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Last weekend, spring suddenly arrived in Denmark. Now is the time for Pretty Young Girls of all ages to start dressing to their best appearance, and for the rest of us to enjoy it.

A book review:

A couple of weeks ago I finally got hold of something I had been looking for since a year ago, a book you wouldn't believe: "The Sensuous Dirty Old Man", by Isaac Asimov (writing as "Dr. A").

Like I said, you wouldn't believe it. One of the people who had recommended the book to me thought that DOMAI was inspired by it, and I don't blame him. It is written almost 30 years ago, and it is philosophically so similar to DOMAI that I was shocked, but very pleasantly so.

Isaac Asimov was one of our great authors, and had published over 400 books on science, science fiction, and numerous other subjects. He was a respected scientist and the president of Mensa. The Sensuous Dirty Old Man is a small book, out of print unfortunately, and it is not only a sane and wonderful look on being a DOM, but also funny as heck.

The book describes how Dirty Old Manhood is something high and honourable that one should aspire to, in order not to become that pitiful creature, the Clean Old Man (like for example president Nixon).

It does take courage, sensitivity, and a lot of practice, but with enough intention and hard work, one might become a Dirty Old Man at a very young age.

The very famous quote: "Sex is dirty, if you do it right" is from this book.

Asimov tells us that the most important tool the Dirty Old Man has is his eyes. Eyes are for use. When you look at a woman with a brief, stolen glance, you are insulting her beauty. He says: "Don't peep at girls, STARE!"

A Dirty Old Man is far more attractive to women than young men, because of his sophistication and experience, his wisdom and his honesty.

From The Sensuous Dirty Old Man:

... and from later in the book:

Isaac Asimov tells us that after the eyes, the verbal skills of a Dirty Old Man is his most important tools, so he better can give compliments to the girl to let her know how beautiful she is.

So you see, fellows, we are not alone, and have never been. The wisest men up through history have always been Dirty Old Men as well.

Have a great spring.


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