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The Breast Man
by Dana

Now how do you account for that,

Enamored of two mounds of fat,

Some blood, some glands, some lymph, some skin?

It matters not what shape they’re in.

Whether soft and large or firm and small,

The Breast Man will admire them all.

No two go by he won’t observe

Enjoying each enticing curve.

If in a sweater, nice and tight,

You know he’ll keep them in his sight.

And across his face will spread a smile

When he sees them in profile.

Or beneath a tee shirt without a bra,

He’ll stand transfixed as if in awe.

His eyes will scan the folds and ripples

Seeking out those hidden nipples.

Should he see some dishabilled

(That’s not quite clothed, not quite revealed)

It will put him in a happy mood;

In ecstasy should he see some nude!

Though politically now it’s incorrect

To think of woman as sex object

It’s always been that way, it seems,

And always will. It’s in his genes.

So ladies if you’re well endowed

Just walk right past him thrust out proud.

You’ll make the man who’s breast fixated

So very, very tit-elated.

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"I've written you a couple times over the years, but I've never told you how I first discovered DOMAI. As are too many people, at the time I had many reservations about nudity and beauty. However, being human, I also had certain impulses that craved filling from time to time, and I had found a few newsgroups that posted lots of images. Mostly I'd just click through, barely pausing on any of them, but occasionally one or two gems would stand apart from the rest, refreshingly full of beauty. I'd lose myself for minutes at a time just soaking up their beauty, happiness and spirit, but I'd also download them to my computer to keep and enjoy later. Over time, I began to notice that the vast majority of these images (the ones I saved) tended to have this gray bar at the bottom, with the text on them. When I finally made that connection, naturally I browsed over to Imagine my surprise and delight to be greeted with a beauty of the day just as lovely as any I had so far downloaded! I spent literally hours that first day just devouring every newsletter, article, story and, of course, picture that was publicly available on your site! I also subscribed to the newsletter, and immediately became the first page I'd check in the morning, to brighten my day. I think it made the sun rise just a little faster in the morning. Within a couple months I had convinced myself to join, despite my college-student budget, and to this day, it's the only site I've ever subscribed to. I've never regretted that decision! Thanks for the beauty! It never fails to make me at least a little happier than I was, and to restore some hope for humanity!" - Rhett

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