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Reading through several of the newsletter contributions I feel encouraged (if not obliged) to share the experience that opened me fully to the beauty that is woman.

The first year I was away at college 20some years ago I became friends out of necessity with several of my fellow classmates. I don't think any of us would have made it through without each others encouragement and study help. There were 7 of us -- 5 women and 2 men -- and we set the ground rules early that we were a study group, a group of sociable friends. However, relationships were out of bounds. And it's just that that I feel led to the close knit fabric of our group of friends.

Our friendship was strong and we all benefited from it. As the end of our freshman year approached we decided to take a Saturday trip out into the nearby countryside to celebrate the coming end of the year, our friendship, and to look ahead to the future. We packed ourselves some food and drink and headed out for a day of hiking. The trails led through meadows and woods, past streams and ponds. The day was young and the weather warm and favorable.

Within the first 15 minutes of our trek all the challenges of school were behind us and we had all escaped into the enjoyment of the day. A couple miles in we came to a spot and time that we decided to break for lunch. We had just spread out in a field and sat down to enjoy our mid-day break when I and the other guy rather naturally took our shirts off to cool down in the above average warmth of the day. This quickly led one of the precocious ladies to question the acceptability of men going without shirts but not women. I quipped back that we were all among friends and if she felt so inclined then she should enjoy the warmth of the day however she saw fit.

Well, much to my surprise, she accepted my invitation and before I knew any different her top was off and she was enjoying the sunshine as it fell on her bare skin; her full breasts exposed in all their glory for the whole world to see. We were all a bit stunned -- the other ladies more than the guys I think. After what felt like a silent eternity, but was probably just a minute or 2, she stood and explained that this is how nature created her and while out in nature it only seemed right and that we should understand what she was saying.

What happened after that is one of my most memorable experiences. Over the course of the next short period of time we all fell silently into full natural emersion. At first, only one of the other ladies rose to remove her top and allow her breasts to spring free. Soon the rest followed. I don't recall who was first to remove the remainder of their clothing. However, it wasn't long before we all stood there, 7 friends together with nothing to hide; nothing to be ashamed of; and fully comfortable in all our sun clad glory. We found ourselves enjoying the natural beauty before us. The way the light reflected onto the full curvature of a breast. The shadows our bodies created on the ground. A fine taught rear. A smooth bare midriff. The variety of skin tones and textures. The tingle of goose bumps all over as you come to realize the full weight of this experience. We were all the same yet we were all unique. We were nude and it was right!!

Suddenly, we all broke out in laughter. We spent the remainder of that afternoon running around that field, discussing our place in the world, contemplating the future -- all the while fully enjoying the beauty of the complete natural experience. Life was good.

We remained very close friends throughout the remainder of college and would often return to that field. It always managed to provide us the same escape to nature as our first visit.

Rich G

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