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When I was young I worked part time, actually it was mostly volunteer work, at the local swim center. This was a large indoor pool complex. I lived just a short distance from there and would often stay late to help out.

I had been downstairs, although I wasn't allowed around the chemicals, I still tried to help keep the area up. I came back upstairs and was ready to leave.

Almost all of the staff had left, leaving the complex fairly empty. Only two girls at the far end of the pool were left to practice diving. I slipped into the area where they stored the clothing baskets to get my street clothes.

Instead of going all the way back to the boy's shower room, I thought I would just hop into the open showers and rinse off and be on my way. I had done this in the past, so it was common. These showers were for rinsing off during competitions. They were not completely private, but not visible from the main pool area.

I laid out my towel and dry clothes, slipped out of my swimsuit and headed for one of the four shower heads. I had just got under the water when I heard a voice, a surprised voice. I looked up and there were the two diving girls standing at the entry to the showers. There I was naked as the day I was born, probably with a very surprised look on my face. I had no wash cloth to cover up with, I guess I just stood there. But spending all my time at the pool in a skimpy Speedo didn't really hide me that well either.

The girls both paused at the door holding their towel and clothes, then one started in and laid her clothes on the wooden bench. The awkwardness seemed over, the first girl in started to talk as she slipped her swimsuit off. She walked over to me holding her hand out and introducing herself as Julie. She was a tall redhead with large breasts. She had freckles all over. And as she was now completely naked I could see that the carpet matched the drapes.

Since I had positioned myself in one of the middle showers, she took one right next to me. She turned the water on while continuing to talk. I am not sure I remember much of what she was saying. I was still quite surprised by this.

The other girl, a thin brunette seemed to be taking her time getting undressed. Finally she slipped out of her swimsuit and quickly walked over to the farthest shower head from me. It was still fairly close, for a good view. She had small round breasts, and a fairly smooth figure. She did have a large patch of dark pubic hair. She was the more attractive of the two, as far as I was concerned. Most of her shower was spent turned away from my view. But even as I listened to Julie I was treated to the fantastic view of the brunette's shapely bottom.

So much for my quick rinse off. I spent as much time showering as they did. I had to really concentrate. I actually didn't get as "excited" as I thought I might. Julie's nonstop talking helped me keep my mind off of being in the shower with two naked females.

I finally ended my shower when I thought the girls were about to finish. I went to dry off, which gave me a good view of the last of their shower. Julie turned off her shower and came and stood by me to dry off, still talking. The brunette followed suite soon, although she did everything she could do to stay covered up. Once she finally got wrapped in a towel, she timidly introduced herself as Karen.

Julie was very animated, she gestured while talking and such. She wiggled around as she dried off. Finally bending over to wrap the towel around her red hair. Her ample breasts pointed straight down. Then she proceeded to get dressed, hiding her little red triangle away for good. Then she did the trick of tucking her breasts into a bra, which I had rarely seen up to this point.

My attention was still on Karen as much as possible. I was almost dressed by this point. Finally Karen unwrapped the towel and seemed to smile as she gave me a big flash, or perhaps she found humor in Julie's constant chatter. She wrapped her hair in her towel as well, but her small round breasts didn't hang down, they were very firm. Then she started the process of covering her body up. She slipped into a pair of small panties, hiding herself away too. She didn't put on a bra, instead putting on a tank top and then a regular t-shirt.

Once we were dressed in our street clothes we walked to the door and out to the parking lot. The girls had come in the same car, so they headed there. It was evident that I was walking, so they offered me a ride. I chose to just walk and relive that experience on the short trip to my house.

Thinking back it was my lack of prudish reaction that started the events. Had I acted startled and covered myself up they probably would have left for the more private women's shower. Then when Julie made the decision to go ahead and join me it created enough comfort to let Karen, who was obviously much more shy, to undress as well.

I had thought this through. I was actually so surprised that I did nothing because I wasn't sure what to do. And I believe Julie was the same way, she felt almost committed to taking the shower even if I was there. Karen was the most realistic of us three because she really didn't want to go through with it. I was most glad that she did. I only saw Julie again, one time at a swim meet. She was still quite talkative, but it was evident that she was more relaxed in our second meeting.


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