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I'm considering that maybe shame and guilt is not something picked up only from society. Perhaps it's a metaphysical issue. I know I had a lot as a kid, and I don't think I picked it up from my parents or friends. But whatever it is, it's clearly not healthy and I think it's something to be looked at and recognized, so it loses its power.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I am a regular reader of your weekly newsletter. I can relate to most of the stories and I think I can now bring my contribution to Domai moments. I am a church minister and what is reflected in this letter is due to my upbringing, the western education, and my understanding.

I was brought up in a Christian family where nudity was not a problem. As I can read in many stories, Christian upbringing is usually related with a strong sense of guilt regarding nudity. This was not the case for me as my parents had no shame about their naked bodies. The same was with my sisters. My sisters showered with my dad and I did with my mom. We washed mutually each other. Today, this could be misunderstood in our western thinking but there was no sexual connotation and it brought an incredible sense of peace but also a wonderful image of respect. I think I was privileged for this because very early I knew that the opposite sex was beautiful and that there was no shame in watching or showing the beauty that God created.

My first encounter with girls other than my mom and sisters were my cousins in our teenage years. We camped in the forest and each evening during that week we talked about the opposite gender. This event brought situations were we were nude observing each other. Again there were no perverted ideas about the other and we actually learned a lot about each gender.

I like to add that my first nude girl magazine, which I picked up at a roadside, was looked at with my mom, we made comments and already there did I realise that these girls were not happy, neither free as it can be seen on Domai.

Later this changed a lot around me. My friends, neighbours, church and western education showed that nudity is wrong, bad and makes one guilty. So I became shy and full of guilt as "all others" until I found the Domai site.

Since that time, I was expecting domai moments and I was rewarded. First, at the gym, I used to go very early, as a church minister I loved these moments to think about my appointments and service preparation while training. One morning after my exercise, I was in the shower and unexpectedly came in two ladies who got naked for the sauna. After my first surprise, none of us was offended by the other's nudity. We stared at each other many seconds and finally said hello and laughed out loud. This has made my day.

The second encounter was with a lady at a day out with three churches. We had a good time by the riverside, had wonderful fellowship and because the day was so sunny, many people wanted to have a dip in the water. To save time a number of people went into the woods to get changed. There was plenty of space to hide, but as I was changing behind a tree (due to the gathering) suddenly a young dark skinned woman came close to me (3-4 meters) she got rid of her clothes and stood there in the middle of the path waiting. I was in the middle of changing too, as she turned around and stared at me. She was beautiful, natural and would surely be a perfect model for domai. We smiled, looked, and enjoyed the beauty of each other. We sadly had to get dressed to rejoin the others.

I am so happy that my initial understanding of the female body and person has been restored in my eyes and mind. I am even happier that it has happened also in a church setting.   I hope now that every domai reader will have at least one of those moments in his/her life. It is worth beyond anything that this world can give and I am so proud to be able to share it now a little with your readers.

Best regards


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"The young women portrayed are absolutely beautiful, tasteful and honor the beauty of the female form. [...] The membership, affordable -- the images... outstanding. It is truly rewarding to find a site that treats women with dignity and respect. Each time I view your offerings, I sit back in awe of the beauty of a woman, and the artists that captures it on film." - Respectfully, R. J. Pine



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