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The mascot of the DOMAI

Domald is a funny old owl living in my garden. Sometimes I feel like he has lived longer than I have, he looks at me like he knows everything.

Domald hunts at night and looks at girls at day. When a beautiful girl passes by on the street he gives an appreciating hoot, giving me time to leap to the window and appreciate the sight also.

I though Domald would be a fitting mascot for the DOMAI, because owls have the best eyes found in nature, and they use them without making a big deal out of it. They are wise and mature, and they are totally silent fliers, they are not the ones going about making a lot of noise, they leave that to the crude crows.

If you want Domald to light up your screen in full size, there is the mega-size (768x768 pixels) artistic rendering (with patterns and textures).

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