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I'm an artist, and the female form is my favorite subject matter. Sometimes, I've been questioned as to why that is so. At other times, sadly, people have seen the naked figure of a woman in one of my drawings and instantly assumed the worst. At one point, it got so bad that even I started to get confused, and I questioned my own motives for admiring and drawing beautiful women in my art.

As I thought about it, I came up with a long list of perfectly legitimate, artistic reasons why I sincerely enjoy female beauty. I could probably write a book about them if it came down to it. But the one reason that stood out for me as the most profound was also the simplest... Such a simple and unsophisticated reason that it almost sounds naive to my own ears: It just makes me happy! And when I say happy, I mean that in the most sincere, honest sense of the word. It doesn't "turn me on," it doesn't fire up my passions to make me want to sleep with the lady. It just makes me happy, plain and simple. To me, the beauty of a woman, and her curves, is joy personified. Everything in her design seems to show it.

Have you ever seen a sincerely happy person smile? What happens to them? Their faces and features -- their eyes, their mouths, and their cheeks -- smooth and soften. Not into hard, angry creases or dull, straight lines... their faces turn into pleasant curves. The same kinds of shapes that make up a woman's body.

And what about another expression of joy, laughter? When people laugh, their whole body gets in on the act. It doesn't "shake". It doesn't "vibrate". It doesn't "gyrate" or "rattle" as a machine would. It "jiggles"! Be honest: It's the only word that truly describes what a person's body does when they're laughing happily. I think it's no surprise that people, jokingly or not, use this same word to define what a lady's figure does when she moves. :-)

Along the same lines, what about a person who is so happy that they're said to have a "spring in their step"? They go bouncing and skipping along without a care in the world. And it's contagious, isn't it? Anything they're wearing or carrying goes bouncing right along with them. Really, doesn't a woman's figure do the same delightful thing? Her hair, her hips, and everything else go happily bouncing and swaying along.

Some people flatly refuse to believe that a man can admire the beauty of a woman without his sex drive being involved. Others might admit that it is possible, but regard it as weird or unnatural. Well, they're entitled to think as they wish, but that's not really my concern. I'd like to think there are at least a few others like me out there, for whom a woman's beauty is something that makes them, not "horny," but instead profoundly and honestly happy. :-)



A response:

If I didn't know better... I would think that I had sent this letter to you myself. I can identify 100% with this artist. I could not have stated my case any plainer or clearer. The effect of so many people thrusting their opinions onto me as to why I would sketch the nude form, has sucked the passion right out of me and I have all but given up sketching anymore.

I once did my own photography as well so I would have the perfect image to sketch from. Trying to find models to work in this manner in near impossible. Most people consider you a pervert and or a predator that wants to do who knows what attrocities. So with all this I've pretty much given up sketching anything just because of how people have made me feel about it and myself for wanting to sketch the nude form.

I know, I know... I shouldn't let anyone effect me that way, but after a time it has worn me down and it HAS effected me and the way I view the subject. I did however hold out for quite some time though... I'm just about to turn 50 yrs old.

I still visit your site to view its beauty to more or less check out and remember what would have been a nice image to sketch otherwise. Anyway, as I said... this artist and his letter really touched a nerve that is still to this day very raw. I really am furious at people and their closed, narrow little dirty minds. They have worn me down and killed my passion and dream.

Daniel M

Later mail, after I posted the above:

I have been sick in the heart and soul over this, for so long, and it was such a shock to see someone else needing to talk about it too. I have wanted to send a letter to you for such a long time telling you all this, and then to see my letter already written for me... well it was amazing beyond words. With this, I have a rebirth of sorts concerning going back to my sketching.

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"I have looked at pictures of naked women on the internet for some 20 years now. I've seen good and not so good. You are, of course, the best. A few pretenders do a nice job, but they'll never be DOMAI. But here's another wrinkle that amazes me. You provide high quality, excellent photographs of lovely women ... at a bargain price! Some of the aforementioned sites charge two, three, even four times what you do and, were one to subscribe, deliver a definitely inferior product. I've seen sites as high as $50 a month! I don't subscribe to DOMAI just because it's a bargain, but I appreciate that, too." - Frank H < smityisme[a t]>
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