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I have only been reading your web page for a few months, but it seems most of the letters reflect the way gentlemen feel about nude girls. Or perhaps how they came the appreciate them. Girls, who have posed nude themselves have written a few and they are most interesting.

This letter is about how one girl came to view other girls' natural beauty and form.

In the summer between my before my junior year at college I got a job as a photographer's assistant, stagehand and gofer. I basically did anything he or his secretary did not want to do. I had taken a couple of photographer courses in high school, so the work was interesting and since I had no car the gofer part often involved the boss' Mercedes convertible.

"Mr. X" (his real name is still used by his studio) shot some commercial work but his real talent was portraits. It seemed the rich had gone from paintings of themselves to large beautifully framed photos. Anyway our suite had a large studio with four permeate sets for that work.
For the first three weeks I worked 9 to 5, Monday – Friday. Sometime in the middle of the fourth week Mr. X ask me to work the upcoming Saturday. Since I was saving for tuition, books and other expenses I quickly agreed. When I arrived the door was still locked. I found Mr. X in the studio talking with a VERY pretty girl in a bathrobe. Mr. X explained that he would be taking "art pictures" today. My job, however, was to take "other" pictures. There was a camera and five rolls of film on the workbench.

When I finished loading the Nikon camera. (Most expensive camera I that ever used) I turned around the girl was completely naked ! His pictures would be like the "Playboy" pictures of the time. I described them as: "you knew the girl was naked but you couldn't see anything" This was Art?

I was to take casual shots paying no attention to what showed. In fact, if her breasts or her sex showed so much the better. I was to treat Cindy (the model) as through she was fully clothed or at least wearing a bathing suit. For the first few shots, until I got the idea, Mr. X pointed to where he wanted me to shoot from. After that I was pretty much on my own. If she posed with an arm crossed her breasts I waited until she moved the arm. If she crossed her legs, I waited until she uncrossed them. If Mr. X shot her back I shot her fully exposed front. I also took pictures of her changing position and of her resting during a break.

Cindy dressed for lunch, (it still seems funny to put it that way). Mr. X treated us to lunch at an expensive restaurant in our building. Other than a few pointers, he made few comments about my work so far.

By 3:00 Mr. X had completed his work, while I still had half a roll of film. With his permission I turned on the radio and asked Cindy to dance. Even through she was tired she managed another 10 min and I finished the roll. She got dressed and I started to clean and straighten up. After Cindy let Mr. X told me to go home, that the studio and the film could wait until Monday. I begged off saying I would just put the film away and he left, with a wave and "don't forget the coffee pot".

I really did start to put the film away, but I was so curious as to how my pictures had turned out that I had to see them. After I developed them I had to make some prints. Some of them were pretty darn good, if I did say so myself. Cindy was even prettier in the pictures, if that's possible. Somehow studying the photos I saw more of her than l had looking at the real person all day.

When I left late that night I took a couple of the prints with me and I marked my time sheet with the time I was told to leave.

Monday I arrived early: my boss' car was in its spot, the door was open and the smell of fresh coffee was in the air. He had been there a while. I wondered how much trouble I was in for not going home. He was in his office, with a magnifying glass screwed in his eye like you see in old British movies, looking at my negatives. He looked at me sternly, and I started to apologize when he put up he hand. It's been many years but I can still remember his words, "There's no need for apologies, I would have been disappointed if you hadn't stayed" pause… "These are good Andi……. These are very good" He picked up the prints I had left and ask if I had taken any home. I sheepishly handed over the ones I had in my bag. I swear he winked knowingly at me.. He asked that I get us some coffee. When I returned we carefully went over each negative, deciding if it was worth printing, I printed about half of them. A few days later we spent an entire afternoon discussing those pictures. He taught me that "fine art can't be sexy and still be called Art in the broad society, but in more relaxed surroundings and company it can be art and be sexy too".

I spent two years working full time in the summer and holidays and part time when school was in session. Every month or two we would work another Saturday together.

He used a whole lot of words to describe what he was trying to capture in those photos. Something that you Mr. Stobblehouse, have summed up in these words:

The beauty of the woman
Joy and happiness

The pictures may be sexy, but they are not sexual.

The article I took your words from is what prompted me to write this letter.

The rest of the story: Mr. X not only paid me for those "extra" hours, he added a bonus.

Around Christmas of my second year an exhibition of his photos was done at the college. Several of the pictures I took were included. Next to the Studio's Name was "Photographer 'Andi'.

When graduation came I was offered a wonderful job, in my field of study, on the other coast. It had nothing to do with photography and I had decided not to take it because I would have to quit. So he fired me! I still have my written notice.

As a going away present he gave the Nikon camera I had always used, asking only that I take a picture of myself and send it to him once in a while. I did so until his death three years later.

I don't know how many assistants he helped through college, but I'm sure every one of them (male or female) learned a new appreciation of beautiful girls, sexy or not.


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