile as I cleaned the kitchen.

Mary has since moved to the other coast for a new job. She says she has found a great beach near town. Sarah, however, has become a new fixture in my life. We had a whirlwind courtship. We just got married, and I still love to watch her cook in the kitchen. She has a wonderful way of wearing her apron.

Thank you for all you do, Eolake. I have enjoyed my membership for several years with appreciation as DOMAI grows. Sarah enjoys the site as well, so she suggested that we upgrade to the yearlong membership. I appreciate what you do for Dirty Old Men like me. Being married to a PYG is a wonderful new adventure.

All the best,


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