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I went to a major state university in the upper Midwest of the US in the early- to mid-1970’s. It was a pretty liberal time, and during my freshman year, I lived in a co-ed dorm. Some of the floors were all male, some floors were all female, and some were mixed. The floors were arranged in a double “T” formation, and for each co-ed floor, there was a single-gender floor adjoining as the other part of the “T”. The idea was that if the adjoining floor was all male, the men living on the co-ed floor would use the bathrooms and showers of the adjoining floor, and the women would have exclusive use of the local bathrooms and showers. I lived on a co-ed floor, and our adjoining floor was all female. On our first day, we had a meeting with our RA (Resident teaching Assistant). He told us the rules, and that officially, the women had to walk over to the all-female facilities. Then he told us that unofficially, if everybody was comfortable with it, we could just make our johns and showers co-ed too. The guys all said that it didn’t make sense to force the girls to walk all that way, so we went ahead and made ours co-ed. It really wasn’t that big a deal, as the toilet stalls all had doors, and the shower stalls were double-curtained, so you could change and shower with full privacy.

At first it seemed just a bit weird to be on the toilet with a girl in the next stall, but we quickly got used to it. After a short while, and after brushing my teeth every morning and every night with the girls sometimes on either side of me, we formed what seemed much like brother/sister relationships.

A few months into the school year, two RA’s (a man and a woman) who were majoring in physical therapy decided to offer a massage workshop in one of the common rooms downstairs. They made it clear that this would be clothing optional, as the techniques they would be teaching used massage oil. I thought this sounded like fun, and Theo, a sophomore who lived across the hall from me, agreed to go with me. We all wore shorts and loose T-shirts, and as the session went on, all of the men and a few of the women removed their tops. Theo kept hers on, just kind of bunching it up when she was lying on her back. The massage felt good, and we learned how to use our weight to properly knead our partners’ muscles.

After the workshop was over, I was covered with oil and needed to take a shower. Elaine, who lived one room over and across the hall, and who had also attended the workshop, was in the next shower stall. As we often did, we chatted as we showered. At one point, Elaine complained that she just couldn’t seem to get all that oil off her back. I was having the same problem, so I said “I’ll scrub your back if you’ll scrub mine!” She said “OK,” so I just went out of my shower stall and into hers. I’d known Elaine since 10th grade, as we had gone to the same high school, so we were really old friends. We just kept on chatting, and Elaine scrubbed my back and I scrubbed hers. Then, I went back to my stall, and Elaine said “You know, that’s really how it should be! No big deal!” I heartily agreed.

A couple of weeks later, the two RA’s offered a second massage workshop session. This time, I went with my next door neighbor, Mara. When the teachers started the session, they announced that the first time, they really felt that we had not learned proper techniques the first time, because all of the clothes got in the way. So, they encouraged everybody to lose their inhibitions and just get naked. The two of them then proceeded to do exactly that. There were probably about 35 or 40 pairs of students in the room, and I could feel quite a bit of tension at that moment. Then, 3 or four students stood up and got undressed. Before you knew it, about 75% of the people were nude. We then got down to learning proper massage technique! Mara had not attended the first session, so she really didn’t know quite what to expect. She decided to keep her panties on, which quite a few of the other women also did. I went ahead and took it all off. I massaged Mara first, and then half way through, we switched. The massage was definitely better with no clothes.

This time, when I got to the shower room I found that there were 5 of us covered with oil, but only 4 shower stall. What to do? Well, the nudity taboo had already been broken, so we ended up with me, Elaine and her boyfriend Mark in one stall, and my roommate Rob in the next stall with Elaine’s roommate Vera. Now, many years later, I don’t remember exactly what was said, but I think that Rob said something about it being a bit crowded in a 1-person shower stall with 2 people in it. So, of course, Mark, Elaine and I just marched over to Rob and Vera’s stall and joined them there! I remember very clearly four of us laughing and laughing, while Rob kept on saying “I don’t believe this is happening. I don’t believe this is happening.” After a few minutes of hysteria, Mark Elaine and I went back to our own stall and finished our shower. I have to say that being scrubbed by four hands at once felt really good!

Apparently, word must have gotten out to the administration about the way the massage workshops were being run, because that was the last one. It was a great experience in many ways, not the least of which was that I really did learn some good massage techniques. A couple of years later, when my father was quite ill and was aching all over and couldn’t sleep, I offered to give him a massage. I used the oil and the techniques I learned, and he told me later that after that massage, he slept better than he had in months. I never told him about the after-workshop showers, though – I don’t think he would have understood.

--- Jeremy

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