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When I was interviewed by Playboy TV, the producer told me that it was so different coming to Europe, because the models in American productions involving nudity or sex are always so made up. He's not kidding. As an experiment, I bought an all-girl DVD from Vivid Entertainment, apparently one of the more high class outfits in the erotica business. And it's true, it's chock-full of women with tall hairdos which are mostly hair extensions, thick makeup, lingerie, stilletto heels, and faces and breasts badly marred by surgery. I really wonder what it is about America which encourages this phenomenon, this affection for fakeness. (Don't get me wrong, I have great love for American people and culture.)

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI


I must thank you for developing such a magnificent and beautiful photography website. DOMAI is truly an international gift. I would encourage members to share Domai with others as the naturist movement continues.

In recent months, the Domai newsletters have struck a nerve in regard to "unshackling" – specifically the newfound joy of finally removing one's clothes in nature in a non-sexual way. The letter that Brooke submitted along with photos taken by Lawrence will continue to reverberate world wide. Brooke's smile, the emotional reactions of her experiences, and the joys of her public nudity were quite moving.

Last year, I met the woman I shall marry. Anne and I are both Ivy League educated and descend from very formal and "shackled" families, save one aspect of my upbringing which I will explain shortly. Two months into our friendship, nature took its course and we began a fond courtship. On our first formal date, my birthday actually, I made plans for an all-day adventure which included a few hours at the beach before dining on the town.

On the way to the beach, I had to find the right words to explain how I prefer not to wear any clothes at the beach. One unshackled aspect of my family and upbringing is that my parents taught my sister and I to be proud of our bodies at an early age. Nudity at our house, swimming in the lake, or showering outdoors at the beach was encouraged. Given her upbringing in Europe, our mutual fitness, and our love of nature, I felt comfortable explaining this fundamental belief sensing she would understand. Although Anne did not shed her bikini at the beach, I shed my clothes and sunned modestly, dipping in and out of the water to cool down.

In Charleston, SC, there are a number of private island and secluded beach areas, some lightly hidden from direct view by rocks and light wilderness. But none of these beaches allow naturist sun bathing or swimming. Obviously a nude man alone on a beach raises questions, but a couple or group seems to be more understandable. Anne and I kept mutual watch for other people, but the sea weed gnats were biting that day. So we decided to walk the beach instead, ultimately reaching a vast area of dunes peppered with high sea grass.

To my delight, Anne confidently explained our newfound privacy. This time, she shed her clothes entirely down to her shoes. I did the same. For about twenty minutes we hiked through the soft sand dunes, allowing the sun, wind, and sea grass to dance across our naked bodies. The soft sand and rolling dunes made for an aggressive hike that worked our muscles. We emerged near the edge of a stretch of beach clear of people within eye sight. Sweating considerably, we removed our shoes and made an exciting run for the salt water. It was magnificent.

For several minutes we cooled and soaked in the calm Atlantic salt waters. The sensations around our bodies were invigorating. The vibrant yet relaxed look in each of our eyes revealed a comfort and calm unlike any other. It was then that Anne revealed to me that she had posed nude for the cover of an independent newspaper in college with another male model, revealing their legs up to their shoulders from behind. On occasion, she had sunned topless in public. Had it not been for my brave confession and initial shedding of clothes, she would neither have known that side of me, nor revealed this about herself.

The happenstance of that day, the excitement of being nude in nature, and the mutual discovery of our desire to "unshackle" from clothing in nature as often as possible has been a most rewarding experience – especially at the start of our courtship as opposed to much later. Making the decision to shed clothing early in our friendship has been a permanent part of our natural foundation together. Now, nine months later, as busy and formally clothed professionals by day, we both visit DOMAI on occasion via handheld computers to share the beauty and plan our next bathing adventure.

Since the United States is not as nude friendly as other parts of the world, we intend to travel abroad to enjoy the world as free of clothing as possible. Thank you Eolake, and to all who submit such valuable content to Domai, for making our lives better and souls all the more free.

Charleston, SC USA

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