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Hi fellow DOMs,

On the last night of November, yesterday, a cold Sunday evening, I was walking through the generally quiet streets of my hometown, a satellite town of Copenhagen. I was reminded of a similar night a couple of months ago.

That was near the end of the heat wave. The night was sort of quiet, and very warm, the town was still calmly full of life, you could hear voices a long way, nobody were going indoors if they could help it.

I walked by the restaurant we have next door. They have a strip of sidewalk which they utilize for every square centimeter when it is warm. People where still sitting there enjoying their food and beverages.

A couple and their little girl were sitting by a central table. Or rather, the girl, three or four years old, were standing, and apparently she felt the call of nature. For she carefully dropped her panties, lifted up her skirt, and sat down and peed on the tiles between the tables.

Her parents did not exactly yell, but I noticed that within ninety seconds, the whole family had packed and were out of there, as opposed to laughing and alerting a staff member to get it washed away. It seemed like no one else had even noticed that it happened, for nobody commented or looked, and nobody came to clean up.

For some reason, I was moved. All hygienic reasoning aside, the main reason we don't do things like that when we are "educated" is that we are totally surrounded and hemmed in by thousands and thousands of taboos on every side. Fools and children and a few lucky individuals are not bound by all this "Oh-I-must-not-do-anything-without-carefully-checking-whether-it-happens-to-be-something-that-is considered-evil-by-those-around-me-otherwise-something-terrible-will-happen".

This freedom is part of what I mean by Innocence. And it is a very worthwhile goal to me. Not that I think that peeing on the streets is a must for quality living, but I think that we, while being ethical and holding on to an awareness of what our actions do to others, can achieve a freedom from evil in ourselves, and thus an unworried attitude in what we do.

For me, innocence is not the fact of never having done any evil (which is meaningless because it is unachievable), but instead taking the responsibility for any one may have done, the awareness that one does not need to do any more, and a relaxed freedom of action that comes with that.

Winter is creeping upon us, and in large parts of the civilized world the Pretty Young Girls are reluctantly wrapping themselves in sensible jeans and heavy coats. This is the annual time of sorrow, but you must not forget that underneath all that rough clothing they are still the same delicious creatures they always are. Just enjoy their smiles and voices, and use your imagination for the rest... See? Quite fun in itself, no?

Here's to a merry Christmas and lots of PYGS in your stocking from Santa. Have fun, enjoy being a Dirty Old Man, and write me with any funny stories or just generally good vibes you experience. The new members' contributions section is also open to new submissions, I am not taking everything, but having tried is always best.

 Yours, Eolake Stobblehouse


PS: Recommendations for your Christmas reading:

Hard Drive by David Pogue. (Out of print?)

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

HD is a "techno thriller". GO is "fantasy". But none of them are quite what you'd expect. I recommend you go to and read about them.

Good Omens is one of only two books I've read all the way through three times. It's got at least one or two brilliant ideas on each page, sometimes more. It's got more wonderful humor than you can shake a stick at, and more wonderful characters than you can shake anything at, including the four bikers of the Apocalypse; Death, War, Famine, and Pollution (Pestilence had given up in 1936, mumbling something about penicillin), all in fascinating modern versions.

Without at any point being sappy or naive, this is somehow one of the warmest and most optimistic books I know. And funniest. Last I checked it had a customer rating of five stars straight. From 200 reviews!!

Get it. And then read Neil Gaiman's comic The Sandman.

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