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I read with interest your February 22 newsletter posting from Ken B and the subsequent responses. They caused me to fondly remember a situation that I happily found myself in almost twenty years ago. I ran a small office and had hired a secretary, Samantha, for my firm that had just moved out to California from Nebraska with her new husband. Samantha was shy, but she was intelligent, efficient and well organized, and soon became a valuable asset to my office. It didn't hurt that she was very easy on the eyes; pretty, slender and petite, large breasted with beautiful legs. All the right curves in all the right places.

My personal evolution at that point toward naturism and what was to be a DOMAI attitude was in its infancy at that point 20 years ago, and I had started occasionally frequenting the nude beaches in my area at Lake Tahoe and the Northern California Coast when I could get away from the demands of my business.

I returned to the office one Monday morning after spending the weekend in Lake Tahoe, where I had investigated for the first time a splendid little secluded cove that I had heard about where naturists were known to frequent. This cove, on the edge of the cobalt blue Lake Tahoe, was an incredible natural wonder only further enhanced by the relaxed attitude of the naturists who frequented that particular beach. Anyway, it was now Monday at the office, and I noticed that Samantha was looking at me a little more often than usual, with a coy expression, and sometimes she would giggle as she walked away. I finally called her into my office and asked her what was going on.

After some cajoling, she finally told me that she and her husband were also in Lake Tahoe that weekend, and went on to shyly confess that they had visited that same cove. There she was, happily paddling away in the buff on an inflatable air mattress in the cove when, horror of all horrors, she sees her BOSS (me) walking along the beach naked as a jaybird! Horrified and embarrassed to be seen, she paddled immediately toward deep water and around the corner of a rocky outcropping.

She sat there in front of my desk giggling and embarrassed as she relayed her story, and asked, "Well, what should we do if it happens again?" I replied matter-of-factly that she should walk over and say hi and introduce me to her husband! Well, it did happen again, and she did! To make a long story short, we now have all been to  events, beaches and resorts together in the buff over these many years, and Samantha and her husband have become close and dear family friends with me and my family.

Another point of this particular story, however, is something that has been pointed out over and over again in your letters and elsewhere, namely one of the Laws of Human Nature: That which is hidden from view becomes the object of longing or curiosity.

Samantha worked for me 17 years. Sometimes she would wear a particularly short skirt or low-cut blouse to the office. I found that I couldn't help but try to sneak a peek into her blouse or at her legs as she moved to sit down or move about. It was a completely involuntary reaction and I couldn't help myself. I found this to be a particularly intriguing and interesting reaction, especially since I regularly saw Samantha completely nude in a recreational setting, and thought nothing of it.

We had become good enough friends that I told her what was happening at those times and we both have had a good laugh about it and the ways of human nature! I still to this day find it very interesting that I can see a female friend in the nude and not feel compelled to "check her out", yet when I see that same friend "dressed to kill", as they say, the eyes are compelled to wander, under the small chance that I might be treated to a glimpse of the "forbidden"! Strange creatures we are!


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"You and the DOMAI site spoil me as a member. I could not imagine being satisfied with another site such as this ever again... All the models are extremely beautiful: each in their own way. They all seem to possess a genuineness and honesty that is very appealing. They all seem approachable, the kind of women that one could talk to without feeling intimidated and the kind of women one would not feel a need to try to intimidate them. I know I have said this before but Thank You again for all the hard work you put into making DOMAI the quality site that it is. It is appreciated." - ROBERT A <dreamweaver40m[=at=]>
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