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Letters To DOMAI

By Leon
Illustration by Adam Markiewicz

My girlfriend Amor and I work for a major semiconductor company in Silicon Valley. My work is at the front end- design and development of the product- while her involvement is towards the back end. It’s normal for specific groups to go long days to get things done at different stages of the project. There are times we work continuously for weeks. During normal times, we swap places for the weekend. Weekend plans determine where we stay.

Towards the end of a tight project, when most of us had been grinding for weeks, my best friend informed me that he had a business trip in the northeast and asked me to look after his beach house in Santa Cruz. Thursday of that week, during lunch, I mentioned to Amor that I needed to stay in Santa Cruz for at least a week or two. It meant a considerable amount of driving to and from. I didn’t get a reaction from her. I wanted to press for a response, but hesitated. She was consumed by the project we were toiling away on. Towards the end of the day we had dinner together. After dinner, she drove back to work, and didn’t get home until after midnight. I went home right away and started packing.

Friday morning Amor was informed that there was a possibility she would have to work Saturday. I could see her frustration as she went about her work, deciding then not to make plans for the weekend. My day turned south as I got pulled in to support other pressing issues. I spent the day in the laboratory attending a series of meetings. I was oblivious to the time, and surprised to find that when we finally finished it was already 9 p.m. I checked my phone to find several missed calls and messages from Amor.

Much to my surprise, she was still in the building when I called her back. As it turned out, she had to work late, but didn’t have to work Saturday. It had been a long day for both of us. We decided to grab some dinner. As we ate our Chinese, Amor decided she would come to Santa Cruz with me.

So off to Santa Cruz we drove. It was a partly scenic drive, with several mountain side freeways. Amor was so tired that she slept for most of the trip. As we got closer to the beach house, Amor awoke. She had remembered her laptop, and her hand bag. But she had nothing else for the trip. “No problem,” she said. “We need to relax. I’ll manage.”

The moment we stepped out of the car we were met with a cool breeze, a wonderful gift after a long day. Amor approved. “Perfect,” she exclaimed! She kicked off her shoes and started to undress. “Perfect,” she had said, and the best word to describe the moment. To see Amor’s figure against the moon light, her silhouette creating a black and white image.

Her face was suddenly more stunning as it projected the contours and shapes of her eyes, her cheeks, her nose, and her lips. At that instant I was presented with a unique perspective of her face and it made me appreciate her beauty even more. As she moved, the dim lighting caught the different angles of her breast. Her perked up nipples accentuated the healthy form of her breast. Her slim figure against the dark setting of the beach was like a masterful work of art.

We spent a good hour and a half skinny dipping in the middle of the night. It was great to relax and enjoy ourselves, to get ourselves some R&R after weeks of the grind. The best part for me was watching Amor in her birthday suit. She was relaxed and carefree. Uncovered, we returned to the car to pick up our stuff, then went in the house and called it a night.

Saturday morning, I step into the kitchen to find Amor still in her birthday suit, breakfast prepared and waiting on the table. My friend’s place was magical at that moment. “I like it here,” Amor said. “I like where we are right now. It’s very relaxing.”

After breakfast we walked to the beach where we spent the remainder of the day. Amor was like a color portrait in the bright daylight of Santa Cruz. The sun exposed the details of her skin. The lighter shades across her breast and waist line. Her nipples pert by the morning breeze, pronounced by her medium sized breasts. She walked on the beach exactly the same way she would navigate the hallways at work. This time I can see her exposed body and the related movement of its parts.

The beach was a mix of fully naked and partially clothed bathers. We enjoyed the day as if we owned that beach, and didn’t care about the other bathers. How was it possible for me to be on a beach with a nude brunette who has a PHD in physics and chemistry? The self assured doctor was equally assured in her nakedness. We explored the different locations of the beach and eventually socialized with different people. I was a bit shy with other people but it was totally different for Amor. She was the same confident Amor that interacted with people without any hesitation, with or without her clothing.

Late that afternoon, Amor asked me to head out to the town center. It was a strange feeling. We had been clothes free since we walked out of the car the night before. Amor purchased a few sets to dress for work.

Back at the beach house, Amor walked into the bed room with her new stuff. She returns wearing nothing at all. “Ready,” she asked? “Let’s head to the beach. Let’s make the most of this.”

Monday we drove from Santa Cruz back to work in Santa Clara. Amor was the professional ready to go back to work in the high tech world. After work, we stopped by her place to gather what she needed to a two week stay in Santa Cruz, then headed back to the beach house. Before we had dinner, Amor undressed, and we ate with her in her full naked glory. We then spent more time outdoors. Just before midnight we took showers, dried ourselves up and called it a day. It was but one of many excellent days that had started Friday night.

It was a magical two weeks at the beach house. It was an awakening for both of us, to discover how great it is to rid ourselves of our clothing and be able to do everything we want after work. It enables us to relax and recover from the strain of the day’s work. It’s beyond my imagination that Amor and I spend so much time together naked and are so casual about it. It has become part of our every day life. That wasn’t the first time I had been to a nude beach, but it was for Amor. It opened up the world of social nudity for her. And her transition was amazingly instantaneous. We didn’t discuss it. We just knew, for those two weeks, clothing was for work only.

A few months later, Amor tried to rationalize her experience. She said “the first thing I do when I get home is change. The brief moment of being unclothed is met with a feeling of relief from the stresses of the day, and that feeling is shattered when different clothes are put on. I realized on that stressful day, once I felt the fresh air from the beach that night, that there was no way I would deny the pleasure of the heavenly circumstance of nature.”

Our professional careers brought us to the state of Vermont. I purchased a three acre lot and built a 4000 square foot house. We added a good sized pool in the back, space for basketball and other outdoor activities. Yes, we do a lot of skiing during the winter, but remain clothes free for the remainder of the year when in our own residence. We’ve met new friends that share our interest in nudism. Some weekends we have large gatherings, everyone clothes free at our home. Those fourteen days changed us for good.

- Leon

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