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Letters To DOMAI


I've been visiting Domai for several years and I've enjoyed my membership for the past year. Whenever I visit, my soul shares the smile that is featured on the model's face.

As a reader of the weekly newsletter I sometimes can't help but feel jealousy of the submitters. It seems I never make it out to the secluded nature trails where all the pretty girls are skinny dipping. ;p But this past week I was privileged to have a domai moment even if I did need to actively seek it out.

In the small community where I live the amateur theatre company performed a play by Terry Pratchett. Since it was set in a fantasy world they had some marvelous period costumes. It is such a treat to me to see a woman in a lovely dress. The play though stiff and disjointed in many parts was at its most charming and captivating to me when in a final scene the young women performed a mesmerizing simple dance.

I was hypnotized by their grace, beauty, and feminine movements and I very much wished to see them again. Taking advantage of an acquaintance I knew who worked backstage I inquired about the possibility of volunteering to help out with the play behind the scenes. Not only would I have a fun time helping out and seeing the inner workings of the theatre; I would have a chance to enjoy seeing those girls dance up close from the side of the stage again.

The night of my volunteer assignment came and I was feeling very pleased with myself fetching and setting props up between scenes and of course feeling very special whenever an actress would whisper thanks for my help. With the backstage work it was hard to follow the play, but I was content with the simple enjoyment of watching the actors when I could and of course making myself helpful.

Therefore, it came as a great surprise when later that evening one of the actresses quickly changed costumes on my side of the stage. Normally, they use the change room, but I guess it was too quick a scene change. She moved quickly and unashamedly in the darkness of the stage. I was entranced though I could see little for the few seconds she remained bare chested (her dress was without shoulders so she wasn't wearing a bra). Of course I was caught admiring and proudly I can say I stayed true to the Domai philosophy and did not look away ashamed. We shared a smile and then continued on with the night.

The play ended with my cherished dancing and then we dispersed for the night. I didn't get a chance to talk to her, but I'm glad for my Domai moment. I was definitely rewarded for seeking out beauty by volunteering at the theatre that night.

Michael H

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