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I have been working abroad for some years and I normally have my wife by my side wherever my work might take me. My wife who is originating from an southeast Asian country where it is a little bit restrictions of how much is decent to show of your skin in public – not too short skirts and rather close one button too much up in the blouse – has grown a “normal” western feminine attitude towards showing and expressing her sexy feminine body while we are outside of her home country after living with me over-seas for several years.

To the story also goes that I have been a devoted amateur photographer already for many years and normally never leaving home without my camera bag – or at an absolute minimum bringing a compact camera with me. And after countless amounts of rolls of film spent over the past decades it was also little bit surprising that I hardly had got any good fine art nude photo session with my lovely wife. We had of cause all the “normal” single gaggling snap shots of each others in the shower or in various stages of getting dressed – photos that I think most couple owing a digital camera has today. But unless you have taken a very large amount of those types of photos or been very lucky then I guess most people’s final result is quite mediocre.

We where recently on location in the city of Port Harcourt in Nigeria where I was working temporary. My wife where here confined to spend her days inside the secured hotel compound as this part of the world currently is very dangerous for visitors in regards of kidnappings and robberies.

After only a few days my wife asked me if I wanted her to organize an oil painting on canvas of her – “maybe a nice portrait we later could bring back home to decorate our house with further?” We had a few years earlier made a very nice charcoal sketch of her when visiting a small coastal town in Latin America but sadly lost the drawing when we returned home. Now she told me she had grown contact with a local girl who worked in the hotel backyard making oil paintings of various types – mainly still leben [German for still life] and portraits - and that my wife had been visiting this girl’s atelier already several days and that she thought the girl made good looking works.

My first spontaneous, half joking reply to her was that “I would gladly pay the requested price for the painting if I could get a nice nude painting of my wife”.
What I didn’t expect was her very natural and at the same time spontaneously feminine quick answer that “OK – no problem, but how?” As I had kick-started the subject then I now had to complete it. So I first suggested to her that it was not unusual that painters had their subject live in front of them for best result. My wife objected that the girl had her atelier in the hotel backyard’s public area by the swimming pool convinced me that having my wife modeling nude there wouldn’t be a very good option.

That evening we went downstairs to consult the painting girl how we could approach a nude portrait of my wife. The girl thought for a second and then asked if we had any camera with us? If we could give her a couple of photos to work after then she thought she wouldn’t have any bigger problems to complete the task. Me and my wife looked at each others and smiled and then we quickly went back up to our room where my wife – at first – little bit shy - stripped of nearly all her cloths. She kept her panties on with the explanation that “maybe it was too much to give the painting girl her complete naked body”.

She started of little bit tensed in front of my camera. Now it was so obvious that the pure subject for the photos where her own naked body and nothing else – and that the photos we now took should be shown to someone else to be displayed on a 1:1 scale canvas in oil later.

After going through the first stiff shots in our computer and we both realized how gorgeous already some of the first photos where then she became very excited and started to relax and her normal photogenic character started to shine through more. The results grow better and better and as we worked through the photo session her shyness was rapidly replaced with something I would call a near modeling professionalism. After we went through yet another set of newly made photos in the computer she commented that “not like that – my bum looks far better natural” and then she dropped her underwear as well. She really had a natural way of promoting her feminine curves during the rest of the session – lifting up her hips, out with her chest, in with her tummy, crossing the legs. I was even amazed myself how good looking she really was.

Our next problem was to get the best shots printed. To go to a normal photo shop in this part of the world would most likely render us finding my wife’s nude pictures available on the internet the next day so that wasn’t an option. But after a while I managed to find another hotel customer who could borrow me his portable printer. Without proper photo paper and a printer that was well past service time then the final result was of course not that great. We where actually quite disappointed over how bad the final result was. In the photo edit program in the computer it all looked great, clear shots in clear colors with an absolutely lovely model – spoiled by the last link. How I wished that I have had my own printer back home available at that moment..

Next morning I went out for work as usual and my wife called me up after a few hours. She had been down to the painting girl with the printouts and her verdict was just what we expected. She could start draw the outlines and silhouette of my wife’s body on the canvas but for the fine details she said it was problems to give my wife full credit as the material she had to work after unfortunately wasn’t that good. She anyhow started her work waiting for us to find a better solution for the detailed paint job.

That evening when we went downstairs to the paint girl’s atelier again we found that she had already framed and outlined my wife’s silhouette on – not one but – TWO paintings. She explained that she couldn’t make up her mind what one looked best so she offered us both for the same price. We where of cause happy for that but had sad news to tell her as we had not been able to locate any better available printing solution. She replied that “let us sleep on the problem and see how we can solve this tomorrow”.

Next day at work was busy for me – so occupied that I didn’t notice until after lunch that my wife who normally always sent me several SMS in the morning had been utterly quiet this day. I sent her a text asking what happened and got reply after a while only telling me to “don’t be surprised tonite when you coming home”. I had my hands full so I didn’t really think about that until I was back at the hotel lobby that evening. On the door knob to our room was the “Do Not Disturb”-sign still hanging – not usual as my wife always hunting hotel staff to clean the room and then go downstairs to meet up with friends. I couldn’t open the door with my key as it was locked from inside. When I knocked the door my wife only opened after a while and confirming it was me. She was wrapped in a towel and she went quickly back to the bedroom and nearly closed the door only leaving it open a few centimeters. From the bedroom she shouted “honey – make sure the door is locked”. I got thoughts she was into making love or something but as I – as usual – stripped bare naked in front of the room door to go and get a shower first then I didn’t thought more about it for the moment.

When I went into our bedroom to go for the well needed shower then I got a bit of a shock. On the bed was my wife posing bare naked in same pose as one of the best photo shots we made a few days earlier. She was laying flat on her tummy with her feet lifted and crossed legs behind her and with her hands hidden in her groin area - to help lift up her cute bum. It was just lovely to see her brown Asian skin glimmer in the late afternoon sun - but that wasn’t all. Little bit further in the room by the window was the painting girl – also dressed in absolutely nothing!!

My wife and the paint girl explained with a little bit nervous girlie-giggling that they had talked the same morning how to proceed. When the painting girl had offered her to paint my wife in the privacy of our hotel room then my wife had told her she got nervous to pose naked like that. The painting girl had then overcome my wife’s shyness by offering she could do the job naked as well if it made my wife feel better. That was the deal between the girls.

So there we where – my attractive Asian wife naked on the bed, a small sized cute African woman with Ebony-dark skin standing nude by the window letting the African afternoon sun play Hide’n’Seek with her female shapes only partly hidden behind her easel and me in the bedroom door also stripped down to my bare white European skin – partly sun tanned.

I was stunned over the painting girl, it was actually first time I even seen a bare naked African woman like this. I am not sure but I assume only a man really understand how quickly a man can take in and evaluate all aspects of a woman and her female shapes – in case I am wrong then I beg excuse. She had relatively firm breast with large dark areolas, a little bit wrinkly tummy after child birth but a very well re-shaped waist and a pair of slim dark legs joined together at her hips with a so small curly hair triangle that it hardly could hide anything of her detailed female anatomy – especially since the low sun behind her made her inner tights shimmer like black gold.

It was all so relaxed and natural without any sexual aspects. I would probably lie if I deny that there initially was a very erotic feeling in the room when I first came in. But this erotic feeling was quickly broken when my wife abruptly called me back to reality with a “HEY – your wife is HERE”. This made us all relax and we all started to laugh before I continued in to the bathroom for my shower.

This then became the routine the following evenings until the two paintings where completed – all three of us running around without any cloths in our hotel room – one black, one brown and one white.

Now me and my wife have returned back home to Asia. In the luggage we have a lot of nice memories, two great oil paintings waiting for suitable frames – and a lot of photos that actually became good once printed with proper equipment. And we are constantly looking for next nude photo session opportunity – outdoor on a secluded beach somewhere.

If “our” paint girl from Africa happens to read this letter – thank you very much for the great memories.

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