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From the second letter below: "what makes your site stand out from others is you focus on the form and not the function."

It's amazing that after all these years I can still sometimes hear a fresh perspective on things which are central to the spirit of this site.

Of course, no less amazing is the first letter. When conceived of this site in the mid-nineties, it was light-hearted fun (still is to a large degree), and I never imagined it would have such an impact of many people's lives. Humbling it is.

Eolake Stobblehouse

PS: somewhat related article hosted on my blog: The Woman Paradigm.


Letters To DOMAI


I am a woman, and 22 years old. All my life so far I have been insecure about my looks, even though I had won a couple of modelling competitions. I used to cry myself to sleep as a teenager thinking I was so ugly and even used to self -- harm, and feel suicidal. It all sounds a bit extreme, but it's hard for a girl growing up in this society, and some take it harder than others.

I used to look at girls on internet to try to find out what I should look like. They were all so different from me. Tanned -- colour skin (or orange) with big breasts. I just felt hopeless. Two of my sisters had breast implants and spent hundreds trying to tan themselves throughout their twenties. I felt that, no matter what I did, I was flawed and no one would ever think of me as beautiful without my make -- up and clothes covering myself up...

Domai just makes me feel happy again, like I am okay after all. I look at the pictures and see so many different types of girls who are just so happy with who they are.

Looking at Domai today makes me feel comfortable going swimming tomorrow. I won't have to just sit and watch. I can feel free being a natural, normal, beautiful girl, even though I don't look like a Playboy model.

Thank you.


There is an old joke which involves an artist and an engineer. Naturally they are at a bar -- and they are arguing about which profession created the female form. The artist is eloquent about his claim. "Only an artist would have thought of the brilllant articulation of space on the female body -- the geometric procession from spheres to triangles. The light and shadow play as deep clefts meet tall plateaus. The change in tone, color, and texture as you move around the body. Clearly artists had to have created the female form."

The engineer is equally eloquent. "But those simple things mean nothing compared to how all the parts work together. Touch the body in one place and it emits a sound from another. A simple act can bring a new life. The female body is an instrument more finely tuned than anything in the greatest symphonies. This has to mean that the female body was created by none other than engineers."

Now I have read all your past newsletters, letters, and articles, and I am surprised none of them has come forward with this simple truth. What the artist and engineer are really debating is form vs function. It is debate as old as the ages.

And what makes your site stand out from others is you focus on the form and not the function.

Which boldly leads me to take a leap at an old debate. It is not that hard to define pornography. It is the depiction of function. And what is art? It is the depiction of form. I dont presume I am the first to argue this -- I just have not seen it where it belongs -- on Domai -- the epitome of form.

John D

Newsletter archive

"I have been a member of your site for about 2 or 3 weeks now, and I just want to say that I am very impressed with its content. Before, I had been looking around for a while for somewhere to see beautiful women but to no avail. Then I found DOMAI - no more searching required! What else can I say but that." - Regards, Mark 




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