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Letters To DOMAI

Helping Others to Take the Leap

By Alice

I read the story from JM about his first unsuccessful attempt to get a female friend to pose for him. That was too bad she missed that opportunity!

Since my own first experience, which I admit was a leap for me, several of my own friends have followed with their own similar adventures. When  I showed them my painting (please don’t ask me to share it with you! I’m still very private) and I told them my story, several admitted they had thought about posing themselves but never had the courage or knew how to go about it. I must say I was surprised that so many of my friends also wanted to have themselves immortalized in oil or photographically. Some wanted it as a gift to their special someone, or as something they could look back on after the ravages of age set it.

Each of them have approached it differently. Some of the brave ones were all ready, but they only lacked a place or a person to do it for them. Of course I was more than happy to make an introduction to the artist who painted me, or through my own painter’s connections, arrange for another artist (female in one case) or a photographer that he knew.

In other cases, they have needed a little hand holding and reassurance.

One of my friend’s experience was probably the most interesting, because it took so long before she was ready, but she ended up with the most beautiful photos and when it was done, I think it was a real confidence booster for her.

When I showed her my own painting, she was quite surprised at first, but she wanted to know the whole process I went through, about how I decided to do it and why, and how I eventually was able to draw up the courage. We talked about it for several weeks. She was having some difficulties in her marriage and she thought by doing some sexy photos she would put some spark back into her relationship. She didn’t think she had the body for it, but I told her I didn’t think I did either, but she had to trust the photographer to put her in the most flattering poses…and besides, if she did not like the results, all she had to do was tell the photographer to hit the delete button.

Finally she decided to take the first step and meet a photographer. I suggested one because I knew from one of my other friends that he was very patient and would work with her.

She asked me to come along, which I gladly agreed to do. We went to his studio and he showed us some of his work. He mostly did traditional portraits, but occasionally did some fashion and boudoir work as well as some arty-type stuff.   She was concerned whether her own pictures would be as flattering. He assured her he always could find the pose and the lighting that would accentuate her most feminine features. He suggested a session or two clothed, so he could show her how she would look, and then proceed from there.

They arranged an appointment for the following week. I did not go along this time. My friend was quite happy with the pictures, but still wanted time to think about the next step. She still lacked the confidence.

Finally after about a month, she called me and told me she was ready for some partial nude (some discreetly draped bedsheet was what she described) but she asked me if I would come along. I agreed.

On the drive that day, she showed me some of the pictures he had taken. They were magnificent. I told her I could not imagine why she would think her nude pictures would not be as beautiful. She said she was still not sure she could go through with it, but she pointed to a couple of the poses and thought if she got the nerve, these would be be the ones she would do.

When we arrived, the photographer greeted us and suggested starting off with a few clothed poses, and when she felt ready, they would do some discreet partially nude. This sounded like a good plan to her and after settling down, she relaxed, and he got some nice face and full shots.

Finally after about 15 minutes my friend said she thought she was ready to try a few “sexy shots”. The photographer showed her where she could undress, as much as she felt comfortable,  and gave her a robe. While he arranged some lights she stepped into the changing room, and then emerged with the robe wrapped tightly around her.

Then what happened next surprised me.

She said “I thought about this and I think if I’m going to do this I’m going to do it now. Are you ready?” She stepped in front of the lights and dropped her robe and there she was totally nude!

For the next 45 minutes she was completely natural. It looked like she had been doing it for years. I could tell she was totally enjoying herself.

When the session ended and we were driving home, I asked her why she suddenly decided to go all the way, when she seemed so hesitant before. I had fully expected her to do a few teasing pictures and that would probably be the end of it. I confessed I never thought she would go through with the whole thing.

She said she had kind of surprised herself. She had planned to do just topless  but as she was undressing,  and standing there in her panties, she decided if she was going to make a fool of herself, why stretch it out? Off they came and out she came.

She showed me her photos a few weeks later. The photographer had put them in a wonderful album and I have to say, they took my breath away.  She had nothing to be ashamed of. Her husband was thrilled as well.

So I hope JM’s friend reads this and reconsiders.

Yours Alice

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