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In the early '60s, as a freshman at Michigan State University, I had an experience that I believe qualifies as a Domai Moment. I lived in the first coed dormitory in the state - at least coed by standards in those days. It consisted of two wings, one men's and the other women's, joined by a lecture hall & common area that contained a lounge/fast food restaurant. The lounge was the only true coed area of the building. As the wings faced each other, the guys were always hoping for a glimpse of women who might not close their blinds fully when undressed. This was very rare because most girls were quite prudish in those days. However, occasionally girls would hang a sheet over their window, turn on a bright backlight, and stage a "shadow striptease show" for us. Unfortunately some were caught and kicked out of school.

It was in the lounge that I befriended a group of four beautiful freshman ladies who were long-time close friends and cheerleaders throughout high school; having been cheerleaders, all were in superb physical condition, and all were quite beautiful. Ursula was from Eastern Europe and quite unabashed for the time; she was the most stunning of the four, tall with large firm breasts, a round firm butt and legs to die for. The others, Judy, Karen, and Lisa, were just as beautiful, though not as "endowed."

I was one of the very few freshmen with a car on campus - a new Oldsmobile Cutlass 442. One weekend shortly after fall semester began, the girls asked me to drive them to a private lake for a picnic. Not about to refuse, all five of us packed into my car designed for four. And I confess the close physical contact with these beauties was quite exciting. I drove to the private lake owned by Ursula's family and a group of their friends. The entire area and lakefront was totally undeveloped and deep in a dense forest - the only entrance was a narrow dirt drive protected by a high fence and sturdy locked gate, but Ursula had a key.

I drove to the shoreline and parked. The ladies busied themselves unloading the car and setting up our "camp". It was such a beautiful and warm day that Ursula said "let's go swimming" and began undressing in front of us all. Judy, the shiest of the group, said "but we don't have suits, what about him?" looking my way, to which Ursula replied "it's just Cameron, he doesn't mind, he's safe!" Safe? Not a reputation a young college guy wants to have! Thankfully, with that all four of those lovely creatures stripped off all their clothes revealing the most beauty and perfection I had ever witnessed; there wasn't a bulge of fat or cellulite among them, nor were any overly or "model" thin-simply beautifully fit and shapely. I tried to look busy setting up the camp and not be caught watching the incredible show develop before me, but I am certain I fooled no one. It is often said that clothes make the woman and they are more beautiful and sexy dressed than nude - this was definitely not true for these ladies!

Ursula was a true goddess naked; though quite full, her breasts were firm and high, her long blond hair half covering them as she undressed, adding to the intrigue. Her body was muscular but smooth, giving her beautiful curves. Having lightly tanned skin, an obvious absence of tan lines spoke of her love of being naked outdoors. And that she was definitely a natural blond!

Karen was nude almost as quickly as Ursula and just as beautiful. She was average height, had small perky breasts, a very small waist, round hips and perfect legs. She was well tanned with very sexy snow-white bikini lines.

Lisa was slower undressing, revealing every beautiful curve as her clothes fell away; it was as if she was teasing me, undressing for my eyes to enjoy. She too had beautiful firm breasts, but her most memorable asset was behind her. A very round and firm "bubble butt." She too had bright white bikini lines, which I found quite beautiful.

Then there was "shy Judy." She kept glancing my way as she very slowly and hesitatingly removed each piece of clothing, obviously embarrassed by my being there and fearful that I was watching. Were it not for the constant goading and encouragement of the others, she surely would have remained clothed on the beach. She started for the water in bra and panties, but the other girls weren't allowing that. She looked at me, turned her back and quickly yanked off her remaining clothing and ran into the water. Despite her shyness, she was incredibly beautiful, well toned, and very shapely. She obviously wore only one-piece swimsuits.

Completely stunned, I stood frozen for a few moments watching them frolicking in the water. Lisa yelled at me "you're not getting a free show, get those clothes off and dive in!" With that, I quickly stripped and joined the girls.

We remained naked all day, playing and lying in the warm sun. We all raced and showed off our diving skills from the old wooden dock, complete with "cannon balls" and "belly flops." We played "dodge ball" with a beach ball, and wrestled with each other in the water, both individually and with Judy and Lisa sitting on Ursula's and my shoulders. All but Ursula were surprised that it seemed so right and was not at all erotic. Ursula was raised not to be shy about her body, so for her this nude play was just natural. While the play came to be natural for me, I must confess to having a problem with spreading the "sunscreen of the time" (baby oil and iodine) on each other. While I was mortified by my response, the girls thought it quite funny and made many jokes at my expense.

When the sun set and it got too cold to be nude, we reluctantly dressed and drove back to campus. This scene was repeated nearly every weekend that weather permitted, and we often took sleeping bags and spent the entire weekend, building a large fire so we could remain nude late into the evening. We never invited others, keeping this our secret nude hideaway. We talked of taking photos for some very fond memories in years to come, but decided it unwise given the Victorian attitudes of the time. This was the first time I had seen pure beauty in the feminine form, free of sexual tensions and expectations - my first Domai moment.

I guess we had unofficially become nudists that first trip to the lake, though we never considered ourselves such. I remain a nudist, and often wonder what happened to "my girls" after college, and if they too remained nudists. I will never forget how these beautiful ladies enhanced the natural beauty of the lake and forest.


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