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These are paintings by Danish fine arts painter Stefan Bløndal. (A Dane myself, I have a soft spot for the Danish creative scene, which has many fine artists.)
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ma_femme nude modelIn art and photography, erotic fetishism tends to be reserved for the impersonal, distinguishing sexuality from love. When we fragment the female body into its erogenous zones--breasts, legs, behind--it's usually to indicate a sense of emotional distance that, through a psychological inversion, brings the physical even closer.

Erotic fetishism substitutes the expressive parts of the body--especially the face--for what is usually considered its generic parts (even though the body is also unique and expressive). Fetishism therefore represents a move from the personal--an individuated human being whom we know and love inside and out--to the impersonal--a substitutable human being who entices us with her distance and unfamiliarity. Through this fragmentation of form, a woman becomes a pair of breasts, a sexy behind, long legs.

Blondal's "Ma femme" plays upon the common motif of erotic fetishism to invert it. He shows us the appeal of the familiar; the strangeness of the known and the excitement of the beloved. Using realist techniques and a surrealist frame of reference, "Ma femme" renders the familiar--his wife--exciting, new and sensual. Her back, which, featured in a mise-en-abîme, protrudes out of the frame of the painting, is not just a sexy body part, but represents the long-lasting complicity, vitality and excitement of their relationship. With talent and imagination, Blondal shows us what every happy couple knows: that the deepest love can be both affectionate and erotic; that one can have one's cake and eat it too.

Professor Claudia Moscovici

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