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I would like to go back to the episode that Ken B. told us about how he was staring at a nude model’s breast after the art class had just ended and she didn’t like it. I wanted to respond immediately, but I somehow couldn’t find the words to express my story until now.

I cannot remember who this lady was—whether she was a fellow student, a co-worker, or just someone that I had met—but I remember that she and I were talking, when suddenly she became very angry and said, “Hey! I’m up here!”

Personally, I think she must have seen the movie with Jamie Lee Curtis where she has the same kind of scene, so this woman was acting it out in the same manner. However, I honestly don’t remember if it happened before or after that movie, and I can’t even remember which movie it was, but I do remember that it was Jamie Lee Curtis because of what she said next: She said, “Well, aren’t you going to ask me?” The guy said, “Ask you what?” and she said, “If they’re real!” I remember that because I never thought of her as being big breasted enough to even wonder if they were real or fake. I don’t think she is flat-chested either—just normal.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me whether a woman is flat chested, normal sized, or big. I just like breast in all shapes and sizes, and I really appreciate the eye-candy that I have been seeing here at Domai. This attraction for breast is such that even if a woman is flat-chested, all she needs to do to gain my love and attention is show me her breast, and then I’m her puppy dog for life!

Back to this lady… I stood there dumbfounded and asked what she meant. Then she sternly said, “I saw you looking!” I said, “Looking at what?” Then she shot back, “My breast! You were looking at my breast!” If I was, then it was a moment that I hadn’t realized it. She didn’t seem to understand that it is physically impossible to stare at someone’s eyes for the entire time that you are talking—without looking away. “There you go again! You’re staring at my breast again!” I said, “Oh, so I am! Well so what!” Then she said back, “You! You pervert!” I said, “What’s so perverted about a man looking at a woman’s breast?” She said, “It’s not just looking! It’s what you were thinking!” and I said back, “What? That you have beautiful breast?” Then she said, “There you go! You pervert! You were thinking that I have beautiful breast, and that you would like to get me in bed with you and do your thing, weren’t you!” I said, “No I wasn’t! I would like to see you naked because I’ll bet that under those clothes you are very beautiful, but I wasn’t thinking that until now—now that you are accusing me of thinking “things”. You provoked me!” Then she said, “Now I’ve heard everything! Get away from me, you pervert!” I told her again, that the first time, I was just naturally looking down—or away from her eyes—just like everyone else does and that I didn’t even realize that I had actually looked at her breast until she made a big deal about it—that it was just a natural thing.

Then I said, “Besides, the woman’s body is beautiful to us men” and before I could finish, she snapped, “Now I know you’re full of it!” and I continued, “Why is Playboy Magazine so popular?” I picked the wrong example because her reaction was, “Because there are so many perverts like you around!” Then I remembered famous artworks, and I mentioned them, and all their famous painters, and I asked her, “Surely you don’t think they were perverts for having painted the naked female body, do you?” and she answered, “Everyone of them! Perverts!”

I am sorry, but I cannot ever agree with her, and every time I think of that conversation with her it makes me equally as upset at her—and women like her—as she was at me, because while she felt that I was violating her space, she was violating mine. She was calling me a pervert, just for having the same basic God-given instincts as any other man. There are perverts in the world, but I didn’t do anything to warrant her calling me one. What I was doing was only natural.

I believe that it is natural to want to see the female naked, and I don’t believe that they don’t want to see men naked too. I believe that that is only just what I said above—that it is a God-given basic instinct in all of us. That is what makes us attracted to each other. It is a natural thing, and it was supposed to be that way. There is a God, and that is the way he intended it. He made woman for the man, and he made them desire each other.

Although I don’t remember her name, I often wonder about her. We were both about the same age then and I believe I was in my thirties then, so since I am now 53, that would be about 20-25 years ago. She didn’t have anyone then, and it wasn’t hard to imagine why, but I wonder if she ever “saw the light” or if she still is alone, thinking that all men are perverts, just for exhibiting their natural God-given desire to look. Is she alone? Is she lonesome? I hope not. I wish I could meet her again so I could show her this Domai website and let her read some of the articles where we—men and women alike—have been discussing the very thing that she thought was “perverted”.

Barry S.

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