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Back in 1996, when DOMAI was founded, the world was different. (How fast things happen nowadays!) Before the web, there were a lot of small, seedy, unpleasant things that people were not subjected to if they did not choose to. After the web and email (and particularly after spam) came about, this is no longer so. Today, a lot of words and phrases have different meanings because of the way they have been used in public forums.

When I founded DOMAI, nobody would ever call themself a "dirty old man" if it was not meant as a joke. Today you see hundreds or thousands of very poor web sites and operations who would not only do that, but say much worse things as well. A minority of humanity with very little respect for woman and for beauty has come to light.

That is why I now have to ruin the joke partly by informing you up front that the name of this club and site: "Dirty Old Men's Association International" is indeed a joke. Not only that, but it is the joke that started the whole thing, which is why I don't remove it. Please read further for enlightenment as to why it is called that, there are important reasons.

Sincerely yours,

Eolake Stobblehouse

"There is nothing dirty or unethical about enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman."

The Dirty Old Men's Association International is for unabashed lovers of beauty. DOMAI is an independent society for men (or indeed women) who have the guts to stand forth and say to the world: "I am a Dirty Old Man, and I'm proud of it".

To get it out of the way early on, the term "Dirty Old Man" is age-independent. Personally, I have been a DOM since I was knee-high to a duck. The only requirement is that one of a DOM's greater pleasures in life is admiring beautiful women. Dirty Old Men have been hounded through the ages by lesser minds and beings. Our thoughts and intentions have been misunderstood and misrepresented; our honor has been soiled by those who did not find in themselves any clean and constructive intentions, and so could not see them in others.

A true DOM knows that the enjoyment of beauty is a thing onto itself, and does not necessarily have to be followed or supported by any other action. He is made happy by the world, he knows that he really owns it without having to prove it, and he is not ashamed by his happiness and enjoyment.

DOMAI is all about the beauty of pretty women. For aesthetics is the most important thing there is; that is our philosophy. DOMAI is not really about women, but about the beauty of women.

The purpose of Dirty Old Men's Association International is to spread moral support and shared enjoyment amongst like-minded men, and to let you know that you are not alone. Millions of closet DOMs over the world have rising pulses when springtime comes around, with the skirts again rising towards the sky; join us in the movement to make this an accepted natural practice. The blood runs vigorously in our veins at the sight of the sun shining through a white blouse; let us elevate DOMs to the point where they may show their natural appreciation. Our eyes follow lovingly the springy curves of young calves; while our ears are listening, our eyes are taking in the beauty of the amazingly mutable shapes of healthy red lips smiling and talking. We know what we see and what we like, and we know it is all a part of life and God's gift to us all.

We live in a world where base instincts rule the day, war and fighting are the normal behavior of Homo Sapiens. In a world like this the free spirit has a hard time; its motives are always questioned and suspected; his and her behavior is sought to be controlled and modified; it is held down, excluded and fought. Meat creatures cannot believe in higher motivations than food and reproduction.

Well, the fact of the matter is that the design of the human female form, apart from everything else, is one of our greatest works of art.

The Dirty Old Men's Association International was founded as a protest against the short-sightedness of attackers of those who admire beauty, and as a club supporting the admirers. Joining it is a statement that you love looking at pretty women, and that you are not ashamed of it.

While we are not against sex, that is not what we are promoting. What we promote is beauty, and those who love it.

A few people have had a bad emotional reaction to the term "dirty old man", as regards this club. Well, that is why I spell it Dirty Old Man.

Let's take a look at the term "dirty old man": So, in the middle of the street, you look with obvious pleasure at some beautiful woman. Someone immediately calls you a "dirty old man". Why?

Regarding "man": Actually, some of the people I know who get the greatest pleasure out of looking at beautiful women are women themselves. And not lesbians either. They simply and honestly enjoy the aesthetics.

Regarding "dirty": Supposing it is not always just aesthetics. Suppose sometimes you are actually thinking "boy, I'd like to get with her". Let me ask: what is "dirty" about that? If that instinct were to disappear, what do you think would happen to the human race within a generation or two? Gone as the Dodo, is what.

Regarding "old": what is that all about? Do you lose your rights to think and to look as you grow older? Or what? Seriously, I don't get it.

So let us get rid of that idea. You have the right to think and to look at whatever you want, and others do also.

Which is why I with malicious pleasure term myself Dirty Old Man, because I don't care about all that nonsense.

There is no such thing as a "dirty old man". It is simply a derogatory term used by people to make others feel bad about looking and thinking, and so make them withdraw. Don't withdraw. It is simply not possible to be unethical in your thinking and your looking. It is only possible to be unethical in doing.

It is permitted to look at anything and anybody in a public place. If freedom of expression is a basic right, how much more so the right to think and to look?

It is quite possible that a too great fixation on one thing is a bad thing for you. (Notice that admiring female beauty does not even have to be a sexual thing. For many it is primarily an aesthetic proposition.) But that is your personal problem to adjudicate. Nobody else's business.

There is nothing dirty or unethical about enjoying the sight of a beautiful woman. Personally I find it either unperceptive or dishonest not to do so. It is even unfair. Most beautiful women use a lot of time and energy to appear their best, and it seems rather illogical to suggest that they do all this work so nobody shall look. It seems to me that to ignore it or to pretend one does not notice, is simply mean or silly.

- Eolake Stobblehouse, founder

Read also the Goals of DOMAI

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"Beauty is as useful as the useful. Perhaps more so." - Victor Hugo

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