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Thank you all for this year. Apart from health challenges which have led to ongoing delays with this newsletter (but never with members' updates), I've had a nice and interesting year, with many outstanding developments in my spritual studies (I have a blog, Power Of Source) and in one of my other hobbies, tablets and ereaders (another blog, eReaderJoy).

I wish to thank the many, many visitors and members who write to me and tell me how much they appreciate the site, it warms the heart.

In 1998 I was interviewed by a nice lady for a paper magazine about the WWW. A thing she said which surprised me was: "when I first found your site, I was surprised at how warm it is. I didn't think anything in this medium could be so warm".

Apart from my surprice that a modern person would expect everything computer-made to be less warm, it was of course a nice compliment, and something I had not really thought about. But I've found over the years that "warmth" is at the foundation of my own goals and beliefs, and so also at Domai's.

And as I look at this page, I think Domai has matured gently and gracefully, and is, though much bigger, as warm as ever and presents as much beauty as anything. It started as a fun hobby site, but it soon, by suggestion from a friend, became a fun work site, and though it was never consciously in my most profound goals, I think it is one of the more important things I've done, judging from many reactions. That it can pay my living too is the cherry on top of the bowl of blessings.

Have a fun and peaceful holiday season, and an excellent new year.

Eolake Stobblehouse

Letters To DOMAI

 Gabe’s Branch Falls

    Back in the early fall of 1979 I stepped out of the rural general store on the north side of Pine Mountain, Harlan County, Kentucky, and noticed five attractive young women sitting around a picnic table.  They were looking over a road map.  Struck by their smiles and good looks, I walked over and asked if they were lost.  They wanted to visit Gabe’s Branch Falls (it now has a web site, but back then was unmarked and difficult to find).  I showed them on the map, then we talked a bit, and I warned them to not touch any poison ivy, a plant that can produce a sometimes severe skin rash.  Two said they didn’t recognize poison ivy and asked if I could show it to them.  Well, I’d hiked to the falls several times, these ladies were so nice looking, and I instantly hoped to see their bathing suits, so I offered to guide them there.  At 42, I was 15 years over their ages.

     The trail wandered up Gabe’s Branch (creek) through a mixed forest and required wet shoes and care as we crossed the creek several times.  The waterfall itself is about fifteen or twenty feet high and the pool is about 80 feet across, with a gently sloping gravel bottom. Water in the pool is clear.  This is one of the most peaceful places on earth.  To my very pleasant surprise, four young ladies removed their outer clothing to reveal string bikinis of various colors.  The fifth wore a soft pair of short shorts, and a bikini top.  I had only my faded blue jeans, which I kept on, but I removed my shirt and walked into the pool up to my chest.  The women all entered the pool and soon began splashing one another.  It was clear that they were good friends who were active and fit.

      Within maybe two minutes, one lady jumped onto my shoulders with her thighs around my neck, locked her ankles around my lower back, and yelled “chicken fight!” This is a game in which each two person team tries to make other teams’ riders fall.  The last team standing wins.  The person below holds their rider’s knees (something my hands appreciated) and can’t use his/her hands to fight.  

     While the others paired up with the smaller women atop the larger two, I looked up and saw that my rider’s bikini had become untied in back and was merely hanging from her neck.  Her top was between her breasts, which were so perfectly formed that there was not even a wrinkle below them.  Her nipples were firm from the cold water and pointing straight out.  I faced us away from the group but said nothing, thinking my rider would notice and retie her top.  After about thirty seconds, the other two teams began fighting, and my rider yelled at me to ‘let’s get them!’  I didn’t look up, but assumed she had fixed her top, so I turned us toward the fight.  Instantly, the four others began laughing and pointing at my rider’s chest.  She paused to re-tie her top, and to my surprise, the others took advantage of the situation and pulled her over.  I also fell, yet remember her soft breasts sliding across my back.  Someone yelled at her, “who taught you to tie your shoes?”

   The three teams (for clarity, I’ll identify the other two teams by the color of the rider’s bikini – one blue, one orange) engaged in battle and the Orange team attacked us.  My  rider fell again, and someone shouted at her, “you can’t fight with one hand holding your top”’  As my rider climbed back on, she whispered to me, “lets get Miss Blue,” and we attacked -- my rider was now totally out for revenge, and she untied Blue’s top at the neck -- it fell exposing her beautiful breasts.  I was really beginning to like this game.  Blue shouted for a ‘time out,’ but all others shouted, “No time outs – this is a chicken fight!” As Blue paused to re-tie her top, my rider pulled her over and Blue made a great splash.  Blue stood there in waist deep water and faced my rider and me as she re-tied and then re-mounted.  She didn’t dare turn her back to us.  Did I mention I was really beginning to like chicken fights?  The others liked the game as well, because their laughter was non-stop.

   The battle began again, and now, every rider’s game plan was to first untie an opponent’s top, then in the confusion pull her over.  Orange was our next target and her top lasted about fifteen seconds as it got untied at both the neck and back.  It fell away and began floating, but Orange didn’t stop fighting.  Within another ten seconds, Orange untied my rider’s top at the neck and it fell straight down, partly covering my eyes.  I started shaking my head and regained my vision just in time to see Blue’s top come off again, then to see her fall with a splash. Right now, all three riders were topless and this was my favorite group game ever – much better than any card game my folks had ever taught me.  

     My rider, still topless, ordered me to fetch Orange’s top before it sank into deeper water.  I watched her body as she grabbed it and put it on my head like ear muffs. Then Orange walked up with both hands outstretched, so I took it off my head and handed it to her -- my reward was watching Orange put her top on while she grinned straight at me with total eye contact.  I almost melted watching her put it on backwards, tie the back straps around her waist, spin the cups around to her front, raise them over her breasts, and tie the strings behind her neck.  Meanwhile, my rider re-tied her top.

     I said aloud, “My blessing for the day is to have seen three beautiful ladies topless, and two more beautiful ladies in their bikinis.  My curse is that none of my friends will believe this.”  All laughed.

    Someone suggested pizza when we got out, and that I join them.  So, we agreed to one final battle – this time, the last team standing would get their pizza and beer courtesy of the two loosing teams.  So we all mounted up and engaged.  My rider quickly untied Blue’s top, then Orange’s top, but we were unable to pull either team over before both teams turned on us.  Orange and blue ignored that their tops were amiss because this had become a battle for pizza and beer.  My rider had secretly knotted her top so it wouldn’t be untied.  The other teams realized they’d been tricked by my rider’s knot, so they each grabbed the strings securing her bottom.  Well, with two teams pulling against us, and my rider’s impeding loss of her bottom, we went down.  Then Blue and Orange began fighting.  Blue also untied the right side of Orange’s bikini bottom.  By now, I was hoping to see much more of anyone, but my wish didn’t come true.  The game ended after Blue had stretched over to untie Orange’s bottom, then lost her balance and fell.  Blue was worn out and just floated breasts up in the water for a moment, with water gently washing over her torso. The Orange rider raised her arms in a victory pose, which made her breasts giggle smartly.  I crossed my fingers that Orange would not notice her untied bottom before dismounting, but she saw it and tied it back.  She looked at me with a grin as if she had read my mind.

     The five ladies (two with untied tops and erect nipples) all walked out of the water, all laughing and one asked if I thought they were crazy.  I replied that I’d likely have trouble sleeping the next few nights.

      Time came to hike out.  Someone asked me to turn away while they changed into their shorts and shirts.  I did as ordered, but announced that I had prayed for rear-facing eyes. 

     Being last in line as we hiked out, I watched each beautiful body gracefully bend and flex as each stepped over rocks and fallen logs.  This caused me to trip three times.  

      As we all sat there in the restaurant booth, I savored the beauty of the day.  I looked at each young woman and tried to fix in my mind her shape and smile, and how her body moved as we tussled and hiked, because I knew that when they drove away, that would be my last view.  Who was my favorite?  They all were.  

      I’ve thought about that day hundreds of times.  Why would five young ladies be so casual with someone unknown to them?  I’ve come up with three factors:  I was totally polite and nonthreatening; there were five of them providing group security as well as gang behavior; and I was a total stranger, thus unable to tell anyone they knew.  I often wish I could have heard each one of them tell their version of the afternoon.

Cheers, Bill

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