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Letters To DOMAI


I read your newsletter each week with much interest and occasionally some amusement. Every time I read about the author's 'Domai moment' I find myself fondly remembering my own, and after some years I have decided to put finger-to-keyboard to tell you about it.

A few years ago, I was travelling in New Zealand on a bus tour across both islands. I travelled alone, thinking this would be the best way to meet other people and especially girls. About four days into the tour three girls joined our bus, all of whom were either nineteen or twenty. Molly was physically the most imposing, athletic, blonde and very direct. Caroline was quieter and shorter with the kind of petite but well formed figure that made her my favourite. The third girl was Jane who was wiry-haired and slender, not much of a figure to talk about but with a warm smile and expressive eyes, very talkative and incredibly funny.

We arrived at a small town where we were to stay for two nights, and on the following day complete a walk through the National Park. However, there was one hostel and when we arrived it was full. The owner had a caravan around the back, which would sleep 4 people at a squeeze. Jane volunteered all 4 of us, which took me by surprise, and I spent that night sleeping head to toe at one end of a tiny caravan with six girl-feet by my head. Needless to say a warm bond developed between us and we decided to walk together the next day. Jane suggested we took another, less popular route so as to enjoy the wilderness without so many people and walk to a large lake in the middle of an area known as 'craters of the moon'.

It was swelteringly hot that day. By lunch-time we arrived at the lake, it was a long scramble down a steep stony slope to the lakeside and before us was clear, transparent water reflecting the mountains above, amazingly beautiful and totally inviting. We sat on rocks by the lake admiring a view. 'Who's going in?' I asked the girls and Caroline, the shyest, replied 'we can't we didn't bring our bikinis'. Ah, game over, I thought…however Molly then lifted her T shirt over her head and slipped out of her shorts. Standing in her underwear she said words I will never forget 'we don't need them, it's not like anyone can see us and we know him well enough…!' She then peeled her underwear off and stood before us, high, pert breasts, wide hips, long legs. She danced into the shallows and dived in.

Caroline and Jane were also removing their clothes, Caroline was naked first, I felt myself staring at her. Petite, round breasts, dark nipples and slender tummy above an untrimmed dark triangle. She dipped her toe in the water and dived in, the cold water's contact making her beautiful skin goose-pimpled. Jane was last, ever so slim and lithe, small breasts and a dancer's physique. I followed them in, they seemed to take no notice of me, nor look at me for any longer than normal. It was as if this was the most natural thing to do, and of course it was.

We swam and splashed around for a while. Each time the girls got out of the water to jump off rocks or to dive in I was drawn to their beauty. In clothes, none of them would stand out in a crowd, but naked and alone with me they were the most beautiful creatures in all of Creation. We dried in the sun on the pebble lake-shore, oblivious to our nakedness, chatting and laughing.  It took the rest of the day to return back to the caravan. We didn't sleep head to toe that night, but we remained friends. Two days later they were going north, and I south. We hugged and promised to keep in touch and, well, we never did.

I wonder if 'Domai moments' like that change one's life. Well, yes I suppose they do in some way. Before that, and never since, no woman has taken her clothes off for me that hasn't involved sex in some way. It reminds me, and why I am drawn back to this site, that women are not purely sexual creatures, they are beautiful creations to be admired, respected and treasured.


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