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I have a bright boy of a nephew who's now 9 years old. He's got VERY conservative parents, albeit highly educated. Three years ago, his precise questions indicated a natural curiosity and a readiness to know about "you-know-what".

As Dr Spock explicitly(!) confirms. I had a book ready for him, specially written for children by experts, about "the things of life", but after initial approval (I kid(!) you not) his parents tersely decided he shouldn't know anything about such matters until he was 10. When his curiosity made him insist openly and candidly, the stern and upset answer was "in that case, only when you're SIXTEEN". (Dudes... seriously?)

With the predictable result: at every given chance he sneaks a look for erotica on the internet. He's already a self-tutored expert in kissing lesbians, and shows a disturbing tendancy for reflex raunchy comments of the most stereotyped kind!

It's only a matter of time before he manages, on his own or with his equally "disobedient" and savvy buddies, to find some real smut that won't be softcore anymore... nor harmless. (A word to the wise: this is the 21st century, parental locks only work durably with consenting subjects.)

So I did the only responsible thing I could, since I am now prohibited to take "the Book of Forbidden Knowledge" out of its closet: I casually slipped him the address of Domai. At least, he'll know that not all shapely women are silicone-stuffed randy harlots.

We cannot possibly stifle the thirst of young ones for freedom and answers. The greatest tyrants in History have all tried and failed. Coercing them into covering their own curious eyes when we have our backs turned is a pernicious illusion. They WILL manage to wander and stray on their own, ESPECIALLY with the lure of the forbidden.. All we can do, is entice them towards the safest paths. Nobody will watch our young ones but their own encouraged consciences.

Besides, we grown-ups never give kids enough credit for having common sense. Even with his current state of mind towards female sensuality, the boy's spontaneous first reaction to the "nude not lewd" Beauty of the Day was: "she's beautiful". I can only hope that Domai will be as much of an antidote for him to the widespread internet tastelessness, as it has been to me those last 10 years. Then I will have proven worthy of the trust he's put in me.

A recent news article just revealed this: the two most popular books requested by the religious fundamentalists imprisoned in Guantanamo, are the Koran, second to... "Fifty Shades of Grey"!
If there was still any proof needed that intense conservatism breeds an equally intense fascination for pr0n...

As one who was handed an equivalent of "that book" by open-minded parents, precisely at age six, I can confirm that I grew up into the least sex-obsessed boy in my class when those hormones started flaring. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. (For me, it was an amazing power of self-control, apparently.)

And Domai is much more than just the joy of its lovely smiling models. It is a powerful vaccine against hang-ups.

And possibly now an educational assistance. Bet you hadn't seen this one coming when you started the site!


Letters To DOMAI 2

I recently took my daughter and her friends on one last summer fling before gong off to college. We went camping in the mountains and visited several waterfalls.This is one of our family's favorite outings when the summer temperatures get in the upper nineties. There is something about swimming in the frigid water at the base of a beautiful waterfall that lifts the spirits.

samanti-1-0132The rest of the family had to work so me and six young ladies headed out on an adventure. After hitting several of our regular waterfalls, I took them to one we had not visited before which was named "Skinny Dip Falls" (see picture attached). Of course this sparked some conversation about skinny dipping. Even though I knew it isn't really clothing optional, I was teasing the girls as we hiked in that they would have an opportunity go skinny dipping for the first time in their lives. It was met with some apprehension, but more than a little excitement.

The girls are all part of a youth group at our church that I have helped lead for many years, so we had a discussion about why so many Christians (and Americans in general) feel nudity is wrong. I explained to them that the Bible does not forbid nudity, but it does condemn lust and most people cannot distinguish between the two. It is kind of like drinking alcohol, drinking in moderation is OK and sometimes even encouraged (1Timothy 5:23), but getting drunk is a problem (Ephesians 5:18).

I think most people condemn nudity because they have never tried it. Not having experienced the freedom and enjoyment of social nudity, most people equate nudity with sex, mostly because the media portrays it as such. How many movies have been produced that portray nudity without degrading into sexual debauchery ("Mrs Henderson Presents" -2005 is one notable exception). The point is, there is a difference between lust as defined by Christ in Matthew 5:28 as thoughts of sex (committing adultery in your heart) and enjoying the beauty of the naked body. I have found that when you continually give thanks to God for the beauty He has created (in the female body), it is actually very hard to degrade into lust.

So by the time I finished explaining all of this, we arrived at the falls and the girls were quite disappointed that everyone there was clothed after having been mentally prepared for the opposite. But we had fun playing in the deep pools around the falls. One of the girls was even brave enough to do back flips off the 10 foot rock into the pool. It was a great day and an excellent adventure.

That evening at the campground, the subject of skinny dipping came up again and the girls expressed an interest in trying it. So later that night I took them around to the back side of the lake where we could have a bit of privacy and let them try it. The night was very dark so they felt less apprehensive. We finally found a place we could get down into the lake where there was a floating platform about 20 yards out. I turned my back and walked away while they disrobed and jumped in the lake finding it difficult to keep from squealing since the water was cold. I played lifeguard while they splashed and played in the lake. It was too dark to see anything, but it was fun to watch their apprehension diminish as they became more comfortable with this new experience.

I was tempted to join them, but decided it would be better to let them enjoy this new experience without having some "old person" barge in. I was content to enjoy the experience from a distance.

A little later they surprised when one of them ask If I would document the occasion by taking a picture (they knew I always carry a camera). I tried taking a picture of them on the float, but the distance was too far for the flash and the images were very dim. So they swam back and frolicked around the edge of the lake while I took a couple pictures (after promising to keep them private - sorry). As they became comfortable, they began climbing out of the lake and diving back in to a deep area. At first it was too dark to see anything, but eventually the moon rose above the trees and shed a little light. Even a dim sight of 6 young ladies having so much fun without clothes was inspiring. As they got cold, they spent more and more time out of the water. When it came time to go back to camp, they were not at all bashful at climbing out and getting dressed in front of me as I handed them the towels.

They all agreed it was an adventure they would like to try again some day and I encouraged them to be careful of who they were with when they went "au naturel". Especially with younger guys, it is harder for them to keep there minds set on enjoying beauty instead of going down that other trail. Some people are mature enough, but unfortunately, not all.

Enjoy, DC

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